Importance of Artificial Intelligence in E-Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping E-Marketing Strategy?
The applications of artificial intelligence are very important in e-marketing because the modern business plan and marketing strategy will benefit from recognizing AI-based tools and technologies. 
Artificial intelligence technology has enabled marketers to design more useful experiences, make serviceable predictions, and quickly identify general trends.
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
How artificial intelligence is redefining the modern marketing campaign?

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in E-Marketing - How AI will Redefine the Modern Marketing Campaign?

You may be wondering what AI features come to social media and electronic advertising platforms?  How machine learning can improve your marketing strategy?

These questions become more important as these new technologies spread and penetrate into various areas including online services.

AI will certainly play a major role in e-marketing in the coming period and marketers and salesmen will not be able to ignore it.

In recent years, e-commerce companies have followed ways to introduce artificial intelligence technology (AI) to make shopping more useful and effective. 

This article is dedicated to illustrating the importance of artificial intelligence in e-Marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Experts define artificial intelligence as the science of making things smart, including robots, natural language, vision, and much more. 
Machine learning refers to computers that can learn without explicitly teaching them. 
Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence that is starting now, especially a subset of it called deep learning.

To illustrate, how will the computer learn what a chair is? 
Using traditional programming, you can use conditional statements such as “if the object has four legs, one seat, and a back it is a chair”, the code will need to count the chairs with arms and without arms and the resulting program will require a lot of code, and if there is a one-line error, the code will not work. 

Machine learning provides a new way of teaching a computer what a chair is, basically giving the machine thousands of examples of chairs and non-chairs (such as tables, dogs and trees) so that the computer understands what a chair is and what it actually looks like.
Over time the machine learns to infer whether there is a chair. 
Over the past five or ten years, this technique has become quite accurate.

Today this technology is used to help people shop when you put a product on a camera.
Pinterest, Amazon or Google Lens (via the Google Photos app on iOS) can recognize the product and try to find it for you. 

You can point your Google Lens camera to your friend in a dress, and you'll find a bunch of similar dresses and telling you where to buy them. In addition to identifying elements, AI can make predictions. 

Amazon uses predictive AI to let you know things like “People who bought this book also bought this book”. 

Likewise, Netflix suggests TV shows or movies that might be of interest to you. 
Netflix even changes thumbnails using the same technology, based on your viewing habits, expecting a thumbnail that will appeal to you the most.

Machine learning in self-driving cars also solves prediction problems, “On which street am I currently? What line should I be in? What will this car do in front of me? What will that person who walks his legs do? 

This means that it will predict how other things will move around you, so which direction you are driving and whether you should accelerate the car or use brakes. 
It is a simple example of machine learning capabilities. 
Another example is Siri on the iPhone because more things include machine learning. 
Siri is increasingly able to deliver on his promise as a personal assistant.

Today it can remind you to make a call, in the future you may suggest that you leave early because of traffic or the feeling that one meeting will be long and will be a waste of time for you and you should postpone or cancel it.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Important for Marketers?

To explain why artificial intelligence technology is so important, experts say AI is the new electricity, just as electricity started running everything 100 years ago, artificial intelligence is being added to everything now.

The advent of electricity has changed everything, including transportation, factories and other industries and areas of life. 
Likewise, artificial intelligence will change the knowledge economy.

For marketers, upcoming changes are important because your business will benefit from recognizing AI-based tools and technologies ahead of your competitors.

If you work in marketing agencies, you want to help your clients lead AI, although marketers don't need to understand AI in great detail, they need enough knowledge about AI to discover opportunities.

We are far from artificial intelligence that can run Google advertising campaigns or send your children to school and cook dinner, yet artificially narrow intelligence (also abbreviated to narrow intelligence or ANI) is likely to begin replacing an increasing number of human tasks.

In recent years, we have begun to see bots and software that provide instant answers to customers by chatting and dealing with live chat in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence and E-Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping E-Marketing Strategy?

E-Marketing relies primarily on email. If some companies spend one dollar on e-mail, it generates a profit and revenue of $ 38. 
The percentage is clear of the importance of email in the world of electronic marketing. 
E-marketing experts have been using multivariate tests for years. 

The use of artificial intelligence in this field has led them to do these tests in completely new ways that were not familiar before.

Artificial intelligence technology has enabled marketers to design more useful experiences. 
It enables them to make useful predictions, quickly identify general trends, and determine the nuances between tests that the marketer might not notice without this new technology. 
It also enables marketers to directly optimize their campaigns, reducing the risk of lower profits.

This new technology has also shown great value in defining the subject line, message text and invitations. Marketers have repeatedly tried to understand the rules for creating successful emails but they failed in their attempts! 

When marketers used artificial intelligence in this field, they can leave the text of the message and the subject line of artificial intelligence. 
It relies on natural language processing to make invitations or messages appear to be written by a human being and consistent with the language used by the brand. 

Some platforms have gone to work with this technology and have shown in their reports the extent of success and preference of what was previously.

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Campaigns

How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine the Modern Marketing Campaign?

Algorithms such as those used by Facebook are a form of artificial intelligence that expects articles or advertisements that some users are likely to click. 

Although it has not reached the stage of perfection or the stage in which it is similar to human actions or manual intervention of supervisors, algorithms learn quickly and acquire the skills and information that make them deal with the same situations the next time better.

The algorithm tends to make big mistakes, however most times it is good and sometimes better than even the best human being. 
For marketers, artificial intelligence has the potential to threaten the existence of their jobs or agencies. 

Marketers who still spend most of the day changing budget and click prices are particularly at risk. 
These marketers are likely to stop working or have to do more to change the way they do everyday tasks.

All ad platforms are motivated to improve AI when they help marketers achieve their goals, they will continue to use the platform. 
Artificial intelligence that facilitates the use of ad platforms will also bring more business.

Today there is a huge gap between companies that find online and social advertising platforms extremely confusing and complex, and companies that can hire an agency or employee to deal with them. 
The more these platforms enable everyday businesses to use AI to get more customers, the more businesses create advertising platforms.

In this regard, we usually find Google always focus on the user, advertiser and stakeholders and how to intersect these three partners. 
For these purposes, the user is the most important among the three, but provides a better user experience that serves everyone's interests. 
For example, in the late 1990s, people almost left search engines like AltaVista and Ask Jeeves because they found better search engines and achieved better results.

That's why Google today is trying to improve its platform for advertisers, if only about 10% of companies that should use a tool like Google Ads are actually using it, the platform will have a huge space for growth and will remain superior to competitors such as Facebook and even Microsoft.

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