6 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Family

Family is considered one of the most important units of society because it plays a significant role in how an individual remembers their childhood. Here are 6 simple ways to spend quality time with your family. Continue reading to get assistance in bringing your plan to action.

How To Spend Quality Time With Family

6 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family

A family is an institution that has roles beyond primary and secondary socialization. Your first interaction is with people in your house. They are the ones you follow and imitate to determine your behavior while you grow up. Family plays a significant role in how an individual remembers their childhood.

With such a big impact on a person’s life, a family has to be a safe and supportive place for all. For that to happen, all family members should spend quality time together. Doing this brings everybody closer and allows you to make the best memories.

It is not a surprise that our work priorities have taken over family time. This hypercompetitive world always requires people to be on their feet. However, we must learn to prioritize our family’s wants and traditions. It will also lead to lesser burnout and better mental health.

We have prepared a list of ways to spend quality time with your family. Continue reading to get assistance in bringing your plan to action.

Have discussions often

We become accustomed to having conversations about just chores around the house. Small talk does not mean we are engaged in quality conversations with family members. It does not give you any insights into their struggles and achievements. You do not need to have a separate time to have family discussions. These can take place at the dinner table. Or you could all sit for tea together and assess each other’s wellbeing. 

Ensure all family members, regardless of their age, are given a chance to share their stories. Also, provide practical and possible solutions if you can. For example, you can help find a firm for someone in the family looking for legal assistance or offer financial support to others who need it.

Make game nights a tradition

Board games are the perfect way to engage everybody in the family. They are easy to set up and exciting to play. You can make it a tradition to have a game night one day per week. Choose the day according to everybody’s convenience.

A problem that may arise with this tip is the difference in preference. Some people like games based on luck, while others love strategic ones. It might be tricky to settle for a single game. Hence, you can alternate between both types of games every week.

The internet has a plethora of different suggestions of games to choose from. Some of these include monopoly and labyrinth. New additions have made this trend even more exciting.

Remember that these game nights do not have to be restricted to just board games. You can also play Taboo, Dumb Charades, and Heads Up. The competition makes it even more fun.

Watch a show together

People might argue that watching a series doesn’t allow family members to connect. But how true is it? We bond over TV shows, have discussions, and personalize the experience for ourselves. You can also make this a tradition. Choose a day to watch movies or shows together. Make popcorn and buy other candy to munch on during the night.

The choice of show or movie can cause disagreements between the members. However, you can resolve them by giving everybody a chance to make a pick each week. Remember that it is supposed to be a comfortable and lazy night for all. Make it as laid back as possible.

Try new things

This advice does not have any limits. All it suggests is you experience new things with your family. These can be anything from a different cuisine to rock climbing. Doing activities all of you are unfamiliar with will nurture bonding. It will also give you something new to relate to each other.

Some suggestions are:

  • visiting a museum
  • going hiking
  • rock climbing
  • trying a new restaurant
  • taking swimming lessons
  • cycling

Plan a getaway

It is necessary to take breaks from the routine once every while. The best way to spend those vacations is with family. Coordinate your schedules and plan a small getaway together. It can be camping at a scenic place or visiting your grandparents back home. It will allow you guys to spend time without any regular disturbances. Such experiences bring family members closer.

Cook together

Cooking is a daily activity usually done by one member of the family. However, you can also plan a hearty menu and prepare the meal together. It will be like thanksgiving every month. Having specific meals you like to cook as a family will make this experience even more special.

Remember that it does not have to be fancy. The key here is to spend quality time with your family. The prepared food will give everybody a sense of accomplishment as a team.


A family can do millions of things together. There are low and high-budget options available to fit all families. However, the success of these plans depends on the willingness of each member to feel connected to each other.

We must prioritize these relations over other commitments sometimes. The unconditional support a family provides is unmatched. Hence, there should be equal efforts from both sides to maintain it.

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