Taking Care of Your Skin after Botox Treatment

If you have got Botox, or are considering a Botox treatment to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a more youthful glow, you will want to know how to take care of yourself after this cosmetic procedure to ensure you get the safest and most satisfying results. Here are some effective  Botox pre-treatment tips and Botox aftercare instructions you must follow.

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Botox Treatment

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Botox Treatment: Botox Pre-Treatment Tips and Post-Care Instructions

Having skin issues has become the norm these days as nearly everyone is prone to one or the other skin irregularities. Moreover, if some physician or dermatologist asks them to develop a strict skincare regime, they go about making excuses. It's strange to witness people neglecting their skin's health. 

But if people want, they can still improve their skin quality and correct the imperfections in their skin tone. Presently, people have access to many cosmetic and beauty treatments that are a convenient option to explore. But before choosing the treatment for you, make out if it will work for you or not. 

If you seek a treatment to address fine lines, wrinkles, excessive sweating, migraine, and others, there cannot be a better alternative than Botox injections. But you cannot expect great skin for yourself merely by getting the treatment as there are some instructions to abide by after the session.

Botox Pre-treatment Tips 

Before getting Botox, there are a few things you should consider in order to ensure the best results.

No alcohol 

Before availing of the botox sessions for yourself, you need to make sure not to consume alcohol. Alcohol can make the blood thin and increase the risk of bruising, redness, swelling, and others. Consequently, you shouldn't take any alcohol before and after the treatment for some hours. 

Avoid medications 

For at least two weeks before the treatment, you need to refrain from having any medications. All the anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications must be avoided before and after the treatment. It doesn't matter which physician you go to; every physician will advise you the same as far as medications are concerned. It is said that these medications increase the risk of swelling and bruising afterward and may fail to give you the desired results. 

Schedule prior appointment 

If you have the botox treatment for some special occasion or event, such as a wedding, then it is better to schedule an appointment in advance. It is said so because results take some days to show on your face. Despite the treatment being effective, the results are not immediate and might take some days to show up. 

Have good breakfast 

Before having the treatment, ensure to have a good breakfast such as food and drink. It is said so because this will decrease your chances of feeling light afterward. Otherwise, if you go to the treatment without having breakfast, you will feel weak afterward. And this will deteriorate your condition further. So it's better to have breakfast and then avail of the botox injections. 

Avoid treatment if pregnant. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a child, you are not the right candidate for botox injections. In addition, all those who have just conceived a baby should not undergo Botox treatment as it might harm them in unexpected ways. In this case, you should wait for some time and then avail yourself of the treatment. 

Botox Post-Care Instructions 

Along with a skincare regime, you also need to learn some of the excellent botox post care instructions for you, as abiding with these will give you youthful and glowing skin. Let us discover that one by one. 

Do not massage the area. 

Usually, people get the botox treatment done on their faces. But some people get it done in other areas as well. It does not matter which body part you are getting the botox done; you simply have to take care not to massage the treated area for at least one day after availing of the botox session. The physician advises you to avoid the risk of bruising, swelling, redness, and other things. 

Avoid other treatments 

Some people feel that they will become more beautiful by getting numerous treatments at the same time. Some of the popular treatments known by their results these days are hydrafacial, PRP facial, and microdermabrasion in the midst of getting botox. But getting all the treatments at the same time will no longer be beneficial to you as it might lead to poor results. Consequently, for at least a week, you should avoid laser and other types of facial treatments if you want to enjoy the amazing results of the treatment. 

Avoid vigorous exercise 

Ask from an experienced physician out there. He'll only recommend you to avoid activities that might strain you or tire you, such as weight lifting and heavy exercise. There are some reasons behind this as to why physicians ask you to avoid it. The main reasons are that indulging in a heavy workout session will increase your blood pressure and heartbeat at the same time, which might not be good for your health. Consequently, avoid vigorous exercise. 

Avoid going into the sun. 

Another thing about which to take care is to avoid going out in the sun. Be it direct sun or other ways of heat; you should not step out in the sun after getting the botox treatment done. If it is some emergency and you need to go out in the sun, then the best you can do is wear sunscreen before going out as it will protect your extremely sensitive skin from getting bruises, swelling, and redness. 

No make up 

For some days after getting the botox, you should avoid wearing makeup. When we talk about makeup, we mean products such as sunscreens, lotions, and others. It is said that these makeup products might cause unexpected harm to your skin which might fail the treatment and may not give you desired results. 

Avoid alcohol 

Even if you are a drunkard or addicted to alcohol, you should also refrain from consuming alcohol if you are keen on getting amazing results from botox treatment. Otherwise, you may not get your desired skin and results. 

Avoid lying in the treated area.

For some days, you should avoid lying on the side of the treated area as it might affect the whole body. Above all, it might spread the toxin to other areas as well. Consequently, avoid sleeping on that very side. 


You should follow all the pre and botox post-care instructions to get amazing skin like celebrities and fulfill your skin goals. 

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