Why are young people deleting their family from Facebook and networking sites?

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Why are young people deleting their family from Facebook and networking sites?

Why are young people deleting their family from Facebook and networking sites?

There is a general tendency among young people in the whole world to delete the family from their personal accounts, for many reasons such as controlling the family in their children's thinking and controlling parents for every act in the virtual world of their children.
Many young people use social networking sites; most of them are deleting the family from their own pages. They even use the lock feature, a feature that makes certain specific names unable to access your account from the ground, which makes these people completely isolated from their family, both first degree relatives or distant relatives. Why do children try to isolate themselves from their parents in virtual life, or even so that brothers do not deal with each other?

Youth's desire to feel free

At homeyoung people may feel that they are not completely freethey always feel that they are observant or they should not speak fluently and they should do limited actions and statements because of the presence of brothers and relatives all the time. In virtual life, there are not all these restrictions, But all that the person is to say what he wants and shares what he wants with the friends he chose. So young people try to avoid parents altogether in social networking sites, because parents often will not understand the youngster's thinking even if it is in the virtual world, and it will turn into a set of guidelines, and the young man should cancel these images or publications. Therefore, young people go to the idea of removing the family altogether from all social networking sites, so that no one sees and disturbs him feeling his freedom on his own page.

Family fear of their children's political views

The new generation of young people became very familiar with everything about politicseconomyart or a new kind of knowledge and awareness, which occurred because of the social sites that enable everyone to spread knowledge, and the publications quickly. In this sense, young people and the present generation have become more educated and more aware, and this has reduced the old fear of previous generations towards talking about politics, which has created a gap between generations. The young man believes that talking about politics on social networking sites is normal and happens on a daily basis, even in every publication published between him and his friends. While the parents if they saw what the son is talking maybe they will go crazy for fear of him. Therefore, young people resort to the same trick: to remove the family from social networking sites so as to avoid constant fear, blame, resentment and a scolding of conscience that causes great inconvenience to such young people.

Nonacceptance of the family mixing young women with young people

In our society, there are certain traditions and customs known about the lack of mixing and direct friendship between young women and young people together, which makes some girls feel lonely and not keep up with the times. Especially as there are tools that allow anyone not to talk to Facebook friends directly. For exampleclosing a Messenger or making a lock for someone. All of these methods allow a person not to deal in a special way directly with friends of the virtual world. With the possibility of following their publications, something that the big generation will not understand at times. Which makes young people resort to the idea of a fictitious account under the pseudonym so that no one from their family can know them, or by deleting the family from their account. Lest parents become a follow-up every virtual movement done by the girl or boy on Facebook.

The family blew the strange side of their children

In social networking sites, everyone does not deal in the same way as normal life. Therefore, young people resort to deleting the family to live on their own comfort. They think with the logic that why should I live according to their ideas even on our personal page, which is a free expression of ideas and attitudes. The problem here is that the family does not accept the idea that young people have the right to think freely and express their views. While young people do not appreciate the family's fear of him. It makes young people waver about the reality in it and begin to delete everyone who knows.

The desire of a relative to hurt the person

Sometimes there are discounts among members of the same family. In this sense, the man surprises his father by asking him what he wrote yesterday on Facebook. He knows the full well that his father does not know how Facebook works. It is from here that he discovers that someone has revealed this publication to his father for the sake of the conflict between him and his father. The youth resorted to deleting the entire family in small and large. They only add trusted friends, who will not trade what they publish. So as not to get insulted by anyone.

Delete family is critical from family comments

Sometimes family members do not realize the importance of a social networking site for a person. It is possible to make sarcastic comments on personal publications. Or when they meet the person, in factlaugh at him because he says things strange to them in the sites. Or because their own comments on social networking sites are outside the publication theme. All of these reasons may be normal for some, but they are not normal for sensitive people who want to feel alone in their personal pages, and there is no family that watches them and attaches to their publications permanently. This is sometimes embarrassing, especially for teenagers. Therefore, these young people resort to permanently remove the family from their page so as to ensure that their families do not follow their publications on an ongoing basis.

The desire for mental and intellectual independence

The family often does not realize that they should leave their children to have their own thinking. They, therefore, begin to modify the thought of their children directly. And try to change this thought and resistance in a way that provokes children and young people, as such young people regret the idea that they were allowed to see their way of thinking. It is the sense of disapproval and rejection that will prevail between the family and the children. Therefore, children resort to isolation and the formation of an independent intellectual covert by deleting the family and everyone who governs their ideas and tries to change them to feel from within that they are independent and not motivated by the ideas of others.

Not to advertise with the family

There are some people who do not want their followers on Facebook to know the personal accounts of their families. Sometimes a person has thousands of followers. Of course, the good and the badso avoid the bad tracker to know the personal account of the person's mother or the sister of the person or any close to this person, completely delete the family from his account. Because for your family you will be the reason why this bad person enters their personal account and tries to annoy them. Deleting a family in such a situation is a good thing especially if they can follow you if you allow them, without being friends.

By: Mahtab Alam Quddusi

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