How to Transform Your Mobile App with Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms change the way users interact with their devices while introducing unique machine learning mobile app ideas. Machine learning algorithms make mobile platforms easier to use, help build consistent multi-channel experiences and improve the customer experience. Let's understand how machine learning can transform your mobile app.
Machine learning mobile app
How to transform your mobile app with machine learning

How can Machine Learning Transform Your Mobile App?

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the ways various businesses offer and share their tools, services, and goods. Rather than simply thinking of AI as voice assistants on our phones or chatbot assistants, artificial intelligence is now integrating the ways professionals strategize their marketing, sales, and consumer data with innovative digital technologies.

A large influence on artificial intelligence’s reach for businesses is the process of machine learning. 
Machine learning is an automated process of AI technologies working independently to provide your business or organization with better insights and assistance in key target areas. 
Most notably, companies looking to leverage the full extent of mobile apps are finding machine learning to be their most useful tool in enhancing customer experience and organizational offerings.
Let’s explore what machine learning is, why it’s changing mobile app technology, and how to make it work for your business. 

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is exactly what it sounds like: artificial intelligence having the means to access and interpret data to learn more about its functionality for your business.
When writing the algorithm to a mobile app, models can allow AI to access things like data entry, searches, and activities on the app to help determine what users are doing and seeking out on the application.
 App development company trends point to machine learning becoming one of the key initiatives for companies across various industries in order to provide a more user-friendly experience and organizationally significant results. 

Why is Machine Learning Important for Mobile Apps?

From food and transportation to healthcare and fitness, mobile apps utilize machine learning to offer more to the consumer or customer.
It’s crucial that in a highly saturated space like app marketplaces that businesses do everything they can to build their app in a way that accommodates the many needs of users. Rather than spend human time and energy working on these initiatives, machine learning allows AI’s superior data reading, information consolidation, and supportive interface to do the heavy lifting. 

One key aspect of a mobile app that many businesses overlook is the future. Rather than assume updates will be needed, developers always look at ways to immediately begin spotting and tracking areas that might develop into necessary updates. This is a much easier process when machine learning is taking place to collect data and user activity safely. This way, it’s easy to find the methods and approaches necessary to make machine learning work for you.

How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

Machine Learning Mobile App
How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

Ways to Make Machine Learning Work for You

The key to machine learning in a mobile app is the ability to not only access user data but also allow the AI to recommend actions in relation to user data.
It’s great to have an algorithm that collects information for you, but that information must be implemented to maximize your app’s utility.
Machine learning takes data collection one step further by allowing AI to suggest how to respond to user trends and usage information. So how can you make this work for you?

The first step is to identify what user behavior patterns matter to your business. An online retailer might be interested in search data, whereas a food delivery app might look more to identify times in which delivery times may slow due to increased traffic. These elements take your app and put it above the many others in competition with you for clicks and downloads.
No matter your industry, here are the main ways machine learning can help transform your mobile app.

Personalized Data Collection

One way to get a better picture of what users seek out on your app is to follow their actions while in-use.
There are clear security measures in place to ensure this data does not pertain to personal information without the explicit consent of users. For example, Google tailors ads to users based on what they search and interact with online. 

This is not some magical process where Google “guesses” a user’s activity, but rather allows machine learning to navigate online behaviors to connect users to personalized ads catered to their interests and actions.
A mobile app developer that sees a user consistently looking up a category or tool while using the application might want to implement a method in which the algorithm pins the most used feature of the app to the top of the homepage. This is just an example of why personalized data collection via machine learning matters to users and companies.

Assist in Customer Satisfaction Services

AI is a popular way to offer customer satisfaction services, such as intelligent support technologies and chat bots.
One way machine learning impacts this area is by allowing an app to store interactions as a means of deciphering common ways to solve inquiries from users.
Likewise, you can store actions in an algorithm that allow the chat bot to access predetermined answers or assistance to users looking for guidance. 

Predictive support is a key area where this is showing up more and more on mobile apps.
On a purchase screen, for example, a certain time of inactivity can prompt the AI to ask the user if they need help or have questions.
This simple step can help alleviate confusion and concern and help secure the sale.

Machine Learning Can Help Your Mobile App Succeed

It’s not essential to include machine learning and AI in your app for it to receive attention.
Once users begin using your app, however, the process of identifying areas of improvement and targeting key demographics related to your organizational goals begins.
Find ways to benefit your app and business by utilizing the power of machine learning and AI to provide a better user experience and cultivate better, actionable data.

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