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How Modern Technology is used in Education System for Learning and Teaching?

Educational technology
How Modern Technology is Used in Education?

How Modern Technology is used in the Education System for Learning and Teaching?

Educational technology is one of the leading sciences that constantly updates its concept and content to be compatible with the needs of the emerging scientific field and with the changes of the age. The concept of educational technology has evolved over time to become more comprehensive and more widely is used in the modern era: The era of Information Technology Revolution.


Education is an organized method that contributes to the student's acquisition of a set of the knowledge-based system through the use of an organized, intended and pre-defined means. The emergence of education coincided with the emergence of civil society and its continuous development; schools reflect the concept of education and represent the education process that interested in controlling the scientific content of students by relying on the use of regulation, discipline, and rationing.

Educational Technology

Education technology is an integrated system based on a structure of knowledge and science specialized in human learning, and the use of a range of learning resources, both human and non-human, that promote and support the activities of students (learners); by relying on the application of the curriculum of systems that achieve the objectives of education, Learning technology is defined by UNESCO as a curve used in the design and establishment of the process of education, and then contribute to the implementation and evaluation of the full on the basis of certain goals, and linked to the results of research for Communication and education, used with human resources or non-human; to education for a lot of efficiency.

History of educational technology

There are diverse views on the historical roots and evolution of the concept of educational technology. A group of researchers sees that their beginnings date back to the era of primitive man, based on the use of a set of tools, techniques, and methods. According to the thinker Hawker, the theories of educational technology were founded on the basic principles of learning. It relies on the ideas, opinions, and theories of many international thinkers and scholars.

Educational technology
How Modern Technology is Used in Education?

The Evolution of Educational Technology

The development of educational technology dates back to the 1920s when the world and the educational thinker (art) referred to it as the technology of education. Since that year, a number of stages have influenced the concept of educational technology and contributed to its development to the concept known in the present era. The stages of evolution were behavioral science, communication concept, audiovisual education, system concepts, and visual education.

Educational technology has been associated with a range of educational tools interested in programs, equipment, and materials, all of which are specialized communication systems. In 1970, the presidential commission on education reform (PCER) introduced two definitions, followed by many other definitions, which were based primarily on the two previous definitions, In the use and identification of a specific concept of education technology, and it was impossible to choose one definition and one concept only. The philosopher (Wilson) pointed out that the definition of a precise concept and specialized in education technology is a difficult task. Especially in conjunction with the rapid and accelerating developments in the field of education and technology.

Use of technology in education

Educational technology has an important role to play in the educational environment. Its use and application in education depend on a variety of means known as educational technology. It includes a range of educational tools and devices, such as computers and television. Many of the educational strategies are used in applying this technology in Education, such as self- learning, and group education, and examples of tools and devices used in the application of education technology are:

Open Education Resources: A set of modern means to help students learn; by reducing the financial costs of traditional subjects, and by enhancing their reliance on digital learning resources.
Virtual education: An educational tool that can be applied in or out of classrooms by using video recordings and watching students in the classroom or using their mobile devices.

Monitoring tools: They are a means used to supervise exams, and are more sophisticated than the routine way of observing students during exams. Performance Monitoring tools are centers that bring together students to submit their exams and ease their mobility from one place to another or between countries to submit exams; Their place of residence was far from the exam site.

Formative assessment: An evaluation method used by a teacher or teacher at a school or university. This assessment helps to provide students with a perspective. It also transforms the assessment into an analytical and structured method that helps the teacher to prepare many questions for student assessment, Helps to organize them according to descriptive data.

Discussion forums: is an educational experience based on the establishment and design of a specialized council to discuss the subjects, and has many features such as enhancing the role of students in the participation, and activate the role of collaborative learning, whether using the Internet or outside.

Technology in Education?
How modern technology is used in education?

How Important is Technology in Education?

The use of technology in education is of fundamental importance in the educational environment and summarizes this importance according to the following:
 Support sensory perception; by relying on the use of illustrations used to illustrate written words; so as to contribute to enhancing students' understanding of the distinction between things.
Skills development; by teaching students a set of specific skills, such as proper pronunciation skills.
 Developing thinking; through the role of technology means in teaching students the right ways to think and correct ways to solve problems.
 Contribute to the creation of correct concepts, promote linguistic growth, and develop positive attitudes in students.

Reasons for Technology Integration in Education

 The use of modern technology in the education process for several reasons, the most prominent of which:
  • Technology helps students' independence and provides them with several options to achieve their goals.
  • Helps students to build knowledge when they are found, and learn the methods of accurate and fast search on the Internet.
  •  It works to respond to all the requirements of the public. It also believes in tasks, discipline, and goals, while learning how to communicate through the ways that students need to succeed.
  • Technology helps students get documents that help them gain support through argument.
  •  Helps to understand other views, and that when discussing or commenting inside the classroom.
  • Distinguishes between students' needs. Students may write something or draw useful arts, play music, get visual education, or benefit from images and colors in the learning process.
  •  Students need to use computers, the Internet, and digital devices that help them provide learning, and that's what they crave.
  •  Student use of educational tapes, it is possible to return the student to watch the tape or stop it, which is a technology of education at a special pace.

Disadvantages of educational technology

 There are a number of disadvantages in terms of education technology, which are as follows:
  • Some educational materials are intended for use on a single system so they will not work correctly if another system is used.
  • The method is not suitable for some students, it is possible to require a high level of time management, self-discipline.
  • The cost of which is high.
  • Reliance on materials or software.
  • It may not reach all students.
  • Reduce student interaction with the teacher or colleagues.
Technology in Education
How modern technology is used in education?

The Innovative Ways to Use Technology in Education

There are several ways to get information into the classroom or at home, including:

Social media: This is done by publishing interesting articles on many online websites, along with updating the classroom and communicating with parents.

Popular video display sites: These sites contain files containing educational videos, and it is possible to record and upload lessons and educational lectures on that site.

Use of e-mail: It is possible to use e-mail to communicate with students outside the classroom environment, in order to discuss and encourage students to participate in the course of the lesson.

Interactive Classroom Activities: This method is used as a result of the development of methods and strategies for teaching, which is not a modern method in the field of teaching, and this method helps to interact between the teacher and the learner directly, and between learners with each other.

Inverted Learning: It is defined as an educational model that helps to use modern techniques in a way that allows the teacher to prepare the lesson through the use of the Internet, video clips, audio files, or media in order to be viewed by students at home through computers, tablets, or smartphones, while the lecture time is allocated for discussion, and the solution of exercises, and projects.

Smart panel: An electronic projector connected to a personal computer. The board is equipped with a microphone and a headset for transferring image and sound. This panel displays data, illustrations or pictures. It is possible to keep the information in the computer's memory and transfer it to the computer. Students' computers.

Tablets: With the spread of new technologies among students, it is possible to use what the student likes in the process of education, which increases the chances of absorption and desire to attend quotas. It is possible to use the smart board in several ways:
  • Connect your tablet to the data projector.
  • Connect the tablet screen to your computer.

Guidelines for the use of technology in education

 The key role of the teacher is to help the student understand a particular topic. Technology is the tool that the teacher will use to achieve this goal. Technology alone cannot manage or control the learning process. It is very important that the teacher knows that the way technology is used in Education is what makes it useful or harmful to the educational process, so it is important for the teacher to determine what the student needs to learn in addition to identify the technology that will need to be used during the process of education, then the teacher to learn how to use technological tools in the classroom.

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