How to Clean Your Computer Devices - Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Computer

Cleaning your computer equipment regularly can help you function properly and avoid costly repairs.
To clean your computer device, use an anti-static cloth to lightly dust and do not use strong solvents or furniture cleaners.
Ammonia diluted with water or rubbing alcohol is also a safe cleaning solution for computer surfaces.
If you do not know how to clean your computer in a professional way, you should read this article; this method will help you make your old computer look like a brand new one.
How to clean computer
Computer cleaning information and steps - How to Keep Your Computer Clean, and Safe?

How to Clean Your Computer Devices - Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Computer

How to Clean Your Computer?

Many of us know the basic computer skills but do you know how to clean computer components properly?
If you do not know, you need to read this article because it will show you how to clean your computer in a professional way, making your old computer look like a brand new one.

In addition, the external cleaning of the computer will cause a lot of problems caused by the dust, whether in the internal parts of the computer such as the CPU fan or hard drive or in the external parts such as the keyboard or printer.

Before you begin the cleaning process, you must prepare all the tools and materials you will use in the cleaning process.

If you have brought all cleaning things, let's begin the cleaning process and we will discuss how to clean the computer parts in turn.

How to Clean Computer Optical Mouse?

When cleaning the mouse, be careful not to enter any detergent into the optical sensor circuit located on the lower part of the mouse
 Use paper napkins or lint-free cloth so as not to hinder the optical sensor circuit and affect the accuracy of the mouse.
To clean the optical mouse, you can do the following steps:

1. Remove the mouse cable from the computer.
2. Place a piece of cloth in a little diluted alcohol.
3. Clean the mouse and take care of the buttons and rear base while being careful not to touch the sensor circuit.
4. Reconnect the mouse cable to the computer.

How to Clean Computer Keyboard?

The keyboard collects the oils in the fingers, which attract dust that takes brown or a different color, which sometimes causes difficulty reading the letters well.

The cleaning the keyboard makes you get rid of all these annoying effects in the following steps:

1. Remove the keyboard cable from the computer.
2. Turn the keyboard upside down on a table with a light beating on the base of the board until all the solid dirt inside the panel is out.
3. Now flip the keyboard as it was and use the compressed air to expel the dust between the keys and use the intermittent push between each row separately so that the air is centered.
4. You can use a brush with an air pump to clean the keyboard
5. Use the cloth with diluted alcohol, clean the keys well and then clean the panel. After the keyboard has regained its brightness and cleanness, bring it as it was.

How to Clean Up Your Cables?

The cables that connect to the computer are important elements whether they are connected to the power supply or to transfer data between the different parts of the computer.
So you have to check the cables and replace the worn with new ones immediately so as not to cause the breakdown of the computer. 
Those who need to clean cables, they should:

1. Disconnect the power completely from the device and then unplug all external cables.
2. Place a little diluted alcohol on the cloth and pull the cloth along the wire several times.
3. Repeat the previous operation several times and with each cable one by one to make sure that the dirt and dust are completely removed from the cables.
4. If there is some dust in the cable head, use the compressor air or the chlorine to clean it.
5. After finishing cleaning the device completely connect the cables as they were while maintaining individual cables and not leaving them crooked or wrapped around each other.

How to Clean Your Computer Case?

Cleaning the case is one of the most important stages in cleaning the computer.
Because it is the most appropriate place to collect dust inside because of the field of static electricity generated during computer operations that attract dust particles and dust from the environment, especially about the Processor and Motherboard
Do not worry; the following steps will get rid of all these dust:

1. Disconnect the power cord that is fully connected to the holster and make sure it is fully functional.

2. Remove the side door of the device to display the motherboard and internal components of the device.

3. Check all cables in front of you and if any of them are damaged or have signs of damage such as wear, we recommend replacing it immediately and not trying to repair it.

4. If the processor fan is not working properly, replace it immediately to keep the processor working.

5. Now use compressed air or fluorine to clean the motherboard and cards as well as other components such as hard disk and CD Rom.

6. Power Supply is one of the most important parts that you should clean with compressed air to enter a lot of dust through the external fan located at the top of the case from the back.

7. If some dust is still attached to the motherboard, or card slots, remove the softened cards and clean them with pneumatic air for each part to ensure that the clipboard is completely clean.

8. If the computer case has an air filter, remove it and clean with warm water, then use the cloth to dry it and make sure it is completely drained from the water.

9. Now that the cleaning process is complete, return the side cover but make sure that the internal cables are away from the fans inside the motherboard.

10. Now use the glass cleaner to wipe the outer cover of the holster with a piece of cloth.

Note: Clean the air in a wide area and open the windows to get out a lot of dust during the cleaning process.

How to Clean Computer Monitor?

The computer screen or monitor is one of the easiest parts to clean due to its sweeping surfaces that allow you to clean easily and at the same time are the most susceptible to dust.
To clean them, do the following:

1. Disconnect the cables connected to the monitor, either directly connected to the case or powered by other systems.

2. Brush the glass cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the screen well and in a circular way until it completely removes dirt and dust.

3. If your monitor is made up of liquid crystal or LCD monitors, you should be careful to press them because the high pressure may damage them.

4. You can spray the screen but on some screens, there are blanks on the back of the screen. Be careful not to enter the cleaning liquid inward as it may damage it.

5. Now that you have cleaned the screen, plug its own cable as it was.

How to Clean a Printer?

Many of us deal with the printer on a daily basis, and now is the time to clean it, especially as you do a complete cleaning in the computer but be careful when you deal with the printer.

If you do not know how to handle it well, you can refer to its manual or CD-ROM supplied with the printer for the basics of handling and cleaning:

1. Disconnect all cables connected to the printer, whether powered by the computer or other.
2. Remove the empty paper in the printer.
3. Spray the glass cleaner on the outside of the printer and use a piece of cloth to wipe and clean the dirt.
4. Use compressed air to clean the interior of the printer with all existing doors and drawers open and if you can not get the required hygiene to feel free to use the cloth.
5. There is a fan in most printers try to locate and focus the compressed air on it to make sure it is clean of the dust.
6. If ink spill traces are found inside the printer, do not use compressed air at all because it is very harmful to health and wipe it with a piece of cloth.
7. Clean the rollers that remove the paper with a cloth mixed with diluted alcohol.
8. You can now turn every part of the printer back into place and turn it on when needed.

How to Clean Fax Machines and Scanners?

Many of us may not have a fax machine or a scanner, but companies have certainly one or both of them to be essentially accredited at work.

If you have decided to clean up all of your devices, including fax machines and scanners:

1. Disconnect all cables connected to the fax or scanner, whether on electrical or computer.
2. Spray the glass cleaner on the outside of the scanner or fax and use a piece of cloth to wipe and clean the dirt.
3. Use compressed air to clean the inside of the fax or scanner.
4. Remove the cover from the scanner and brush it with the glass cleaner and wipe it with the cloth.
5. Clean the rollers on the fax machine with a cloth mixed with diluted alcohol.
6. Connect the cables to the fax and scanner.

How to Keep Your Computer clean as long as Possible?

Now that you have finished cleaning the computer completely and with all its accessories, be careful to clean the computer in this manner 3 or 4 times a year and put it in a well-ventilated place and put the case in a high place and not put on the ground so as not to be more prone to dust and dirt.

Important things to keep in mind to keep your computer clean are to use a mouse pad, never eat food while using it and make sure to use internal and external fans for the case.

You can say that you have now acquired a new device and knew all the secrets of cleaning the computer and prefer to repeat the process every 3 or 4 months.
And if you do not find time to clean the whole machine, at least keep the folder clean (Case) because it contains the basic parts of the work.

After the cleaning, your computer will give you better performance and fewer problems.

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