5 Best SEO Strategies for an Escape Room Business

Escape rooms have become one of the new market trends that represent the entertainment and commercialization business industry. Are you an escape room operator who's looking to promote and expand your business? Here are the 5 best SEO strategies that will benefit your escape room business and take it to new heights in the coming years. 

Escape Room Business
Escape Room

5 Best SEO Strategies for an Escape Room Business 

Escape rooms have taken the market by storm. They have become one of the new faces that represent the entertainment and commercialization business industry. Their impact has also affected the technical aspects of the technological world around the globe. Many entrepreneurs and investors are capitalising on this franchise for building their business and promoting their brands on several platforms. 

People are drawing ideas and coming together to team up with others who have similar interests to design and licence quality escape rooms everywhere. Entertainment is getting redefined through these escape-based live breakout puzzle games.  

Do you also have an escape room? Are you an escape room operator who's looking to promote and expand your business? 

We know it is not easy to handle the multitasked role of being an escape room provider. You have to entertain and employ the people and represent the escape room franchise. This marketing will encourage the world out there to invest in your company. 

Being all of them requires plenty of training, and we are not here to excel and master all of these. Instead, what you might be looking for are the perfect strategies that will benefit your escape room business and take it to new heights in the coming years. And what is the ideal approach in this situation? SEO! 

Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy

You may have your website set up, and you're posting your escape room's latest updates on social media. But something is still not right. Are you properly utilising the advantages of digital marketing and SEO techniques in your business? Is your website getting the traffic that you desire? SEO marketing tips and tactics are the right answers for you to bridge these question gaps.

An overview of SEO 

Let us first briefly understand what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. It is an important marketing tool that comprises several constituents like keywords, reverse image searching, picture search optimization, search engine marketing, local SEO, content, and off-page SEO. There are various reasons why it is advantageous for your business: 

  • It makes your website visible and accessible to more users on the internet. 
  • It generates more traffic on your page, and that brings more customers to your company. 
  • It establishes you as a trustworthy marketer in the commercial trade world. 
  • It gives your company brand awareness and a firm establishment. 
  • It improves your relationship with the clients and creates more prospects for selling with them. 
  • It boosts your income and generates more ROI (Return on Investment). 


Thus, you should use more of the SEO tips and strategies to rank on the first 3 to 4 pages of the internet search. For this, you need to optimise the user experience to attract more density to your website. To help you with the same, here are the 5 best SEO strategies for an escape room business that we think will be useful to you: 

I. Have a crisp title followed by a meta description for it 

A meta description appears just below the title of your website when you search it on the internet. It is a brief description of what your page's content is. A good and catchy title that has a clear and brief meta description draws the attention of more than half of the users and tempts them to click on your page. 

And if they are satisfied with the quality of your content as it had been displayed on the front page, you are in for a treat with more traffic and immediate clicks that will increase the user density on your page. So, a crisp title and a proper meta description that sticks to your page's content is the first thing your escape room business should implement while using SEO.  

II. Follow the online and digital marketing strategy like other companies 

Digital Marketing
Image by Diggity Marketing from Pixabay 

Many times, many people assume that just because their company focuses on different needs and has a theme completely different from the other online companies, they should deploy different strategic measures for advertising their business. 

But guess what? It isn't that different as we make them appear. Almost all of the online companies who post about their website on the internet can follow a similar path and have advantageous results. The digital and online marketing strategy is very similar for online entrepreneurship. Some of the important ones are: 

  • Stay updated with and fluent in mobile affluent marketing, SMS, and email marketing. 
  • Find out which users visit your website often and reach out to them. 
  • Create online social media posts to draw in more customers. 
  • Use proper marketing tools to track and record the productivity and activity of your website. 
  • Fix any broken links, if there are any. 
  • Research more about the keywords and what the consumers are searching on the internet.  
  • Install digital marketing apps to help you.  

III. Use good photos, including reviews, and have ample descriptions 

Image by mcmurryjulie from Pixabay 

For starters, if you are using pictures (which you should definitely for your company's website), then absolutely avoid low-quality images or pictures that merely capture your logo and customers. Go for high-resolution and clear images that feature your escape rooms shot at different angles. Create pictures that will receive more clicks and will be found attractive by the audience. 

Another part that you shouldn't forget is the customer reviews. Have a review-management team/scheme to handle the review part so that it is displayed properly on your front page. Remember that Google will refer to your escape rooms only if there are people who are satisfied with your games and will leave behind positive reviews and a reason why you should be suggested on the internet. 

And, do not shy away from giving out picturesque descriptions of your escape rooms. Add in the necessary details and the basic premise so that the people will get to know what they can expect and what they are getting into by choosing to book your company. Subtly hint about the puzzles and the themes they will find without dropping off any major spoilers. It will create the perfect atmosphere of curiosity and a compulsiveness to visit your place once to see what the hype is all about.  

IV. Choose suitable keywords that establish traffic and buying plan 

Keywords let you focus on the customised requirements of the customers and how you can include them in your posts to catch their attention. Use the necessary searching tool if required and find out what your customers are searching about. In this chaos of unlimited data and information, if you can pinpoint and condense your story to match their needs, you will be found easily by Google. 

SEO Strategies
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Another point that you can remember while managing keywords is about their deployment to establish traffic. Cleverly include those keywords like “birthday places in bangalore” or “birthday places near me” that will help you generate more density from your title and content, as well as those that will reflect the buying intention. It is no use getting featured on the internet if you cannot persuade the users into visiting and investing in your escape room. And that is where the buying plan keywords come into action. Mix the two in your posts, and you are ready with a powerful tactic at your side.  

 V. Reduce your site's load time and increase its security 

Imagine you have spent days and months designing and preparing your website to meet all the requirements. Everything is as you had wanted it to be, from the logo to the words and the images. But your page fails to load at the proper time. This will immediately put the customers off as they expect a page on the internet to open quickly. If you lag there, your efforts to come this far will go to waste. 

It will not only decrease the user density and clicks but will also push you down on the internet search engine and give your competitors the upper edge. To stay in this tough market, you need to support your website with fast servers. It should also be easy to navigate on different devices, like desktops, tablets, and mobiles. The faster your site loads and the more secure your links and connections are, the more traffic your company will get on the internet. And you can do the maths to calculate how beneficial it will be for your escape room company. 


Also, as the last tip, don't forget about the importance of a proper address of your location! You want to show Google that by verifying and keeping the details of your escape room area as it is and matching with the Google Maps, you are indeed talking about a real place (your company is situated where you are claiming). This will highlight you online and let more people reach out to your business location. And include your landline phone number and area code. They will come in handy for localising your escape room company. 



Escape rooms are a lucrative business. Investing in one will give you huge ROI benefits and a successful franchise that will stay for a long time in the tech and recreation market. In this era of digital marketing and gadgets, SEO is your friend when you need to grow your business as a brand and gain loyal customers. 

The competition across the world is extremely tough, and to stay in this cut-throat industry,  you need SEO tools and strategies to grow your customer base and make your escape room franchise bigger. Remember that hard work eventually pays off, so keep researching and working to improve and update your business. You will get to the top one day if you know the right steps to follow and the tips to use for moving ahead.

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