How Serious is the Government about Climate Change?

Climate change is likely to lead to major health impacts in India - rising malnutrition and related health problems such as child stunting - and the poor are most likely to be affected by climate change.
You must not have even seen the media arguing over such an issue. Indian media has no time for such an issue. Millions of people are dying every year due to pollution, but still, neither the government nor the media is serious about this issue.
Climate Change
Why is the Indian government not serious about climate change?

How Serious is the Government about Climate Change?

The Indian Government is not Serious about Climate Change

Have you ever seen our politicians protesting against climate change?
Have you ever seen the government sending its spokespersons and ministers to different cities and explaining to people about climate change?
Have you ever seen opposition parties on the road on climate change issues?
Leave leader, have you ever seen millions of people protesting against climate change?
Except for all this, you must not have even seen the media arguing on such an issue. Anyway, where does today's media have time for this type of issue?

Some citizens of almost every country are opposing the government climate change policy, but governments and mainstream media, especially the Indian government or Indian media are not serious about climate change issues.

It is worth noting that the biggest impact of climate change is in India, millions of people are dying every year due to pollution, but still, neither the government nor the media is serious about this issue. Climate change is not a small issue but in India, it is not an issue either.

There is poison in the air, we are breathing this poison. If you are not convinced, then you can see the report of Dr. Rahul Patil - Cardiologist - Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research.

Dr. Patil said in his report that in the last two years, about 2400 such patients whose age is between 16 and 40 years came to this hospital. Every month, an average of 100 to 120 such patients are coming whose age is below 40 years.

Dr. Patil revealed that many such drivers are coming whose hemoglobin has increased.
More such hemoglobin is found in people who smoke for 20 years or more.
But Dr. Rahul Patil says that most of the drivers who are coming do not smoke, yet their hemoglobin is increased. The main reason behind this is poisonous air.

The drivers roam the city more often, the toxic air of the city is impacting them, due to which the hemoglobin is increasing. 
Every year more than 1.2 million people in India are dying due to bad air. The life expectancy of children is also decreasing due to air pollution.

On Friday, 20 lakh people and school students from at least 28 countries left their work and studies and took to the road against climate change.
3.5 percent of the total population of Spain, New Zealand, Netherlands participated in this demonstration.
Before the protest, the people of New Zealand also wrote a letter to the parliament there. In this letter, they demanded that a climate emergency should be declared in the country. Also, separate councils should be made to prevent climate change.

Meanwhile, 85 cities in Canada demonstrated against climate change. People there said that if the leaders do not take steps to stop climate change, then they will show their strength and throw the leaders from the chair. The slogan of the people was "We are the change. And change is coming".

The people of Toronto have also demanded that those who are rich pay more tax because these rich people own many factories and these factories are the main reason for air pollution.
People of Toronto are thinking not only for themselves but also for the refugees there.
The people there are also demanding that those who are refugees should not be sent out of the country, they should not be kept in detention centers, they should be given a chance to work in public service.
They should be given the opportunity to work in a factory which produces less carbon.

Canadian Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has promised that the Liberal government will plant 2 million trees in the next two years, but the people of India believe more in cutting trees.

Thousands of children demonstrated in Thailand in front of the Resource Ministry.
Children from countries like Ghana, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico demonstrated against climate change.
Around 500 children marched to the presidential blue house in Seoul and asked the government to take measures against climate change.

On Friday, school students in different cities of India demonstrated against climate change.
On Thursday, about 300 school children in Gurugram marched against climate change with posters in hand. This child is serious about his future.

These students believe that their dreams are being shattered due to climate change. Many children are also having trouble breathing due to air pollution. Students of Gurugram said that the leader is not serious about climate change.
No leader was seen in this march taken out by the students. No leader came to encourage these students. 
For the last 9 months, these students have been performing periodically but nothing much has been achieved.
Students believe that due to the performance, the pressure is being created. Fear is also arising inside politicians. To save the Aravali forest of Gurugram, these children have written letters to the Haryana government.

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