Best Hair Oils for Women to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair

Natural oils have been used for centuries in various cultures to nourish and strengthen hair and combat dandruff and dry scalp and their benefits extend beyond just stimulating hair growth. Choosing a hair oil that nourishes your strands and meets the specific needs of your scalp is very important.

When searching for the best hair oils for women to add to your hair care routine, choose the most authentic, highly rated products designed for different hair types.

If you are tired of dry hair or hair loss, don't worry. This article can help you choose the 5 best hair oils for women to get healthy and shiny hair. To know more read more.

Hair Oils for Women
Best Hair Oils for Women

Choosing the Best Hair Oils for Women to Make Your Hair Healthy And Shiny


A girl always dreams of having the best long hair. Thick, long, black hair makes a girl even more beautiful.  Remember  Shakespeare’s ‘The Dark Lady’ Sonnets?. The poet talks about a woman having thick long hair and compares it to black wires. I am pretty sure the woman in the poem used oil.

Slowly the trend changed and women started cutting their hair short. Either way, oil plays a role in healthy growth. Hair oil is like food for hair, just like vegetables and fruits for your body.  Women who want to have strong and healthy hair, they should use the essentials for healthy hair.

Oiling and then cleaning it off the next day with shampoo both are equally necessary. Just oil boosts the growth of the hair, but keeping it for more than one day attracts all the dirt to the hair and scalp. Which needs to be cleaned immediately. Oils not only help in the growth of hair but also protect it from split ends and dandruff. 

So, ladies, this article is for you, here I will be giving you the names of the 5 most trusted hair oils. There you go with your beautiful head-turning hair because you are worth it. 

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5 Best hair oils for women that make your hair healthy

1. Coconut Oil

The idea of coconut oil has emerged from India, therefore living in India and never hearing or applying coconut oil is literally a sin. Coconut oil is considered to be the most popular in hair growth and other issues, like itching and smoothening. 

It is excellent in nourishing the skin and also in removing the best foundations, along with hair and the scalp to get nourished. You can consider massaging your body with coconut oil. The fatty acids that the oil contains penetrate the follicles without getting evaporated. It also contains carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. 

You can do a bit of modification when getting the oil ready, add some curry leaves, Brahmi, or amla, and then heat it up for 10 seconds and then apply. 

2. Argan Oil

Argan oil originates from Morocco and is extracted from the nuts of Argan trees. Recently oil has come under the limelight with its qualities. The oil is definitely good for hair but also healthy for the skin. 

Argan oil has earned the name ‘liquid gold’ because of its deep golden color. It has fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. The process of applying is easy, just like coconut oil. And after a month you will see the change your hair is going through. 

The oil hydrates your hair and moisturizes. It repairs your damaged hair and protects it further from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This oil is not greasy at all. It helps you set your types of perms too.

3. Almond Oil

We all know about the qualities of Almond oil. It is as effective on skin as on hair. The vitamin E it carries has the highest content. It has fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, and magnesium. Magnesium helps to decrease the amount of breakage of the hair and grows it.

If you already have good quality hair, to make it better the oil should be used frequently but it can also be used easily and blindly on dry hair after a hair dye and skin. Oils instead of moisturizers from different brands should be used because oils moisturize your skin way more than any cream. Hairstyles that are rough like ark hairstyles can be treated with this oil. 

It will help you grow more hair after the loss and breakage. The application of this particular hair should be after you are done washing your hair, and after applying conditioner. A few drops on the wet hair to seal the moisture.

4. Grapeseed Oil

Though many people are not familiar with grape oil, it is gaining momentum while treating hair. Yes, it is extracted from grape seeds. It contains antioxidants, emollients, and nutrients to help grow healthy hair. The oils don't have an odor and are not greasy. 

But if you are like me who loves oils with a scent, then you should go for other oils in this article. Applying the oil is also therapy, that is why they add scent to it. Because scents help human minds to keep calm. 

Imagine yourself wearing a red dress and your long hair shining the way through a party? Feels good right, then go on get this oil, asap.

Besides moisturizing the scalp it strengthens the hair structure. Applying it directly on the scalp and leaving it overnight is the best way, for it will work properly on your hair. If you have less time for the oil then after applying it wrap your head with a  towel for about 20 minutes then wash it off. In case you want this oil specifically and are upset about no odor, add some lavender essential oil. 

5. Lemongrass Oil 

This oil is an essential oil from a fragment herb. It has uncountable vitamins and minerals. It also has healing qualities like relieving pain and stress. It reduces hair loss and strengthens hair follicles. 

The antifungal and antiviral properties of lemongrass oil are amazing in clearing the dry scalp and dandruff. Smelling the oil while you are applying it can work better. The smell is not sour at all, it's a mixture of sweet and sour, like lemonade. 

To apply it you need 10 drops which will be added to coconut oil or olive oil. Then massage it gently. Keep the hair tied up for a night. Add some oil like coconut or olive oil with it.

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NOTE: Never massage your scalp roughly and never use any raw essential hair oil without a carrier, like apply non-essential oil with it. 


There you go with the best 5 hair oils to use in summer that will make your hair strong, breakage-free and oily. 

I have short hair, and my sister prefers long hair. Despite the difference in hair length, I apply hair oil, because oil is not only about hair growth, it's about treating all the kinds of odd things that hair often has. 

When our mothers insisted on applying oil, we often ran away but now, we realize how right she was. There are also the best natural oils to use in winter to prevent hair fall and grow hair faster.

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