10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Apps That can Transform Human Lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool that can be used to enhance a person's abilities and carry out tasks necessary for day-to-day life.
There are so many amazing ways artificial intelligence can be used to influence our everyday lives.
AI technology can help improve your ability to interact with the world from the earliest days of your species. AI can help you do your job, read your emails, get music or movie recommendations and get driving directions, and more.
Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Apps
10 Best artificial intelligence (AI) powered apps that are changing human lives.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Apps That can Transform Human Lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Artificial intelligence is an area of ​​computer science that focuses on building machines or designing apps that can interact like humans. Therefore, the motive for creating an AI machine is to understand the pattern of human action.

The basic concept is to make machines able to read and write like humans. All technology companies spend millions every year to develop this technology.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others are working day and night to develop that technology. However, AI is not far away, it has become a reality that shares our daily lives but also changes the world around us.

Here is a list of the artificial intelligence techniques we use in our daily lives.

10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Apps

A lot of people are relying on voice aids like Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon, but if you want to make more use of AI in your daily life there are plenty of apps to help you.
Here are the 10 best artificial intelligence (AI) powered apps you can use them in your daily life:

1. Duolingo - The Best Way to Learn a Language
Duolingo is one of the best apps for learning new languages in the world.
Duolingo helps people learn new languages, and different skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Its interactive methods have provided more than 300 million registered users around the world.

The app has developed a new interactive tool called "Duolingo bots" to help learners practice the new language further.
By developing a bot that works with AI, you can talk and chat with him without embarrassment or pressure from the possibility of error if you are talking to a normal person.

If you feel helpless or difficult to respond to some bot messages, the application provides a feature «Help me reply».
The bot provides an opportunity to train to learn the most difficult aspect of language learning.
This feature is available on IOS devices only unlike the standard Duelingo available for Android and Windows as well.

2. Otter.ai: Otter Voice Meeting Notes
"Otter Voice Notes" lets you easily record and take voice notes.
It uses artificial intelligence techniques to understand and capture long conversations between multiple people and convert them to text files.

With the app, you can remember, search, and share your voice conversations with others.  
So it's an ideal choice for journalists, students, and business people alike, helping them to be more focused and collaborative in meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important conversations.

Otter Voice Notes also lets you take pictures to insert with text, play audio at adjustable speeds, organize conversations into folders, and search by keywords to navigate to matching parts.

You can also export your text notes in TXT, PDF, or SRT files or copy them to other apps, export voice notes as an MP3 file, and integrate with iOS and Google calendars to remind you to record your meetings and automatically set conversations.

This Application is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and on the iTunes Store.

3. Cleverbot  - Talk to an Intelligent App
Cleverbot may be a good friend of yours if you sometimes feel lonely and don't find friends to talk to. You can open with him any topic you like to respond to.
Based on AI technology, bots can interact with your messages, jokes, terminology, and satirical designs.

The best feature of this app is that you can not only write text to reply to bots with text messages but you can also speak it out, to respond to you.
You can simply have a voice chat with him, if you choose to do so, through the voice messages exchanged between you and the bot, and through the various bot responses, whether written or voice.
The conversation can last for long hours, and you may use it as a kind of practice of English.

Cleverbot has already held over 200 million conversations and bots seem to have taken a share of their name to be more skilled and developed for themselves over time; bots use each conversation to learn more and develop their responses.
You can talk to the bot and leave it whenever you want without being disturbed by your e-friend as your human friend does.

This application is available on: (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows).

4. Replika: My Chat Bot AI Avatar
Replika is an AI-based chatbot - a personal companion for mental wellness. You can use it when you need to talk, but you don't necessarily want to talk to a real person.

Replika is one of the best messaging apps, but in this case, you study a virtual person based on artificial intelligence and is designed to treat you as if it were a real person, and thus provides you with a safe place to talk about your thoughts and problems, and it is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This app is able to understand your thoughts and feelings and improve your mood, from which you can learn new skills in dealing and working to achieve goals such as positive thinking, stress management.

This Application is available free of charge to both Android users on the Google Play Store and iPhone and iPad users through the iTunes Store.

5. Deep Art Effects - AI Photo Filter and Art Filter
"Deep Art Effects" lets you turn your image into works of neural art with the help of machine learning algorithms and using artificial intelligence with neural networks.

The app emulates the styles of some of the greatest painters of history - such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, and Pablo Picasso - and applies these patterns to your photos.

Deep Art Effects provides you with more than 40 filters for styles of famous artists, and lets you share your artwork Created on social media accounts and via messages.

In terms of protecting your data and privacy, image rights always remain with you, artwork and images are not passed on to third parties, and images and artworks are not saved on the application servers.

You can download and install this application from Google Play Store and iTunes Store. You can also subscribe from within the app to remove watermarks and get more features.

6. Mona: The Personal Shopping Assistant
Mona app is the best personal shopping assistant of yours. If you are fed up with the search for the products you want to buy, tired of varying market prices, and want to set a specific price and shape for the product you are ordering, which may not be available in the regular markets, you may have to download the Mona app, to help you with that.

The application is based on artificial intelligence and is a good personal assistant for you in the process of e-shopping, for the best shops and international brands, as well as the best «prices» as the application itself describes.  
The application deals with more than 300 retailers, and provides you with the daily top 20 offers and discounts per day.

One of the most prominent features of the application is "Missions", which was developed by former employees of Amazon, through which you can determine the nature of the product, its shape, price, type, and other characteristics, to start a research mission on e-stores to meet your request.

This application is available on the iTunes App Store.

7. Gladiabots - AI Combat Arena
Gladiabots is an AI combat strategy game that you can use to learn AI programming, and construct the AI of your robot squad where robot teams grapple with each other in the arena depending on the program you pre-programmed for them, rather than directly controlling them.

This app will not require you to have a course in programming to use, it is suitable for beginners and allows them to program artificial intelligence through easy schemes.

You will not find deep learning here. It is all about identifying oceans and conditions that suit robots during wrestling.

The app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store.

8. Brain.fm: Music for the Brain
Brain.fm provides you with a range of tracks designed by AI to improve concentration, meditation, sleep and relaxation within 15 minutes of daily use.

All you have to do is install the app and choose the goal you want to achieve, such as focus, relax, meditate or sleep. The app will start playing music tracks according to your choices.

This application is available free of charge for both Android users on the Google Play Store and for iPhone and iPad users via the iTunes Store.

9.  Ada - Your Personal Health Companion
Ada is the best personal health companion of yours. You can tell Ada your pain or symptoms to help you and give you the necessary advice.
Through a personalized interactive chat where Ada asks simple questions and compares your answers with thousands of similar situations to help you find possible explanations for how you feel.

After your assessment, Ada will suggest what you can do, including visiting a doctor, pharmacist or specialist, or requesting emergency care.
The app also allows you to print or share your health reports with your doctor.

Ada was developed by a large group of doctors and scientists to recognize a wide range of diseases and symptoms from colds to rare diseases.

This Application is available free of charge for Android users on the Google Play Store and iOS users on the Apple Store.

10. Dinner Ideas Bot on Messenger
Dinner Ideas is an intelligent and smart recipes bot on Facebook Messenger.

One of the obstacles to any diet is the lack of options for a variety of meals that an individual can maintain in his or her diet. This is a diet that is usually frequent and traditional.

Dinner Ideas can help you in this aspect, as the application provides you with ideas for meals on a daily or weekly basis as you request because it is based on artificial intelligence technology.

You can talk to him to suggest certain meals. For example, you can write a type of food such as chicken, for example, and let him give you different recipes for foods containing chicken.
The app provides a better answer to the question of what to eat today?

This Application is available on electronic devices that can download the Facebook Messenger app.

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