What is Cloud Computing Security? -Top 8 Cloud Computing Security Features

Cloud security is a sub-domain of network security, computer security and, more broadly, information security.
Cloud computing security refers to the control-based safeguards, technical discipline and processes that IT companies use to protect cloud computing environments, data, information, applications, and cloud-based infrastructure.
Here, we have mentioned the top 8 cloud computing security features.
Cloud computing security
8 must-have cloud computing security features

What is Cloud Computing Security? - Top 8 Cloud Computing Security Features

What is Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud computing security refers to a wide range of strategies, policies, technologies and applications formulated to provide controls to protect data, virtualized IP, services, infrastructure and cloud-based systems.

Cloud-based security measures are configured to support regulatory compliance, protect data and customer privacy, and set authentication rules for individual users and devices.

Cloud computing security protects resources stored online from threats, theft, leakage, or data loss.

Cloud security emphasizes protecting the cloud environment against unauthorized access, hackers, malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other risks.

Top 8 Cloud Computing Security Features

The security features of the cloud computing are the most important and most critical factor in the efficiency and continuity of service delivery to clients.
Here, we have mentioned the top 8 cloud computing security features. Let's see!

1. Cloud Identity Management
Identity management (IM) in cloud security refers to the personal identity information system being used within the enterprise so that access to computer resources, services, data, and applications is controlled properly.

The cloud identity management system provides authorization, authentication, privileges and roles of the enterprise boundaries.
The identity management system is mainly when entering the system.

It is necessary to ensure that the identity of the user who is required to access the database and the stored information is the correct identity of a person who is entitled to view or act on these data.

2. Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is a legal document that discloses some or all of the methods a party uses, collects, discloses, and manages client's data or customer information.

A privacy policy is one of the most important security features that differentiate the service.
It is very important to provide privacy policies that protect both the rights of the customer and the service provider.

Privacy policies are a strong and direct criterion for the power of the service provider and its ability to provide a distinct service to the customer.

3. Data-at-Rest Encryption
Data encryption is one of the effective ways to keep your most sensitive information and data stored on your cloud infrastructure safe and secure from being accessed by the wrong party.
The data-at-rest encryption should only include strong encryption systems such as RSA or AES.
The strong encryption helps minimize the chance of stolen data used for some purpose.

It is better for the user to give time to alert customers so that they can take steps to protect their identity and hackers cannot immediately take advantage of stolen information.

4. Complete Data Protection
Data protection is collecting your data and controlling how your personal data and information are used by organizations, businesses or the government.
Complete data protection keeps your data safe with access control, enterprise-grade drive encryption and monitoring of user behavior in cloud storage services.

Data protection is shared by service providers and the customer.
Each of them is required to maintain the confidentiality of the data provided and not to give any information to any account for any person who is not authorized to do so.

5. Web Application Security
Cloud-based web application security consists of a set of Internet protocols and standards specifically associated with the security of websites, web applications, and online services against various malicious threats or accidental violations and failures.

It is very important when initiating modifications and development methods for web applications from programmers to be equipped with security systems and protection to prevent penetration and at the same time working to increase efficiency and raise the overall level.

6. Secure Cloud Hosting Services
Cloud hosting is very important in the world of the web hosting industry.
The secure cloud hosting allows you to focus on what really matters and provides a safe and secure solution that does not rely on outdated hardware.

The major benefits of secure cloud hosting services are scalability, flexibility, reliability, efficiency and cost savings.

Amazon offers hosting services (IaaS) on the EC2 platform, which has made many organizations rely on this platform to host their applications.

Amazon is one of the leading hosting companies and has increased services such as SaaS, where users have some control over operating systems and the operating time environment. This has helped to reduce administrative costs and problems.

The secure cloud hosting is probably the most useful service that the experience has proven to be of benefit and success from cloud services, so people are more interested in designing mobile applications.

7. Advanced Perimeter Firewall
A perimeter firewall forms the core of all security architecture and controls all traffic between a private network (or internal network) and other public networks, such as the Internet.

Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Intranets.
Cloud environments are highly interconnected, making it easy for traffic to bypass traditional perimeter securities.

Most firewalls are very simple because they typically inspect the source and destination packets only.

8. Secure E-commerce Payment System
An e-commerce payment system is a way of paying for goods and services through an electronic medium. It facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. 

The e-commerce payment system has become increasingly popular due to the growing spread of internet-based banking and shopping.

E-commerce security refers to any system designed to protect e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, modification, or destruction.

One of the reasons why Apple's store has been successful is the adoption of a clear and user-friendly payment system, which has made it very successful, but with the maturity of the mobile market, many app developers have had an eye on Apple's financial system, looking to use alternative payment systems.

Many cloud providers have emerged, making it easier for application developers to do business with customers.

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