How to Groom Your Eyebrows Like a Pro at Home

If you want to shape and maintain your eyebrows like a pro, here is a list of 5 valuable eyebrow grooming hacks that you can use to groom your eyebrows at home. 

Eyebrows grooming
Eyebrow grooming hacks

5 Quick Tips on How to Manage Your Eyebrows Like a Pro at Home

Did you ever notice that just like the hair in other parts of your body, your brow hair also grows in a cycle? 90% of people get their eyebrow regrowth in four to five weeks. And not all hair strands grow at the same speed. This uneven growth may make you lose your perfect eyebrow shape. For a fuller and precise eyebrow shape, therefore, you must ensure to continue eyebrow grooming even between your eyebrow growth cycles. Here is a list of 5 valuable tips that you can use to manage your eyebrows like a pro at home. 

5 Eyebrow Grooming Hacks You Cannot Do Without 

5 weird eyebrow hacks you need to know to groom and shape eyebrows at home.

1. Use Tweezers Precisely:

If you keep tweezing small strands around your eyebrows, you might invite quicker growth. But you must also keep in mind not to pluck a naked brow. So, consider filling your eyebrows first and then pull out only the strands that fall out of the line. 

2. Maintain the Tint:

Eyebrow tinting is a great way to keep your eyebrows attractive. A faded eyebrow color is the last thing you might want to carry on your face, as it would make you appear aged. And you cannot apply that regular hair dye on your eyebrows since the area is sensitive and lies closer to your eyes. So, instead, you can use an organic Henna eyebrow tint that would give you natural, long-lasting results of up to 6 weeks. With regular touch-ups after every 4 weeks, you will be able to maintain the vibrancy of your Henna brow tint.  

3. Fill it with the Right Products and Techniques:

If you have a small growth around your brows up to a couple of millimeters, consider enhancing your brow shape and filling it up. You can easily do it with an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color.

Pro Tip: It is a must that you use a pencil that is not flooded with chemicals impacting your eyesight. Consider stroking your eyebrows in the direction of your growth to keep it natural. 

Watching a few tutorials on YouTube on how to fill in your eyebrows would do the trick. 

4. Concealing the Regrowth:

Why always think of removing your hair when you can still cover your regrowth in between your Henna tinting sessions? Concealing it can sometimes be the best option too.

Pro Tip: Use a concealer that 100% matches your skin tone and has zero adverse effects on your eyes.

5. Keep Your Brows Healthy:

Just like the hair on your scalp your brow hair too needs management. Consider using a mild, all-natural, all-organic eyebrow shampoo once or twice a week. Also, apply an organic conditioner, cream, or eyebrow henna to keep your eyebrows hydrated if required. 

Pro Tip: If you feel that your eyebrows are growing longer, do not use scissors if you are not a pro at it. If you are unable to scissor out those unruly growths properly you might create blank spaces, which even your professionals might fail to correct. You can instead use an eyebrow gel to settle down your long eyebrow hair.

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Final Words

Follow the above tips to maintain your eyebrow shape at home, and to avoid quick appointments with your stylist. Even if you do not have super crisp eyebrows for a week, it won’t make much of a difference. Bushy and fuller eyebrows are in trend these days. Wishing you happy eyebrow grooming at home like a pro! In case you have more queries, please write in with your comments below.

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