Why is it so hard to overcome cell phone addiction?

cell phone addiction
Why is it so hard to overcome cell phone addiction?

Why is it so hard to overcome cell phone addiction?

Cell phone addiction  has become a disease of the era and is almost more than the drug and alcohol addiction, so that modern-day people do not stop or even reduce and moderate use of phones and modern communication devices, before finding solutions put our hands on the substance of the problem and face the causes of this phenomenon.

The phenomenon of phone addiction has appeared on the surface in recent years, especially after the development of the huge and crazy and continuous phones and updates at every moment that makes you chase behind, every day comes out a new application of something and every hour there is a notice from somewhere and every moment you find yourself more immersed in browsing So how are phones becoming an essential part of our lives that we cannot live without, and why phone addiction outweighs the addiction of drugs and alcohol so that it is hard for us to give up? Unfortunately, the weakness of human relations is what led to the addiction to telephones,. In this article, we have highlighted this point, not to find solutions but to fix the problem, so that we can find solutions to this complex problem.

What is cell phone addiction?

The abnormal and incompatible use of cell phones has been questioned whether their use may cause addiction? This problem is usually identified as a practical and behavioral addiction, just like addictions to shopping, food, video games, gambling, work, and the Internet. It should be noted that behavioral addiction is different from substance abuse such as addictions to drugs and alcohol. On the issue of substance abuse, there is a clear change in the addict's daily lifestyle and interactions. On the other hand, behavioral addictions such as cell phone addiction do not show any clear or direct signs of any involvement in the.

It only happens when you want

One of the most important things that lead people to cell phone addiction and make them difficult to get rid of,  is the ability of these phones to work in your hands at any moment so that you will not do only what you want and do not offer you anything unless you are passionate about them. It is very difficult to find someone who will tell you what you want from family, colleagues or friends. Everyone wants to tell you what he wants. If you want to listen or not and rarely find someone you talk to and find the same subject you would like to talk to, so the cell phones are the best friends.

It does not impose anything on you that you hate

You cannot watch TV or feel bored because all the channels are interested in a particular event. You do not care about anything, for example. Do not follow football and do not like it you will find all the channels interested in the World Cup and even if you kept fluctuating in the channels of movies it is difficult to always find movies you love while on your phone can not show you the film you do not like, but you can close any film as long as you do not like, which means that you are the sole ruler in the matter.

You can live without people

When you enter a cafe or a bar or any of these places you see that there are a lot of people sitting around and staring at the screens of their phones endlessly, most of them do not even look around, a scene like this will be very miserable of course, but in any case there are no individual sitting alone, only groups or bilaterals who sit around them feel more miserable , Well, of course, phone addiction causes people to be dispensed with and even distasteful of them and the deep feeling that no one understands them and makes a person grow up in his mind about idealism so that someone wants to deal with him exactly like the machine or his long life remains captive to the technological machine and captive to it. On the other hand, the problems of depression, loneliness, despair, nihilism, fear of commitment, erosion of ties between people, weakness of relationships, the pulse of emotions and others have multiplied. Perhaps in the subconscious, we can say that alternatives are multiple and that nothing forces me to stay in a relationship with someone. The person does not follow exactly what I want, and if I do not like the situation, I will go back to my phone  because I feel deeply that my life is going perfectly and that I do not need to deal with the underprivileged people until I make up for social communication as long as I can do it electronically by phone only.

If bored you can silence it

Can you silence the person sitting next to you talking as soon as you feel bored with him? Can you mute your boss if you have to stand in front of him and see him yelling at you in the face of delayed tasks or his unwarranted feeling of being unemployed or can you convince your sweetheart that you should turn her off now because you are not ready to communicate with her and turn her back after an hour? Human Relationships are characterized by the fact that they are based on taking and responding, endure and share hardship. You may sit down to listen to a friend for a whole hour telling you about his grief and embarrassing tragedies without the deep feeling that you are bored and you have to end this immediately. You can silence him at any time, even if you talk to someone through messages and feel bored you can close the phone with a bug that he has finished charging or disconnected from the internet or even for no reason, nothing happened and you do not have to launch to justification so phone addiction occurs and communication addiction does not occur But there is an aversion to it, Unfortunately, to communicate the same sites we find there are revolutionizing human relations and against hatred of human beings and the boldness of hatred communication and pride in isolation and pride hatefully communicate with others, and this, of course, be circulated as a trend to become prevalent is the ideal behavior for all people.

cell phone addiction
Why is it so hard to overcome cell phone addiction?

Feeling isolated in its absence

The most common cause of phone addiction is the feeling of isolation in its absence. The codes of the 1 and 0 that we deal with through virtual reality are a substitute for real and real communication, so we are accustomed to dealing with it in a way that makes us feel isolated in its absence. We can not integrate into our societies. Our virtual reality and hence the addiction to phones to the degree that we feel no interaction with our surroundings and feel isolated in the absence of our phones cannot be dispensed with or abandoned because we feel very lonely and this feeling difficult of course, but harder to replace the unit. But also the spectral and imaginary things and their association with them leads to great social and behavioral problems, but also neurological and organic damages, and direct effects on the brain and its efficiency.

Feeling that you need to mix with people as well

On the other side of the causes of phone addiction that you feel like isolation in the absence of existence, this leads you to mix with people also and this thing that you can not and does not like it from the beginning, which means that you will have to return to people do not open them in an environment in which you feel alienated and people do not You feel that one of them understands you and rubs with people who do not feel close to any of them, so naturally it is also very natural to find yourself addicted to your phone, but unfortunately you are as a firefighter from the fire because if you have a problem in your surroundings, For yourself about a new perimeter do not be addicted to the phone because You have serious consequences that you may not realize in time.

Everything is in your hand 

Video games, shopping, booking hotels, booking restaurants, booking taxis, attending functions and events, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, following serials, news and stock market follow-up, and perhaps working through phone, writing, blogging, that can be brought through your phone, the whole world is in your hand literally, in a moment that opens the world to you embrace of the widest doors so the addiction phones means you have a miniature version of the world in your pocket, a model for the whole world, tell me what things can not come to, take it out through your phone.

More phone addiction makes giving up harder

There is no doubt that hanging on to the phone makes it harder to give up. Just as we said that phone addiction comes from the strong sense that it will be severely isolated if left and will not find anything to do and will die from the vacuum and kill him routine and monotony and slow life which was not counted before, It almost makes you gasp behind it without leaving a chance for yourself to take a pause to meditate as you run behind everything that is modern in this way and you can not find anything inside you stop from this eternal run and whenever you talk  you want to get it and the more recent the talk is in your eyes worthless, despite it was purposeful a month ago, so you feel dissatisfied with what you have done and in front of the bloody past to possess everything new, modern and updated, you have the idea of giving up.

Immediate response and understanding of the destination

People in life suffer from people's lack of understanding, lack of immediate response, lack of a person who understands their circumstances or their minds or puts them on their list of priorities, do not you notice that the only people or those who suffer from communication problems in their relationships are the most vicious in the addiction to phones because they finally find someone who responds to them immediately and understands their destination and does not delay their requests and puts them at the top of their priorities. Your phone is treated as a crowned king. You are ordered without any obligations or duties. While you are a consumer-targeted for purchasing and marketing. , But this is not a theme Now we are talking about trying to guess that you are a crowned king while you are addicted to an endless follower who gives you the dose.

The Internet has become our whole life

The habit of the thing makes it part of our personalities later, in the sense that it reshapes our mood and our daily routine and becomes an essential element in our lives we can not do without, so do not imagine our life at all without technology, so addiction phones come from the habit that has been rooted for years and years and made us not imagine Our life without this thing we used to be and it became our entire life and not part of it. If we remove this thing from our lives and shadows, we try to create a new life and establish it from the beginning. And of course, it is impossible for us to leave the phones forever.

Compiler: Mahtab Alam Quddusi

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