How to Change an Adult Diaper on a Bed: Step-by-Step Instructions

Adult disposable diapers are convenient for someone bedridden. But changing an adult diaper can be difficult if you haven't done it before, especially if the person is elderly. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you change a bedridden elderly person's diaper. 

Adult disposable diapers
Adult disposable diapers

How Do You Change an Adult Diaper on a Bed?

Adult disposable diapers are convenient for someone bedridden. But changing an adult diaper can be difficult if you haven't done it before, especially if the person is elderly.

A diaper change for an adult is not the same as a diaper change for a baby. You cannot simply pull the wearer's legs over his head and slip the new diaper underneath.

According to studies, people with incontinence need to look after their diapers change five to eight times a day. Also, caregivers must inspect the wearer's skin from time to time. When a person's diaper becomes soiled, they risk developing skin problems, leading to potentially fatal infections.

It's crucial to know how to change an adult diaper correctly and be calm and respectful. An adult diaper can be replaced while lying down or sitting on the toilet. Always remember to change the diaper as soon as it becomes soiled.

Things to Remember While Handling Adult Diapers

Adult diapers have certain valuable qualities, such as leakage protection and comfy materials beneficial to users. Adult Diapers are a medication-free method of assisting incontinent persons to remain free and relaxed when they walk outside in public settings.

Moreover, caregivers often find it challenging to change a person's diaper that cannot move or assist themselves. For such situations, disposable diapers or extremely absorbent pull-ups are ideal adult diaper change options because they offer more convenience to the wearer and the person in charge of changing the diaper. 

Adult Diapers

  • While changing an adult's diaper, remember to stay calm and considerate to feel respected and comfortable and change the diaper at night only if it is soiled.
  • Always strive to use gloves to avoid coming into direct touch with the person's solid waste and bodily fluids in the diaper.
  • If possible, get the help of another person to assist you in moving and supporting the bedridden patient.
  • Before re-applying a new diaper, ensure that the region near the person's genitals is dry; you can liberally apply a barrier cream.
  • Ensure the person is finished wetting or having a bowel movement before changing his diaper. It is highly feasible for them to continue while their diaper is open. This will create a giant mess and make things more complicated and time-consuming for you and the wearer. Before putting on a fresh one, use a hairdryer to dry it off. Use a perineal wash, especially after a bowel movement, to remove the odor.
  • Adult disposable diapers are available in a variety of sizes. Look for the size that best suits the wearer on the product packaging. Suppose none of the sizes available in stores fit. In that case, you may be able to get bariatric disposable diapers in a larger size online.

Steps for Changing the Adult Diapers

Replacing an adult's diaper is similar to changing a baby's diaper, but it can be more complicated. You must select a diaper in the appropriate size. A perfect-fitting adult diaper will provide convenience to the users while also protecting against leakage.

Adult Diaper change 

The following are the main steps for changing adult diapers.

  • Step 1

You can fold the diaper slowly from the dress. Fold it thoroughly inward to ensure that the marks and moisture remain on the centre of the folding and that there is no risk of it opening.

  • Step 2

To change a diaper, decide how far one is from the flat surface. For this, you can use any flat-level surface. It can be a floor, bed, or the chair's surface.

  • Step 3

Another method for changing an adult's diaper is to lay him down. Suppose the person is resting down, and the person in the room can change the diapers. In that case, the recommended diaper-replacing technique is slightly varied.

  • Step 4

After discarding the dirty diaper, thoroughly clean the wearer's bottom with hot water, mild soap, or a baby wipe.

  • Step 5

Consider the privacy concerns that may arise due to the adult diapers change. Some diaper-changing techniques are more isolated than others, while others are not.

  • Step 6

Select the one best suited to the person's preferred diaper style and makes him comfortable without affecting his dignity.

  • Step 7

Keep spreading the wearer one side and place the diaper beneath them to put on a fresh adult diaper. When you've double-checked that both security tabs are closed, pull the diaper as you can.

  • Step 8

Recognize that changing a diaper requires two main steps: removing the used diaper and replacing it with a new one.


People with impairments and the elderly must live a day and dignified life. Caregivers should constantly put them at ease and provide them with as much solitude as required. If you take too much time changing the diaper, it will embarrass the patients. So, follow the mentioned steps to help you learn how to change diapers for bedridden individuals fast and correctly.

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