How Can You Diagnose Concentration Problems?

The diagnosis of concentration problems requires a careful review of symptoms.
Concentration problems
The diagnosis of attention problems requires a careful review of symptoms.

How Can You Diagnose Attention Problems?

The Diagnosis of Concentration Problems

The diagnosis will be carried out in accordance with international standards, including the registration of behavioral history, the difficulties you face (clinical biography), the clinical examination, the filling of questionnaires and the computerized examination. 
Upon completion of the diagnosis, you will receive a summary and recommendations for treatment by your doctor. 

It is not fair to diagnose hyperactivity disorder in many people, this must face difficulties and challenges throughout life. It's really tragic. The following is a simple test, an initial self-diagnostic tool to diagnose it very well. 

Attention Deficit Disorder is a well-known global phenomenon, with an estimated 7 to 10 percent of children suffering from some type of disorder, as well as four to six percent of adults.
It is very important during diagnosis to distinguish between disorder and other conditions

 Some are healthy and others are pathological, as these cases may be mistakenly diagnosed as a disorder.

Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder is based primarily on clinical diagnosis (meaning a diagnosis based on the observed symptoms of the patients and their patterns of behavior and performance in different cases).

Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnosis is a complex process because there is no definitive examination of the existence of disorder on the one hand and on the other because the disorder is similar to normal behavior in many ways.

Therefore, the diagnosis should be made on the basis of certain criteria such as age, persistence, suspected or diagnosed disorder in at least two different institutions, as well as at least two reports of a disturbance.

Current methods for diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorders include obtaining a detailed medical history of the person undergoing diagnosis and his / her family, as well as clinical examination and diagnostic tests
For adolescents and adults, the diagnosis is based on the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), developed by the American Psychiatric Association.

There are a few measures to assess Attention Deficit Disorders by examining the performance of the adult (as self-reporting). 
Furthermore, continuous performance tests (CPT) are performed by performing a monotonous task that forces the examinee to pay attention to a goal that contributes to attention because it is interesting or attractive). 
At the Center for the Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders, examiners use one of the most frequently used tests in this field, which is often used in the TOVA test.

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