What is iPhone Operating System and How Many Versions of iOS are There?

iPhone Operating System (iOS) is a mobile operating system that Apple has developed specifically for its hardware.
Apple relies on its own operating system - iOS that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
 In this article, we will let you know the features of this system and the most downloaded versions according to the latest report on Apple.
iPhone Operating System
iPhone Operating System (iOS) is the most powerful -Apple's operating system for its devices.

iPhone Operating System - Versions Of iOS - Top 10 iPhone Apps

Apple is one of the largest smartphone companies and the most famous around the world, where sales exceed billions annually and Apple fans are waiting for each year the new version of its smartphones. 

What is iOS?

iPhone Operating System (iOS) is Apple's operating system for operating its smartphones for iPhone, which is one of the most powerful operating systems.

iOS provides users with many features that make the iPhone work very efficiently. It is the operating system for other Apple devices such as iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS is the program that is responsible for all processes that occur in the device such as clicking and dragging and running other applications on the device and what is displayed on the screen,  instant messages, calls and other operations performed by this system.

General Features of the iPhone Operating System (iOS)

Smartphones are the major areas of functionality for the iPhone OS.
In smartphones: Top iOS features can include standard features like voice dialing, text messaging, and free conference calls and innovative features such as visual voicemail.
In a web browser: iPhone OS provides the most complete mobile browsing experience.
 iOS Features
The iPhone operating system has many different features than other operating systems, we will remind you of some of them:

- iOS allows the best cellular communication and Wi-Fi connection, Supports Virtual Private Network (VPN).
- Direct access to App Store, Podcast, iTunes Music List, movies available for rent or purchase, and TV shows.
- Built-in search support, which is a simultaneous search within files, applications, media, and e-mail.
- Supports Safari Mobile browser.
- The system supports gesture discrimination, for example, the device vibrates with the retraction of the last action taken.
- Provides paid e-mail services.
- The Personal Assistant is valid.

As for applications, in mid-2018 Apple published a list of most applications downloaded on iPhone phones, some of which were surprising.

How Many Versions of iOS are There?

Versions Of iOS
Let's now know about different versions of iOS.

iPhone OS 1.X
Apple released its first version of 2007, in which he introduced a Touch Centric System; at the time of its release everyone said that it is similar to the Apple Desktop's operating system.

iPhone OS 2.X
In 2008, Apple released its second version OS 2.X with iPhone 3G. Users who used iPhone 1.X could upgrade their OS version to 2.X. 2.X introduces users with the new App Store so that they can easily download the application on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iPhone OS 3.X
Apple announced the iPhone OS's 3.x version in June 2009 with the iPhone 3GS, in which Apple added some new features such as MMS and Copy Paste Feature etc.

iOS 4.X
In March 2010, Apple announced its new operating system, with its new name iOS, it was the first version that was not available for all devices but could download this operating system to iPod Touch.
Users Free on older devices like - iPhone Both 3G and iPod Touch. 2nd Generation devices lacked multitasking capabilities and the ability to set Home Screen wallpaper, but all other new devices could use its features.

iPhone OS 5.X
Apple announced iOS 5 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event in June 2011, making it available for iPhone after the 3GS version after iPod Touch 3rd Generation, and for all iPads.
This operating system offered many features such as syncing wirelessly with Newsstand, iCloud, iMessage, Reminder, and iTunes, etc. Apart from this, Lock Screen to Camera could also be accessed.

iOS 6.X
In the year 2012, Apple released its iOS 6- version which was released for iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPad 4.
It only supported iPhone 3GS and above version. In this version Apple released Google Maps and Youtube By default; these apps could have been downloaded from the App Store.
Apple inbuilt its own Google Map application which included Smoother Zooming and Spoken Navigation in many languages ​​and improved Siri with better capacities.

iPhone OS 7.X
This version was released in 2013 and was released for the iPhone 4's later version, the iPod Touch 5th Generation's later version, iPad 2's later version, and iPad Mini's later version.
This version included some new features like Airdrop, more App Store Search Option, and Multitasking Ability, etc. with New Camera Interface.

iOS 8.X
Apple announced its new version iOS 8 on the year 2014. In this version many versions were introduced, like - Apple Pay Platform, Reader View Safari, and many Sharing UI Improvements with Family Sharing.
This operating system is also considered as the biggest change in iOS.

iPhone OS 9.X
Apple announced iOS 9 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event on June 2015.
 Where iOS 8 introduced many features while iOS 9 also made many improvements to its platform, including the 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S Family Of Device.
 Support was also provided, as well as changing the name of Passbook App into Wallet, the first time the Widget Notification was introduced in iOS 9.

iOS 10.X
In this version, the Touch Id Home Button Press feature was added by removing the slide to unlock mechanism, Apple introduced Home App in this version so that Homekit Enabled Home Automation Hardware could be controlled Third-Party App also, the benefits of Siri Assistance Could take.

iPhone OS 11.X
In this version, the Operating System was introduced in the Subtle Design Changes Interface, in which the text was bolder.
Apps like - Calculator and Phone were given a new looking in which Lock screen and Control Center was completely redesigned.

iPhone OS 12.X
Performance and Quality Improvements were highly focused on this new version and added some new features such as - Screen Time, Group face Time, etc.
The main version of iOS is annually released every year whereas the latest iOS version 12.1, 12.2 is released in this way.

iOS 13
On June 3, 2019, Apple announced iOS 13 at its annual Apple WWDC event.
iOS 13 was released to the public on 19 September 2019.
The main features of iOS 13 include Memoji support for A9+ devices and dark mode.
On January 28, 2020, iOS 13.3.1 was released. It is the most recent stable release for iPhone and iPod Touch.
On February 5, 2020, the most recent beta release, iOS 13.4 Beta 1, was released.

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