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What is Mixed Reality and How MR Technology Works - The 15 Best Mixed Reality Headsets

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Mixed reality headset- Mixed reality technology

What is Mixed Reality and How MR Technology Works - The 15 Best Mixed Reality Headsets

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality (MR) is a significant development of augmented reality (AR). It is a hybrid environment in which virtual elements or objects are added to the physical environment, i.e. it confuses real and virtual. The user can walk in this virtual environment and change the location of the objects, their size and control them.
The basic hypothesis of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) is similar, the critical difference between them is the underlying technology.  Mixed reality depends on earphones and headset-based, while augmented reality is visible through a flat-screen like a smartphone or a tablet.
Mixed reality also makes you aware of the environment around you, and uses it as a drawing board to create imaginary content specific to the space you occupy. While focusing on meeting the needs of the project, machine learning (ML) was looking to color our world with pleasure and beauty. But as time goes by, the choice of mixed-reality technology will fade away and we will stay with the most important part, “content”.

Mixed Reality Can Be a Transformational Technology

Smartphones have changed our lives because they have given us access to things that already exist in the most convenient way. Mixed reality, too, will change our lives. Not by taking something that really exists and putting it in our hands, but by radically reversing the way we see and interact with the world.
The opportunity to separate ourselves from our physical surroundings will change the way we are in the world. Given that the impact will be applied to travel, and we have been able to live a life in order to hold a meeting through the mixed reality system, the need to travel or move to work will be reduced that will save a lot of time and money.

How Mixed Reality Technology Works

Mixed reality captures the physical environment or real-world images and creates a three-dimensional map of your surroundings so the device will identify and know exactly how and where to place digital content in that space while allowing you to interact with it by nodding and gesture.
The use of transparent lenses, spatial sound, and understanding of the physical environment of stereoscopic images will allow you to see, hear and behave like real objects capable of interacting with their surroundings, and with each other.

What Mixed Reality Can Do
Mixed reality will not be an advanced gaming dashboard to play the latest version of Halo or others, but it adds a whole new world of interaction, apps, games, and experiences we can't even imagine, and the world around you will turn into absolutely new places to play, learn, communicate and interact with.

The 15 Best Mixed Reality Headsets of 2019

1.     Samsung Hmd Odyssey 
2.     HP VR1000-127il 
3.     Nreal Light - Coming soon
4.     ASUS HC102
5.     Dell Visor 
6.     Acer Consumer AH101-D8EY 
7.     Lenovo G0A20001WW Explorer 
8.     Microsoft HoloLens
9.     Microsoft HoloLens 2 - Coming soon
10. Magic Leap One
11. Dimension NXG AjnaLens
12. Zappar Zapbox
13. Tesseract Holoboard Enterprise Edition
14. Occipital Bridge
15. Avegant Light Field Display

Top Mixed Reality Applications Today

MR in Communication: Holoportation will allow users of the device in different cities or countries to meet and interact with each other in the same virtual place while they are really far away.
MR in Education: There are many examples of the usefulness of mixed reality in education. The great benefit of mixed reality for medical school students is to gain comprehensive insights and interact with the human skeleton.
MR in Entertainment: For example, Microsoft Hololens works with National Football League (NFL) to change the way the audience sees and interacts with players, with other audiences, and with their advertisements and sponsorships for sponsors programs.


The use of MR technology does not end in sports, music, television, arts, fashion, business, medicine, design, construction, but this will affect everything. In the first stage, you will find yourself changing your mobile device and then slowly start replacing other devices such as TV, laptop, tablet, and others. All the content on these devices will quickly be available in your new world of mixed reality and only with a pair of lenses.

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