10 Home Plumbing Myths That Cost you Money

Plumbing services are very much in demand nowadays. There are some plumbing myths that people follow that can permanently damage pipes and increase repair costs. Here are some of these myths that you need to avoid. Also, the alternative ways you can use to fix the plumbing issues.

Home Plumbing Myths

10 Plumbing Myths that can Damage the Pipes Permanently & Increase Repair Cost

When you buy a new house, it gives you one of the greatest joys. But, you will also face some unexpected plumbing issues. Hence, you need someone who can repair your house pipes. 

Plumbing services are very much in demand nowadays. The plumbing experts ensure that the water transportation is properly distributed. But, unfortunately, there are some myths that people follow that can damage the pipes more and cost money. Below are some such myths that you need to avoid doing. 

10 Plumbing Myths that you need to avoid

As already stated, there are some myths that people like to follow, but unfortunately, due to these myths, they damage the pipes more. And eventually, it leads to more money expenditure. Below are some such myths that you need to avoid. 

10 such myths, along with the damage it does, are explained over here. Also, the alternative ways you can use to fix the issue are given below. You can also take help from a plumber Dubai if needed.

  1. Chemical cleaner

It has been said that using chemical cleaners can perfectly disinfect the disposal. But, unfortunately, it is a myth. This chemical is so hard that it will eat through your pipes and damage them more and can even ruin the disposal seal. So, you are advised not to use this harsh chemical cleaner if you don’t want to damage the pipes more. 

There are other better ways like — you can use household items. For example, you can use vinegar and baking soda to disinfect the drain. You can also use lemon, lime or orange peelings, but you need to remember to slice them into small squares. This will help to remove the funky smell coming out. 

  1. Using bleaching cleaning tablets 

You can disinfect your toilet using a bleaching cleaning table is also a myth. People used to believe that bleaching is perfectly fine and not at all harmful to the toilet. But, the truth is that it is not. It’s advised that if you have used the bleaching cleaning tablet, then you need to clean the residue within 10 mins. If you don’t, then it might corrode the toilet. Then, you have to hire a professional plumber, and it might cost expensive service bills. In experts opinion, it’s better not to. 

  1. Using boiled water with grease

It is a complete myth that using boiling water to remove grease will help you clean the drain. Grease is a form of fat, and you must not allow it to go down the drain, or else it will result in costing more problems. It might result in the breakdown of the drainage system, and that can be the worst situation. The grease will clog in the pipes resulting in stopping the water flow. 

Instead of the mixture of boiling water and grease, you can use cold water. The cold water will help the motor to function properly. The cold water also helps the grease to flow down the sewer by not clogging any pipes. 

  1. Most plumbing can be fixed by DIY

Most people think that plumbing can be fixed easily, and in order to save money, they try to fix the pipes by themselves. But, it is completely a false statement. You need to have the proper skills and tools to repair any plumbing issues. That is the reason why professionals are being hired to fix issues. By hiring experts, you can be sure that the issue will be solved rightfully. If you try to fix the problem by yourself, then you might end up damaging it more, and it can cost you more to fix it. 

  1. Using brick in your toilet tank

To conserve water, you need to place a brick in your toilet, which is a completely false statement. There is no such proof of this statement, and by applying this myth, you might end up making the issue bigger. 

But, you can use different and proven ways to conserve water — Like by using water-saver flush settings, placing low flow showerheads etc. By using these methods, you can also reduce the water bills. But, unfortunately, putting bricks won’t do any better to conserve water. 

  1. Using the plunger

Using the plunger to clean the sink clog is not at all a good idea. While in some cases, it actually helps you a lot. It is indeed a helpful tool for clearing clogs, but in this case, the plunger might push the obstructions further down. Also, keep in mind that while pouring drain cleaner, if you use the plunger the chemicals can cause serious burns. 

  1. Hand soap can clean plumbing fixtures

It is completely a myth to use hand soap to clean any type of plumbing fixes. The truth is that it actually damages the plumbing fixtures. The water and soap create faucets, and this leads to corroded fixtures. Hence, it is completely a bad idea. But, there are also alternative ways that can help you out to clean the plumbing fixtures. 

You can wipe the fixture that will take only a few minutes, or you can use baking soda etc., to clean the toilet bowl. Further, you just need something effective to disinfect and prevent your family from infections. 

  1. Leaking tap

People think that leaking taps are not that important, but it's a faulty belief. They might seem to be a very small problematic issue, but they might soon turn into a big one if you don’t pay much attention to it. It can cause great concern. So, you need to fix it as soon as possible. It has also been advised in a report to fix the leaking tap to save almost 10% on their water bills. 

  1. Disposal going down the drain

If disposals go down the drain, it won’t create any problem — This is completely a fault statement. And, it is really hard to tell where it came from. But, this can create blockage in a plumbing system. Your drainage system can get blocked due to unwanted disposal. You might not be able to see it, but foods like rice, pasta can cause blockage. 

You need to give the right amount of water to rinse it. If you don’t give appropriate water, then it might make the drainage inefficient. 

  1. Using ice cubes disposal blades

It is a complete myth that you can sharpen up the garbage disposal blades by using ice cubes. First, the garbage disposal has blades that are a complete misconception; instead, it has teeth, called impellers. These impellers can be cleaned using the ice cube, but it has nothing to do with sharpening it. Items like eggshells can also be used to help clean the impellers. 


Here, we have listed most of the myths that people still follow. The most common plumbing myths are given in detail. You need to avoid all these myths and use the right way to fix them. From this misinformation, you might damage your plumbing system more. How these myths actually started, no one really knows. For example — people often dispose of wet wipes in the toilets. But, for your information, these wet wipes are non-biodegradable, so once you flush, they can get clogged in the system. Thus, creating a lot more toilet problems.

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