How to Keep Your Car Safe: 10 Anti-Theft Devices

Car theft is one of the most difficult situations you may go through in your life. Here are the 10 best anti-theft devices to reduce the chances of your car being stolen or broken into.

Prevent car theft
Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Car Safe

How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen?

Car theft is one of the most common problems in the world, which requires everyone to pay more attention and activate the protection of their car from theft.

Therefore, we have highlighted the most important steps that you can follow to avoid any car theft:

  • Avoid parking the car in dark and quiet places, or in places that are difficult to reach, as it is preferable to park it in private car parks.
  • “Park the car” near places with cameras to monitor any theft attempts. Do not leave the car windshield open.
  • Close the doors and windows of the car well, and make sure to remove the key from the car after exiting it.
  • Not to leave visible bags inside the car, keep all belongings or valuables after getting out of the car.
  • Install an additional layer of glass for car windows, to prevent them from breaking.
  • Remove the “battery cable” to increase safety to ensure that it does not move.
  • Put car alarms.
  • Increase car insurance tools.
  • It is necessary to report the car as soon as it is stolen.

The Best 10 Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Car Safe

If you are looking for ways to protect your car from being stolen or broken into, here are the 10 best anti-theft devices to protect the car from theft.

1. Wheel Lock:

Parking police often use this lock. Wheel Lock is made of metal and is very strong, it is not so easy to break or cut. 

The plus point of this lock is that it is visible from outside the car. In such a situation, if a thief is thinking of stealing your car, then maybe change his mind. It is easily available online as well as offline.

2. Steering Wheel Lock:

Steering wheel locks are available in a variety of designs but all work to prevent the steering from turning.

Some new steering locks also have an alarm feature, as soon as someone tries to open them, the alarm will sound.

There are also some locks available in the market that lock the steering as well as the brake or accelerator pedal.

3. Paddle Lock:

Like the steering wheel, the pedal lock is also used to lock the accelerator and brakes. If it is installed in the car, then the thief will not be able to steal your car easily.

Any one of these locks can be used or more than one lock can also be used for more security.

4. Hood Lock: 

In many cases, when the thief is unable to steal the vehicle, he targets the engine or the battery. In such a situation, hood locks can prove to be very useful. 

If the vehicle has a hood lock, then the thief will not be able to open the hood of the vehicle even after making all efforts, due to which the battery, engine, and other parts of the vehicle will be safe.

5. Gear Shift Lock:

A gear shift lock can also be used to protect the vehicle from theft. It locks the gear shifter completely. In such a situation, even if the thief gets into the car and starts the engine, then the vehicle will not be able to move forward. 

Gear shift locks are very strong, it is very difficult to break and cut them.

6. Kill Switch: 

Kill Switch is a small device, also known as a battery disconnect switch. It has to be installed in such a place in the car where it is not easily visible. This switch connects directly to the vehicle's battery or fuel pump.

If you turn this switch off while the vehicle is parked, the vehicle's battery or the fuel pump is disconnected (depending on what the switch is connected to). Now if no one will be able to start your car.

7. GPS Tracker: 

With the help of GPS Tracker, it becomes easy to find a stolen vehicle. With its help, you can trace the live location of the vehicle. Also, some features of the vehicle can also be controlled, such as the engine can be turned on and off with the help of the app.

If the car has been given to someone and you want the vehicle to remain in a certain area and not go outside it, then you can create an imaginary geo boundary, by doing this you will be called immediately as soon as the vehicle goes outside that boundary. But you will get an alert. With this, the live location-speed-running and mileage of the vehicle can also be tracked.

8. Video Monitor: 

Video Monitor is not a dedicated anti-theft device nor is it designed to prevent vehicle theft. It was made to take care of children, but many people are taking care of their car with it.

This product comes with a camera, which has to be installed inside the vehicle and a display is available, which you can carry with you. In this display, you can see the video inside the vehicle, click photos, it also gets night vision for better viewing at night.

It is sound sensitive, as soon as there is any sound inside the vehicle, it will activate immediately and notify the user.

9. Engine Immobilizer:

Although an engine immobilizer is available in many vehicles from the company itself, still this feature is not available in many vehicles.

If the vehicle has an engine immobilizer, then the vehicle will not start with each key, it will start only with the original key. Even if the thief gets a duplicate key made, he will not be able to start the car. 

There is a chip in the original key of the car, which sends a signal to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) in the vehicle, without this signal the car will not start at all.

10. Central Lock System:

At this time most of the cars are coming fitted with a central locking system but still, if your car does not have it then it can be installed from outside also.

Although it has been seen in many cases that even after having a central locking system, the vehicle is stolen, so it cannot be trusted 100%, but it is effective to a great extent. A central lock system can also be fitted at the company's showroom.

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