Tips To Improve First Call Resolution

The first call resolution or FCR can be a key way to evaluate a customer service department’s problem-solving skills. Here are the best practices to improve your first call resolution.

First Call Resolution
Tips To Improve First Call Resolution

How to Improve First Call Resolution Rates: FCR Best Practices

Resolving concerns during the first interaction with a customer is crucial for businesses. Having to contact a company more than once creates frustration. When customers lose their patience, it can negatively affect your business. A high first call resolution, or FCR, ensures all of their issues are resolved during the first point of contact.


FCR can be a key way to evaluate a customer service department’s problem-solving skills. First call resolution also gives insight into employee performance. A high FCR keeps labor costs down because it takes fewer employees to resolve an issue. Strong first call resolution scores indicate productive agents are providing a positive experience — they’re linked to satisfaction levels, so higher rates mean happier customers. 


Successful first call resolutions will also bolster your business’ reputation. Companies can build a base of loyal customers by providing excellent service. If you struggle with FCR, you likely have higher operating costs and need to identify the reason.


Here are some tips to improve first call resolution rates.

Provide a Customer Resource Hub

Keep customers informed by offering them resources that are easy to access. A helpful section on your website can provide answers to frequently asked questions. Customers may be able to resolve the issues on their own or communicate more clearly to your reps. FAQs can act as a guide and avoid a phone call. 

You can also create a forum on your company website to give customers an additional resource. This type of platform increases engagement and offers another form of support since customers can interact with and assist one another. A forum acts like a community where users can openly ask questions and share opinions.


Hosting a blog on your website also can solve issues customers may have. In addition to FAQs, written articles containing in-depth information can offer more guidance. If customers need to speak to someone, make it easy for them to find a contact number.

Gather Feedback From Customers

FCR metrics help measure company and employee performance. To gather more research, seek customer feedback. You’ll receive an honest assessment from someone who has had first-hand experience. 


Many websites now incorporate chatbots, a form of software to field customer interactions. The automated conversation can help resolve issues. If the customer needs to speak with a person, the chatbot can direct them. The answers are stored, so the agent taking the call has background information. AI solutions for customer service save companies time and money. 


If you want feedback at the end of a phone call, you can ask the customer to take a survey or send follow-up emails after an interaction. Both of these tools will help measure customer satisfaction levels.


You can also monitor calls to evaluate your agents for quality assurance purposes. Listening to the recordings of the conversations can help you improve resolution rates.


Customer feedback helps you identify issues with the service you provide. You need to take action to improve on your areas of weakness. Recurring problems will hurt your business and send customers to your competitors.

Provide Proper Training for Agents

Scripts help customer service representatives maneuver through specific situations. Like FAQs on a website, calls will often have related issues. Preparing your agents with a resolution checklist can reduce the margin for error.

Since saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can exacerbate an issue, it’s important to train call center employees on how to handle overly emotional customers. Emotionally charged customers often react without thinking. If the situation gets out of hand, it can cause deeper problems for your company.


Provide thorough training to call center agents on your products and services. Ensure that they’re the experts on what your business offers. Knowledgeable customer service representatives strengthen first call resolution rates. 


After employees know about what your company provides, continue training them. Teach call center agents about your brand and culture by giving them copies of your mission and value statements. The agents will know what your company represents and adhere to your values. 

Require Minimal Customer Effort

More than likely, when a customer calls, they’ve already attempted to resolve the issue. After trying things on their end, they couldn’t solve the problem. Your website may not have offered the information or support the customer needed.

After spending so much time searching for a solution, customers may feel frustrated — you don’t want to overwhelm them with new information. There’s potential for the call to go wrong when customers feel stressed or impatient.


Make sure agents ask all the necessary questions for clarity on the exact problem. The next step is to work with the customer and find the best solution. Employees can ask supervisors for assistance to handle any complex issues.


To learn more and reach a quick resolution, agents can look up activity logs for more information. With a better understanding of a customer’s profile, they can help solve the problem faster.

Elevate Your Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service drives business and contributes to your reputation. Any calls into your company need to be handled effectively by call center agents. When employees are kind and have a positive attitude, the interaction is more likely to go well, which is why those characteristics are the cornerstone of great customer service.


High first call resolution rates will lead to customer satisfaction and business growth. You’ll gain loyalty and lower company costs by improving your FCR. First call resolution is a very important metric that helps assess performance. 


Creating resources on your website that provide support can enhance your customer service as well. FAQs, forums, blogs, and chatbots help connect users to additional information and knowledge. Seek feedback from customers either during a call or after a call by sending follow-up emails. Be sure to train customer service representatives properly by teaching them everything about your company, from products and services to culture. 


If you’re struggling to provide exceptional customer service or your in-house staff is overwhelmed, consider hiring an answering service. Call centers have highly skilled professionals who can enhance your customer satisfaction levels and reduce your company’s operating costs.

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