6 SEO Tips To Become An Expert In Vaping Sites

Running a successful vaping company has become very challenging, especially if you are just starting a new business. Here are six of the latest tips to help you become an SEO expert for vape websites and successfully run your business.

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6 SEO Tips To Become An Expert In Vaping Sites

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of vaping as more people adopted it in place of cigarettes. Vaping products even made more appearances in several movies like Hangover III, Neighbours, and American Gods. Even some producers created insightful documentaries such as A Billion Lives about vaping and how it compares to smoking.

As you would expect, this meant higher demand for vaping products, new vaping brands, and higher competition. Consequently, operating a successful vaping company has become quite challenging, especially if you just started a new business. You have to distinguish yourself and somehow convert your visitors into loyal customers.

For one, a comprehensive SEO strategy makes a lot of difference since you first need to get sufficient organic traffic to your online vaping store.

That's why this article covers six of the latest tips to help you become an expert SEO for Vape websites

Publish Valuable Content

Someone once said, "Content is King." This statement is true for most businesses with any online presence, and your vaping website is no different. If your website will catch your audience's attention and retain their interest, you first need to provide value. 

Nowadays, the game is all about value because there's too much run-of-the-mill, inferior, or worse, duplicate content online. And you can't build a successful search engine optimization strategy on this foundation. 

Instead, focus on providing the internet community with well-researched, expertly written, grammatically accurate, and most importantly, original content. Google's algorithm favors these types of content. Remember also to have the right formatting, visuals, and links, and search engines will begin promoting your content higher up the SERP. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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Are you aware that more than 40% of every online transaction occurs on mobile? If you want to tap into this vast market, your site must accommodate the smaller screen on smartphones and tablets. You make your website mobile-friendly when the contents of your website can reduce in size and fit on any screen. 

Users will easily navigate between pages and find your product. When your vaping site isn't mobile-friendly, it will have a higher load speed on smaller devices. Hence your website’s bounce rate will reduce. Search engines perceive this as a bad sign and push such sites down in the search results. 

Here are two ways you can become mobile-friendly:

  • Designing a responsive or mobile-first website
  • Creating a standalone web page, typically hosted on a mobile subdomain, mainly for mobile devices

Focus on Social Media

Social media platforms provide the ideal avenue for customer impressions and interactions. They also help improve your SEO ranking. But first, you have to choose the right platform for the type of vaping audience you'll target. As you well know, the major social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Today, each of these platforms provides advertising options for businesses of different industries and sizes. And 90% of B2C companies regard these advertising media as powerful for reaching their customers. 

Therefore, create an active profile that combines excellent content with the fundamental SEO tactics of keyword selection to drive attention to your brand. When necessary, you can add videos, outstanding visual elements, and hashtags to get your content ranking high on these platforms. 

Use Local SEO

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The best approach for retail and local vape shops is to leverage local SEO. Statistics indicate that more than 50% of local searches ultimately walk into the store within 24 hours. In the vaping community, users want an outlet in their area where they can shop. Therefore, you can boost your brand's visibility to customers in your locality, particularly those searching for vape stores near them. Thereby considerably raising the chances of these people visiting your shop.

For starters, claim your company profile on Google My Business (GMB). Then fill in the respective details with the accurate and latest information. Some of the necessary information include your contact number, address, opening hours, directions to your premises, and even pictures of your storefront. 

Get Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging effectively gets backlinks to your site, increasing its credibility and search ranking. Typically, guest posting requires the publishing of one or more articles on another website. You'll add a link to your site on a relevant anchor text within each guest blog, preferably a related keyword.  

Google and other search engines like Bing value backlinks more than keyword stuffing. That's because it shows them other sites view your content as high-quality and valuable enough to link to it. As such, you should select websites that are high authority and relevant to your niche. 

If you have a worldwide audience and ship to different countries, try selecting guest post sites accordingly.

Reach Out to Influencers

Another affordable SEO hack that yields significant ROI is to collaborate with influencers in the vaping industry. You can choose several media outlets in the digital sphere, such as podcasts, Youtube, and Instagram, among others. Some influencers will perform cool vaping tricks, share experiences from their vaping journey, and of course, recommend your products. 

Since they have a large following and won the trust of thousands of online viewers, your products will reach these people, and many will end up in your sales funnel. You can begin by identifying accounts on Instagram and Facebook or Youtube channels interested in vaping.


As a business owner or marketer, you can choose to invest your time and resources in different factors to increase your bottom line. But SEO is one of the few that requires little or no budget, has a short learning curve, and yields significant ROI by boosting your search ranking and visibility. 

In other words, it's one of the few steps you can take toward boosting the sales on your vaping website that has little downside. But you have to remember that search engine optimization won't work its magic overnight. You need to give it some time and continually optimize for the best results. 

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