People with Blood Type A may be More Vulnerable to Coronavirus

People with blood type A may be more vulnerable to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), compared to other blood types, study claims.
Coronavirus blood test
Coronavirus blood test: People with blood type -A may be more susceptible to coronavirus infection

People with Blood Type A may be More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly worldwide. Around two lakh coronavirus infection cases have been reported all over the world, while around 8000 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Most of these deaths occurred in China. The infection of this virus started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has now spread all over the world.

Since last year, many types of research are being done regarding coronaviruses. Even in Wuhan city of China, much research is being done about hospitalized patients.
Apart from this, scientists are also studying deaths from this virus. In this sequence, new research related to the blood group has come out, in which it is said that people of which blood group are more vulnerable to coronavirus and people of which blood group are less vulnerable to it.

Which Blood Type People are More at Risk of Getting COVID-19?

Blood group type -A is 'more vulnerable' to COVID-19
Researchers at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University have revealed that people who have blood group type A are more at risk of getting COVID-19. While the blood on the second number is Type-O.

Apart from China, COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly in many countries of the world like Italy, Iran, England, France, South Korea. Since sudden fear has arisen in all countries.

Meanwhile, new research has found that your blood type can increase the chances of getting infected by this virus. In this study, researchers conducted research on 2,173 corona patients, including 26 people who lost their lives due to the virus.

What does New Research Say?

The research found that there are more people with blood group-O. According to the data, 34 percent of the population is blood group-O, while group A is about 32 percent. 
According to this research, out of the total coronavirus infected patients, the number of blood group-O is 25%, while group-A patients are about 41%.
Blood group-O patients accounted for about 25 percent of the deaths, compared to 41 percent of those with type-A.

After this study, researchers believe that people who have blood group-A will have to increase their level of protection.
They also said that people with blood group-A need to take special precautions to reduce their risk of getting infected with the coronavirus.

There is no need to worry

However, it needs to be noted that the sample size in the study is quite small — large-scale studies will be needed to verify the findings. So if your blood is group-A then you need not panic. This does not mean that you have 100 percent coronavirus.

At the same time, if your blood is Group-O, it does not mean that you are completely safe.
Cleanliness is as important for you as it is for everyone else.
Wash hands every once in a while and follow the health advisory guidelines.

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