Role of Women in Building any Modern Society - Contributions to Development

Women play a very important role in human progress and hold an important place in society. The main responsibility of a woman is to protect mankind and the human race. Women at the same time play the role of partner, wife, mother, administrator, teacher, organizer, director, disburser, economist, disciplinarian, artist, health officer, and queen in the family.

Role of women in society
Role of women in society. Women are elders in every country of the world; they are the primary caretakers and superintendent of children. International studies show that when a society's economy and political organizations change, women help in adjusting the family with new challenges and realities.

The Role of Women in Building any Modern Society - Contributions to Development

Role of Women in Society

The development of any society is measured by the degree of cultural and social development of women and their effective contribution to the cultural construction of society. 
A society that gives women the respect and deals with them as an integrated human, with full human rights and securing their influential role in the formation and development of society has reached a stage of human awareness and understanding the foundation of human education in a proper way and has been rid of the outdated traditions and customs which that prevailed in society and reduced the dignity of women and put them in a position less than their real status.
So, in order to build a prosperous and developed society, it is necessary to give full respect to women and put them in the right place for the right work.

Today, the importance of women in society is beyond any doubt and suspicion. In today's world, women with their intelligence, ambitions, and strength have proved that there is nothing equal to their gender in the word “inferior”. In ancient times, there was no modern society except women, so that women's role is a measure of progress for the people and delayed according to the modern approach. 
The traditional and conservative approach towards women as wives and reproductive generation are extinct. It is not a mystery, except for being a good mother, a cook, and a housewife; women are also successful in all areas as men.

Importance of Women in Building a Modern Society

The role of women in society is a measure of progress and delay in our time. A country that cares about women and makes them participate in all the things and duties in the country is undoubtedly very advanced. This is what happened in European history. In the Middle Ages, European countries despised and treated women badly. She invented the machines to imprison the woman in the house or to encircle her nakedness and her possessions and open only with a key that is with the man, besides the instruments of torture that were found in the house of every man, to punish his wife for what he committed iniquity, but now he has lost. Women have become the army officers and the police, which for centuries have been confined to men only because of violence and cruelty, now many countries in the world have recruited women to serve the country. Women have proved that they can be full members of society having their own influence on all areas without any condition. However, there are still some issues related to gender equality. Some people think that the role of a woman and a man is different in society. Here we will learn about the role of women in building any society.

Role of Women in the Family

Maternity, education and family building are a common mix of one worker. This combination is the main factor that makes us highlight the important role of women in building society. The mother is the first educator of the child and has always accompanied him since his birth, unlike the man who devotes himself to work. And because of its attachment to the young child, it is the one who gives him affection and nurtures him and establishes him properly to become a scientist, writer or doctor and other roles that raise the status of nations and make them ranked first among the countries of the world. What if the woman does not care about the young child? Without guidance, long jump and swim in high will become the destruction of society and a symbol of corruption and ignorance. This is of course what no nation wants, and with the passage of time and the exposure of children to crises comes the role of women, it is the bond and help them and gives them compassion in times of crisis so that they can withstand them and complete their march in construction. Women are the key to the quality of life and sustainable development in society and family. The types of roles played by women in the family are the mother, wife, administrator, leader, and manager of the family income.

As a mother
A large part of child-rearing and childbearing is done by the woman in the family. She is primarily responsible for the child's habit of self-control, industriousness, orderliness, hard work, theft or honesty. She is the first teacher of the child. She transmits a child's social heritage. It is from a mother that the child learns the rules of race, laws, moral codes, the manner of men, and ideals. She is thus responsible for the maintenance of the utmost discipline in the family. As a mother, she is a family health officer. She is very worried and concerned about the physical welfare of every member of the family.

As a wife
A woman is a companion, partner, helpmate, and comrade of the man. She sacrifices her personal happiness, pleasure, and ambitions, she relieves stress, and the tension of her husband, and sets standards of morality and maintains peace and order at home. Thus, she creates an essential environment for her male partner to think more about the economic uplift of the family. She is the source of inspiration to man for worthy achievements in life and high endeavor.

As a manager of family income
A woman works as a humble manager of family income. It is her responsibility to secure maximum returns from every penny spent. She always likes to create surplus budget rather than a deficit budget. While spending money, she is very calculating a lot of loss and profit. She wisely distributes income on different heads like needs, luxuries, and comforts.

As the administrator of the household
The woman is the chief executive of an enterprise. She delegates duties among family members according to their capabilities, abilities, and interest and provides materials and resources of equipment to complete the job. She plays an important role in the preparation and serving of foods, maintenance of the house, laundering, furnishing, selection, and care of clothing. As an administrator, she organizes many social functions in the family for social development. A well-ordered disciplined household needs better management that is done by women, to be normal family life.

Role of Women in the Medical Field

Women have played a very large role in the field of medicine since ancient times. Until the end of the 19th century, the role of women was limited to nursing only to prevent European countries from entering medical school or study. The time of detection or surgical procedures for patients, but now the situation has changed and women have a great place in the medical field, they were allowed to learn and received grades to enter the Faculty of Medicine and proved their worth in education and faced the challenges and difficulties of life, according to the statistics, the proportion of women will overtake men in the medical field by 2020.

Women prefer obstetrics, general medicine, internal medicine, children, and psychiatry because of the weak female nature, which does not favor strong scenes such as surgery, heart surgery, and serious surgery. And therefore all countries should pay attention to women and their involvement in all affairs of life.
However, the state must give women great attention and integrate them into the basics of life so that they have a cultural and educational background in which they can educate their children and inspire them with the principles of life and the right values in order to keep away from the deviation that has plagued many peoples of the world.

Role of Women in Agriculture

Women participate heavily in the agricultural field, especially in developing countries, villages and rural areas in ordinary countries. They work in agriculture and the rural economy with their husband or simple family. Their role differs greatly from one region to another and from family to family. And if the situation is simple it will have to participate in agriculture, harvesting or selling in agricultural markets, and if it does not have any agricultural land will go to work in the land owned by other people, Or Animal feeder will feed and care for animals as needed.

Recent studies have shown that women participate in the agricultural process, especially in developing countries. The rate of participation in developing countries is forty-four percent, and this percentage is even higher in Africa and Asia, and this shows us the great role women play in the field. Agriculture is considered to be involved in most, if not all, areas of life.

Role of Women in the Labor Market

Women participate so much in the labor market that their proportion is more than 30 percent of the total percentage, which is significant. Unlike in the past centuries, women's participation in the labor market indicates their diligence and their acute need to fight poverty and raise the standard of living of the household. women in the labor market that are not true and must make way for men who seek to work, but we do not know if the families of this girl are she counts the family alone or what, next to labor supply and demand and worthwhile is worth the work.

Role of Women in the Armed Forces

Women have been able to participate in the military so much that the numbers of women in armies are not underestimated. Women usually participate in surveillance, engineering, medicine, administration, navy, and fire. There are some countries that allow women to take part in the army but they are very small numbers because the physical structure and biological characteristics women will not be able to do the same job as men at this point, but they often take part in things that do not require weapons. This is good. Their entry into the army has enhanced the possibility of building a modern and strong society. These women have reached high ranks in the army and have an active role in modern battles.

Role of Women in Politics

Women play an important role in the political sphere. Despite their small number in the political process, one woman has an influence of more than ten men because of the discrimination factor, which is often one in the middle of thirty or forty men and thus her voice and her political view will be distinctive and audible.

Women are the Key to Sustainable Development

Education is the most important tool for human resource development. Modern economic life and modern education use to force women to make more and more compulsion and leave the narrow sphere of the family circle and work side by side for the promotion and enrichment of society, while she can be a member of any women's organization and literacy program. The objective of launching such a literacy program is to take up society because education enables women to answer opportunities, challenge their traditional roles and change their life circumstances. Therefore, they should be members of the community center for disseminating knowledge about cottage industries, handicrafts, low-cost nutritious diet and food preservation to those with low social economic status for their economic upliftment.

Women are the cornerstones of society. They are half the society, and they are the offspring of the other half. Since ancient times, their role in society has emerged. They are the mother and the generational caregiver, the wife who runs the house and meets the needs of all members of society, the sister and the daughter. Which is done by women, cannot be denied or underestimated, and in this article, we have discussed the role of women in building any modern society.
 At present, there are laws and regulations, and there are many organizations that work to protect women's rights and spread awareness in society about the importance of their role.

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