Joe Biden Reaches the Threshold of Becoming President

US Presidential Election Results 2020 Highlights: America may soon get a new President. Joe Biden is on the threshold of becoming President. Biden has also won in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden Reaches the Threshold of Becoming President
Joe Biden Reaches the Threshold of Becoming President

Joe Biden is Going to Become New US President

Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden on Friday surpassed his rival and President Donald Trump in important states of Georgia and Pennsylvania on Friday. And he appears very close to winning a historic victory in a close contest.

After another round of counting in Georgia, Biden took the lead on the trump. It has been a stronghold of the Republican Party for a long time. Biden now leads by 1096 votes. In Pennsylvania, Biden leads Trump by 5,587 votes. As of Wednesday night, Trump was leading in this state by more than 7,00,00 votes. To reach the White House, one must obtain 270 votes out of 538 'electoral college votes'.

According to the latest estimates, Biden has received 264 'electoral college votes' while Trump has received 214. At the same time, Trump told a press conference at the White House that he would go to court against electoral misconduct. Trump's campaign team has already filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Nawada. He has also demanded re-counting of votes in Wisconsin. Biden's campaign team denied the allegations. At the same time, DDHQ, a network of election experts, has announced that Biden has won in Pennsylvania. This victory will prove to be decisive to become his President. He is just one step away from becoming the President of America.

Biden told reporters in Delaware, 'We are feeling very good with the way things are. We have no doubt that I and Senator Kamala Harris (Democratic Party nominees for the Vice President) will win when the count is completed. Kamala Harris was also present with Biden during this time. Former Vice President Biden also appealed to the people to be patient till the counting of votes is completed. US President Trump has claimed that if only the 'valid votes' had been counted, he would have easily won the thorny presidential election.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday at the White House, Trump indicated that the outcome of the US presidential election would ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court as he planned to file a large-scale suit against the alleged rigging of the election.

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