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Why Web Directory Submission is Very Important in Search Engine Optimization?

web directory submission
Benefits of Web directory submission

Why Web Directory Submission is Very Important in Search Engine Optimization?

What is Web Directory Submission?

A web directory or link directory specializes in linking to other sites and then categorizing those links. The web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords but rather, it lists web sites based on the main category and subcategories. Classification is usually based on a full web site rather than a single page or set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Online directories often allow site owners to submit a site for inclusion directly, and they have editors to review requests for submission.
Directories are the process of adding a website to the web directory.  Web directory submission helps in getting more traffic flows towards your website and increases backlinks and improves search engine performance and ranking. To submit your website name, link and your website details like you have to choose the best directory. If you continue to do this regularly, then your domain authority will increase and help you get more traffic from Google's search engine.

 The Benefits of Directory Submission 

1. When you submit your website to directories, it will get indexed in the search engines. These directories provide guaranteed search engine indexing. Search engines detect your website after the backlinks of other websites.

2. Directory submission is a great way to build links and boost search engine rankings. 

3. Free directory submission sites definitely give you an advantage in SEO or link diversity.

4. If you have used the right keywords for your submissions, your directory listings will get listed in the search engine listings. This will generate more traffic and send you targeted audience to your website.

Although the controversy over the quality of evidence and databases continues, and the use of search engines for the contents of the Open Directory Project (ODP) increases without real integration and experimentation with some groups. There have been many attempts to make the development of the manual easier, such as using the mechanism to provide links through the program, or any number of portals and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programs. PHP has spawned new classification efforts, with Amazon adding tags to the product pages.
Directories have different features in the listing, often depending on the price paid for inclusion:

Free Submission - There is no payment or account for review and listing of the site.
Reciprocal link - A reference link to the directory should be inserted somewhere on the site in order to get the list listed in the directory.
Paid - Pay a one - time or one - time fee for review/link based listing.
Affiliate Links - Where the directory charges a commission to the customers referred to from the listed sites.
Not following - there is rel = "nofollow" linked with the page, which means that search engines do not give any weight to this link.
Do follow- there is rel='follow' linked with the other links, it means that search engines can crawl that page and index.
Outstanding Listing - This link gives a high position in a category (or multiple categories) or other parts of the directory, such as the home page. Sometimes care is called care
Trying to position - sites are arranged based on attempts.
In the automated submission of web directories, human-edited or moderation is replaced by automated processing that requires special techniques to classify site content and filter. This task is similar to document classification which is one of the applications of learning device techniques.
 There are many more benefits of web directory submission for increasing backlinking and enhancing web performances.

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