What Gear Is Necessary For Cricket Players

You already know that cricket players are required to wear a various variety of equipment and protective gear in order to ensure their safety during the match and to play the game properly. 

What Gear is Necessary for Cricket Players?

Cricket is an exciting sport. Nonetheless, it can turn out to be a nightmare if you aren’t well protected. Regardless of your playing level, you need the right cricket gear in USA to facilitate a safe and fun game. Among the must-haves that every cricket player should include in their kit includes:

Cricket Players


Head injuries aren’t just a career threat; they can even lead to death or severe conditions. Concussions, for example, are considered silent killers. You might be feeling fine, but you aren’t, only to notice when it’s too late. Helmets help protect against such injuries. They absorb and distribute the force, ensuring that you barely experience pain or trauma. You’ll find many cricket helmet brands, allowing you to pick a solution that tickles your fancy, is within your budget and fits you well. As you pick the helmet, ensure it doesn’t shift when you move but is not too tight that you feel squeezed.


Gloves, especially for wicket-keepers, are essential protection items you must include in your kit. Gloves protect your fingers. They need the padding since being hit by the cricket ball can be painful, even injuring your hand. Gloves also help you maintain a firm grip on the bat, allowing you to swing and make that sweet connection to the ball and hit it.

Cricket box

The box protects the pelvic area. The protective gear can be worn under your garments or outside. One way to fasten the cricket box is to include compression pants or jockstrap in your kit.


Batting and keeping pads protect your legs. Keeping pads have wings on the outside, providing a wrap for extra protection. For wicket-keepers, considering cane-type pads are recommended. As you compare various pads, the trick is to pick an option that offers enough protection but is not so heavy that it hinders your movements. Thigh guards are also a great addition. They cover the outer thigh and hip.

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You can’t hit the ball without cricket bats. As you pick an ideal bat, the trick is to consider the weight, ensuring it matches your strength. Also, consider the style and shape, ensuring you buy a cricket bat that matches your playing style.

Cricket shoes

The right boots allow you to master a master grip as you hit that explosive splint. They also offer protection. You’ll find all sorts of spikes cricket shoes online, allowing you to pick a pair in line with your usual playing surface.


Your casual wear won’t do you as much justice as you hit the pitch. You can easily find custom cricket jerseys online. The jersey can add to the fun, not to mention confidence, as you’ll feel more like a pro.


Cricket caps aren’t just a fashion addition. They help to keep that sunlight off your eyes.


A cricket bag helps you to stay organized. It provides the means to pack and carry your gear around, protecting them from elements such as sun and dust.

With the above items in your cricket kit, you only need a ball, pitch, and teammates or competitors to enjoy the fun game.

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