New AI Software can Detect How Seniors Feel via Video Call

New artificial intelligence (AI) software can help diagnose mental health issues and screen seniors for depression and anxiety through video calls and detect how they are feeling.

AI Software to Detect depression
New AI Software can Detect How Seniors Feel via Video Call

Artificial Intelligence Detects Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly via Video Call

A Singapore-based company Opsis – Emotion AI has developed new artificial intelligence software to help counselors diagnose mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression in older adults through video calls.

Counselors are now able to take advantage of artificial intelligence to measure facial expressions, This AI software maps positive and negative emotions during a call.

The program was developed as part of a community initiative to support the elderly in Singapore.

Social service agency Lions Befrienders will work on testing the new technology over the next two years with about 4,300 elderly people. Staff from Lions Befrienders did a live experiment with two elderly volunteers to try out the program.

Their responses and facial expressions were recorded on a video clip during a video call, and the software installed on the counselor's device analyzed them in real-time.

At the end of the sessions, the program presented heat maps of positive and negative emotions for each participant.

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