7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Hi Vis Clothing

 High visibility clothing has become a "standard" in industries around the world. High visibility safety fabrics save lives when worn in the right way. But only the best hi-vis clothing is effective enough to make a difference for those who work in dangerous environments.

There are many things that need your attention to ensure you are getting the right kind of high visibility apparel for your needs. Before you jump to buy your high-vis clothing,  figure out which one is the right fit for your work environment.

High visibility clothing
High visibility clothing

7 Key Factors To Consider While Buying a Hi-Vis Jumper

High visibility clothing has become a “norm” in industries all across the globe. Anyone at work should wear special shirts or jumpers to remain visible around moving vehicles or machinery. However, shopping for the right hi vis jumper can be a challenging task. It is not the only budget that you have to consider while buying. Compliance with the legislative standards and requirements is a vital factor that matters when you are shopping for high visibility gear. 

Many factors need your consideration as you plan to buy high-vis clothing. Here are 7 key factors to consider when buying a Hi-Vis Jumper.

  1. Nature of Clothing:

It is better to analyze the conditions under which the workers are going to do their jobs. If you need to ensure visibility of the upper torso of the workers, you can well settle for the hi vis jumper. If necessary, you can add the visibility pants later. The fluorescent and extra hi-lighting factor of the uniform is essential for the safety purpose of these workers.

  1. Brand Awareness:

Do you know which brand is presently manufacturing the best quality of high-visibility clothing? It would help if you did some research to figure out the most trusted brand that will provide you with the assurance of the quality of the garments. 

  • Reading the online reviews is helpful.
  • Asking for recommendations is an effective idea.
Hi-Vis Jumper
Hi-Vis Jumper

Ensure purchasing from a popular brand to get good assistance in case of some defective product. Even if you get a defect later on there is a high chance for you to replace these jumpers and get a new one.

  1. The Cheapest Isn’t The Best:

While buying the hi-vis jumper, your priority should never be the pricing. Seeking cheap clothing when you are looking for a protective shield is the biggest mistake. Most of the time, the quality and price of these clothing will go hand in hand. You should be ready to spend some more money so that it becomes a one-time investment for you.

  1. Right Fit

Remember that your workers will be doing their job for a long stretch wearing the hi-vis jumper. So, whether you are purchasing the pants, jumpers, shirts, or overalls, you should ensure that the clothing fits. If it is too tight. It can restrict the movement of the workers. Loose-fitting will be uncomfortable as well and lower the productivity of the team.

  1. Basic Standards

Knowledge about the basic standards according to the rules of the country is vital.

  • Class D: Garment design will complement outdoor daytime use only. It will consist of fluorescent or other non-retro reflective high visibility materials. 
  • Class N: Garment will have retro-reflective elements as part of night-time use specifications. 
  • Class D/N: Garment design is for both day and night use. It will comprise retroreflective elements on the background of non-retro reflective high visibility materials or fluorescent materials. 
  • Class F: Such a hi-vis jumper is for daytime use only, comprising of daytime fluorescent materials.

  1. Sun Protection Factor

If your workers are going to work outdoors in broad daylight, it is your responsibility to pick the high-vis clothing that offers UPF protection. Ideally, purchasing clothing with a UPF rating above 50 is an excellent choice. UPF 15 is the minimum requirement, and UPF 30 is the moderate choice. The material should not be synthetic or else there is a chance the worker might suffer from rashes. Get the UV protection feature in more natural fiber.

  1. Water And Humidity Protection

The hi vis jumper must have specific fabric as the basic material that will not permit water to pass through the layer over a period of 18 hours. There are workers who cannot stop their job in the middle of the rain. The jumper they buy must help them in all ways including dealing with rain.

Nevertheless, there is no need to rush in with the shopping for such cloth. This will be an investment that you make once and expect to last for at least a year or more. If you can keep all these basic facts in mind while purchasing high visibility clothing, you can successfully make the perfect choice to offer the highest protection to your workers. 

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