Blockchain -The Internet of Values (IoV) - How Internet of Value Can Trigger Mass Market

How Blockchain Technology and Internet of Values can Impact Your Business?
Blockchain technology usually refers to a transparent and publicly accessible ledger and blocks, associated with the use of cryptography. 
This technology allows us to securely transfer the ownership of units of value using the encryption hash of the previous block, timestamps, and transaction data. 
Blockchain technology contributed to the invention of the Internet of Value. 
The Internet of Value (IoV) will enable us to exchange any valuable asset with someone else – from stocks and shares to votes, to intellectual property, frequent flyer points and more. 
Blockchain and the Internet of Values can influence future trading strategies by enabling new transactions, creating more efficient markets, and altering the entire business models.
Blockchain-Based Internet of Values
How Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Values can Impact Your Business?

Blockchain as the Internet of Values (IoV) - How Internet of Value Can Trigger Mass Market

Blockchain-Based Internet of Values 

The advent of technological innovation has made it easier for people to access products and launch businesses at a time when sluggish economic growth and global geopolitical upheavals have prevented some from taking advantage of their opportunities. 

The Internet of Values concept has the potential to change the situation and create a real balance in the financial and economic spheres. 

The Internet of Values refers to an online space where individuals can instantly transfer values among themselves, eliminating the need for an intermediary and eliminating all third party costs. 

In this article, we will try to explore this concept in more detail, and we will show you how it will change the financial and economic sphere and trigger the mass market?

What is the Internet of Values (IoV)?

The Internet of Values provides the infrastructure for tomorrow's Internet. 
The term "Internet of Values" describes online data storage and digital space of the Internet as a means of transferring and storing all kinds of values. 

In the theoretical level, anything with monetary or social value can be transferred between parties, including currency, property shares and even voting in elections.

From a technical point of view, Internet of Value is supported by blockchain technology - an evolutionary technology that currently supports cryptocurrency, which has effectively disrupted many companies in financial and commercial services and entertainment sectors and is now evolving to impact industries such as real estate and e-commerce.

Blockchain technology can make the Internet of Values a reality as it ensures that values can be stored and shared efficiently, decently, securely and transparently and cannot be copied. 

In general, blockchain technology has confidence-building and trust-building effects. It has properties that prevent values from being corrupted and, therefore, can be stored on the Internet of values.

Blockchain technology guarantees the exchange of certain goods in real-time. It is difficult to predict its consequences in the future. Nevertheless, there are already some examples today that testify to the Internet of Values.

Examples for the Internet of Values
Blockchain technology enables the Internet to store and share a wide range of values, securely and transparently, both for private and commercial purposes. This includes the following sectors:
  • Intellectual property
  • Cryptocurrencies and the FinTech industry
  • Logistics
  • Creative Content
  • Quality of information
  • Securities
  • Music, art
  • Scientific findings
  • Social Media
  • e-Commerce sector
  • Gaming industry
  • Digital contracts
  • Digital identities and much more

How the Internet of Value (IoV) Can Trigger Mass Market

The Internet of Values will create a more level playing field between brands, consumers and financial lenders, where even high-value transactions will not have to go through expensive third-party intermediaries to ensure validation. 
This is because blockchain technology is a transparent and decentralized record, not run by a single authority and it is available to all.

Internet of Values for customers and businesses

Blockchain and Internet of Values can influence future trading strategies by enabling new transactions, creating more efficient markets and altering the entire business models. This technology will help businesses to develop their brand and achieve a positive image.

From a consumer perspective, the Internet of Values represents the next generation of the digital age and has the potential to diminish the power of banks, financial lenders and large corporations.

In the financial services sector, the Internet of values will benefit from the foundations laid in the aftermath of the Great Recession, when short-term lenders filled the funding vacuum left after banks chose to tighten their standards.

It is likely that companies and service providers will look at the Internet of values from a very different angle, as this development, presents significant challenges in terms of improving profit margins and retaining their current market share. 
Of course, the exact impact of the Internet of values has yet to be seen, but this development will undoubtedly shake many industries and markets for the long term.

Internet of Values and blockchain technology will reduce the business life cycle from days to minutes and even to zero, and reduce the operating costs of global banks by 30 to 70 percent. 
This technology will save time, cost and diversity, increase transparency in transactions, enhance the efficiency of financial transactions, facilitate cross-border transactions and improve electronic infrastructure, as well as provide an increasing number of products tailored to the needs of customers.

Many countries have developed plans to accommodate the legislative and regulatory framework for the industry of modern financial technologies, but they depend on several factors, including the size of the market and its absorption of these new technologies, the structure of the domestic financial market, and the flexibility to deal with these techniques in the current regulatory frameworks.

Blockchain technology will enhance financial inclusion. 
There are millions of people in the world who do not have any type of bank account; this technology will help those people credit at a lower cost without going into any lengthy processes.

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