How Can I Keep My NPI Private?

National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique 10-digit number that helps identify individual healthcare providers in the United States of America. Learn more Why do you need a new NPI and what is the best way for you to keep your NPI private?

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National Provider Identifier: How Can I Keep My NPI Private?

Every healthcare provider (CMS) is assigned a National Provider Identifier (NPI). Medicare and private healthcare insurers require it as a form of identification. NPIs are permanent and follow you no matter where you live or work. Information about your office contacts and specialization can be found in your NPI profile.

There is a chance that your cell phone number or home address will appear on numerous websites and directories because it was listed as your primary contact information on the NPI lookup tool rather than your office phone number and address. The person completing your NPI profile on your behalf might have inadvertently used personal information. You may not have realized that this information would become public when you first filled out your NPI application. Ensure you include the information you want your patients to see in your NPI profile because many online directories rely on public NPI data.

Decide on your contact information carefully

New residents who haven't yet registered for an NPI should consider whether or not to provide their cell phone number, as doing so could compromise their privacy. Graduates of medical schools are usually given NPIs, and your residency program director can help you find the right number and address.

Know what information is in your NPI profile

If you have an NPI, you may forget what information you provided. Check the NPI database to find your information. Create an account on the NPI website if you need to make any changes.

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View your profile

Log in to your account and click "edit" to update your contact information. Click on "profile" to view it. Your personal information can be made public, and you can control who sees it. 

Protect your personal information

Get a Post Office box or purchase properties under your company's name if you want more privacy. If Toothless LLC owns your house and all of your mail is delivered to a Post Office box, it is more difficult to determine your address. It isn't foolproof, but when the attempted patient is provided with limited information, they will give up or follow you home.

Avoiding NPI theft: 3 Steps

Millions of dollars in false claims or hundreds of fake prescriptions can be assigned to your NPI before anyone else realizes what has happened. If this occurs, the government might investigate to rule you out as a suspect and determine if you owe the government money for the fraud.

Government money for the fraud

During the investigation, CMS will likely stop paying you. Your financial status, reputation, and, as a result, your career can suffer. To prevent the theft of your NPI and large-scale healthcare fraud, you can take steps.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings

Be careful when sharing your NPI. If you share your NPI, be cautious about who uses it and what purpose.

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2. Monitor

Analyze how you are using your NPI. Ensure that invoiced services match your income, for example, by monitoring claims and reimbursements. If they don't match, your reimbursements may be diverted to a fraudulent address. Check your credit report for strange activity as well. The NPI has been compromised yet again.

3. Review and revise

Ensure that nothing has changed with your enrollment information with payers. You should update all enrollment information whenever your practice location or employer changes. Any changes to the information you provided to receive your NPI must notify CMS within 30 days.

If your NPI is stolen, it is tough to gain relief from financial liability and clear your name. To assist victims of NPI theft and expedite the exoneration process, CMS created the Center for Program Integrity (CPI) in 2011. For further information, contact CPI immediately.

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