How to Choose Best Solar Water Heater for Your Home

If you are in the solar water heater market, you will need to research well, determine the type of solar system and choose the solar water heater that will be best for your home.

The solar water heater offers significant benefits over traditional electric and gas water heaters. Solar heaters use free natural resources such as sunlight and thus help reduce fuel and electricity costs. Find out how to choose the best solar water heater for your home.

Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heating system for Home

How to Find a Good Solar Water Heater System for Your Home?

If you are looking for domestic renewable energy sources that provide hot water from natural energy, then a solar water heater is the one that fits best with your requirements. With a large number of available solar water heater suppliers in the market, finding a convenient heater system can be a confusing task. These systems are economically efficient and serve benefits in reducing fuel consumption and electricity costs. The following points will help you in determining the finest solar water heater:

Selection of A Good Solar Water Heater

The type of solar water heater depends on the number of people in your home. It generally consists of the following components: a hot water storage tank, solar thermal collectors, and connecting pipes. The more hot water you use the greater water storage capacity and collector panels area is required. Along with the accessibility of solar resources and for what number of days in the location. Solar water heaters are usually priced as per competitive rates in the market. Compare the offer price provided by different companies. Being a long-time investment, gathering information on warranty period, local codes regulation and the above-mentioned factors can help in the selection of a good domestic solar water heater.

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater

Natural resources are scarce in our natural habitat, fossil fuels take many years to form but are burnt and disappear within seconds. They cannot be further reused once extracted. Solar water heaters help in reducing carbon footprint from the environment, it functions on solar energy which makes them highly sustainable in nature and they also help in minimizing fuel consumption and electricity costs. Solar water heaters lack usual wear and tear as there is no movement involved in generating hot water. They are installed on low maintenance and only demand simple cleaning procedures.

Factors to Be Considered While Choosing the Best Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are expensive long-term investments, they assist in not only saving a lot of money on electricity bills but also require a huge amount of space for its functioning. It is vital to consider the following factors in selecting solar water heaters

1. Purpose and use 

Solar water heaters are best suitable for big establishments as they are usually installed on roofs.

And thus the location of your roof is important in installing solar panels. For best results install solar panels on south-facing roofs so that it receives an abundance of sunlight during day time.   

2. Budget 

One of the most influential factors in selecting water heaters is your budget. It draws a boundary between your necessities and purchasing capacity. Finding convenient and cost-effective solar water heaters can be a challenging task especially for those without any prior research or knowledge regarding these systems. Grab optimum research and acquired knowledge.

3. Size of solar water heater

The size of a solar water heater depends on the number of people and their daily requirements for hot water. The greater demand for hot water the larger the solar panel in size. The sufficiency is determined by the number of rooms in your house. Water level capacity above 500 liters is best suitable for hotels or hospitals and 100 liters water capacity is best suitable for domestic or small families. 

4. Government Subsidy 

By using renewable resources we take a step closer to protecting our environment. The government provides us with subsidies as an appreciation token for reducing carbon footprints and harnessing solar energy in the best possible way. Subsidies reduce our cost of installation, so all you need to pay is the amount left after government deductions.

Components of a Solar Water Heater

In past years, technology has enhanced in shaping our lifestyles into modern living. New technology developments have managed to pave their way in evaluating smart techniques into Solar water heating systems. The solar heater consists of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank, temperature controller, and pump for circulating the heat transfer. The solar components are located at the roof of the building or house in order to capture sufficient sunlight.

Types of Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heaters come in different types of systems and solar collectors.

There are two types of solar heating systems: active and passive solar systems. 

Passive solar systems are cheap, less efficient but usually last longer and are more reliable in nature. 

Active solar systems are more enhanced as compared to passive and have two types of water circulating systems; Direct systems which work well in non-zero climates, and indirect circulation systems that are best suitable in freezing temperatures. 

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