Apple’s FaceTime is Coming to PC and Android via a Web App

Earlier, FaceTime was only available on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Now Apple's FaceTime might support android devices and advanced PCs. Android and Windows users will finally be able to join FaceTime calls via a web app.

Apple’s FaceTime
FaceTime is Coming to PC and Android via a Web App

Apple’s FaceTime Revealed — Might Support Android Devices and PCs 

Since its inception in 2010, FaceTime has made unparalleled contributions in bridging the communication gaps. Apple has first designed this video calling application for iPhone 4 users. Over time, Apple developed FaceTime and added advanced features to improve the iOS user’s experience. 

More than 20 million iPhone users daily access this application to connect with their friends and family. Additionally, in this remote working environment, the importance of FaceTime has increased. Starting from health to education to finance, every business sector uses FaceTime for a hassle-free face-to-face conversation. 

Earlier, FaceTime was available only on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Recently, Apple thought about launching this video-calling app on Android devices and advanced PCs. During the annual WWDC event, the Apple developers unveiled the availability of FaceTime. And, after the iOS update, both iOS and non-iOS users can easily attend the FaceTime calls. 

But, the iPhone or iPad users need to share the video conferencing link with the Android or Windows users. Or else, they won’t be able to join the important virtual meetings. Make sure to update the OS of the Android and Windows devices to use FaceTime's cross-platform facility. Along with this, Apple has included a few more exclusive features in the latest version of FaceTime. Here’s what you can expect to get after in the new update of Apple’s FaceTime:

  1. Create FaceTime Link

Over the decades, Apple has made significant improvements in the FaceTime application. But in 2021, this tech company introduced the most required features, and link generation is one of them. After switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15, you can now join a video call with the Windows PC and Android users. But, worldwide FaceTime users might not find this app in the PlayStore or Windows Store. 

To get into the ongoing video conference, you will need the iOS device user’s help. And, once the iPhone users generate the meeting link, they can send that via any messaging platform. You can attach the FaceTime link in the Calendar application or share that via business apps like Slack. 

Anyone who wants to run FaceTime from their Android phones or PCs will be directed to a web application after tapping on that link. And, here are the steps on how to create new links on the current version of FaceTime:

  • After launching the FaceTime app, look for the “Create Link” option.
  • When the “Share Sheet” page will open, choose “Copy” and paste that in the app where you want the link to be shared.
  • Go to the “Upcoming” calls section to check whether the created FaceTime link is there or not.

Make sure to tap on the “Join” button once you get the FaceTime links. And, the iPhone users who created the link might also get notifications about the person who hasn't joined the meeting. You can also delete the generated links by tapping on the Info button first and then the “Delete” link. And, if you are unable to open the FaceTime link from the browser, contact a web development service expert. 

  1. Reduce the Unwanted Noise with Spatial Audio

Have you heard about this FaceTime feature before? No! Apple has added the Spatial Audio function to remove the background noise while video calling iOS users. Moreover, in its WWDC conference, Apple showed a video where a person used a noisy leaf blower while using FaceTime. 

After activating this noise reduction feature, the blower’s noise wasn't audible. Even the speaker’s voice becomes crystal clear with FaceTime’s spatial audio feature. Thus, this sort of feature can be helpful for the users who have an urgent video call to receive when they are in a noisy location. 

Apple’s developers incorporated 3D audio processing in this FaceTime feature. It will help both the Apple and non-Apple users to improve this app’s audio clarity. Unfortunately, this feature can be only used by iPhone XR or XS owners. So, if you don’t have A12 Bionic in the iOS devices, the spatial audio feature might not support it. 

  1. Activate the Portrait Mode

You must be familiar with the iPhone camera’s portrait mode. Well, with FaceTime’s portrait mode, you can do the same. And, with this exclusive feature, iOS and Android users can blur the background. Apple has added this FaceTime feature to only focus on the user’s face while on the video call. 

Moreover, Portrait Mode is available for the iPhone, iPad and recent iMac users as well. Though, many individuals found this depth-sensing camera feature like Zoom’s Portrait view. But, Apple’s developers stated that both these features work in a different pattern. Moreover, in FaceTime, you can even cut out the background if you want. 

  1. SharePlay Feature is on the Way

During the WWDC event, Apple also revealed FaceTime’s SharePlay feature and how it will work on iOS devices. But, this feature will be only available on the iOS15, macOS Monetary and iPad OS 15 devices. And, the prime goal behind introducing this feature was to improve the user’s streaming experience. You can listen to music or watch on-demand movies with your friends, colleagues or family by sharing the device’s screen. 

Currently, this feature is limited to a few Apple-based apps, including Apple TV or Music app. You can share the contents of HBO Max, Disney Plus Twitch and Paramount Plus using SharePlay. Though, Apple has not yet confirmed whether this feature will work on Netflix or Youtube. But, you can expect to use FaceTime’s SharePlay in these most-watched video platforms in the coming years. Do you know what the best part about this FaceTime feature is? All the iOS users can start, pause and skip the shared media whenever they want. 

  1. Take Advantage of Grid View

After the iOS update, the iPhone and iPad users might get a Grid view feature. Earlier, the users have stated that they were unable to keep all the participants in the same-sized tiles. Hence, Apple added this feature to adjust more than 6 FaceTime users on a single screen. To activate the Grid layout, make sure to download the latest version of FaceTime. 

After that, open the application and then go to the “New FaceTime” option. And, when the participants start joining in the FaceTime call, tap on the screen to get the toolbar. Along with the mute or copy link option, there will be a grid layout option. Tap on that, and don’t forget to select the “Done” option to organize the FaceTime calls. And, during the video call, FaceTime’s Grid view will automatically highlight the person who is speaking. 

  1. Enable the Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum Mode

To enhance the video calling experience, Apple has also added plenty of audio features, and voice isolation is one of them. Usually, after connecting the iPhone with the microphone, you can now prevent unwanted sounds. To enable this option, get into the ‘Control Center’ option and then tap on the “Mic Mode” option. From there, you will get the “Voice Isolation” feature; select and use it with the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. 

Additionally, the Wide Spectrum Mode allows iOS users to get clear sound in a FaceTime call. After going to the “Control Center” to enable this feature, choose the “Mic Mode” button. And, then look for the Wide Spectrum option and tap on it instantly. With these two noise cancellation features, you can hear everything from the FaceTime user’s surroundings. 

Is Apple Planning to Include a FaceLift Feature in FaceTime?

In iOS 15, Apple has introduced a FaceLift feature in this video calling application, i.e. FaceTime. Many iPhone and iPad users have previously complained that their faces look saggy while holding the device at a particular angle. You can now eliminate these flaws and improve how you look on FaceTime while video-calling your friends and colleagues. So, what are you waiting for? Update the iOS devices and unleash infinite possibilities.

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