Latest Technique for Ultrafast Heating of Water -The Fastest Water Heater

Scientists have discovered a new way to boil water in less than a trillion seconds. So far, this is a theoretical concept, which has not yet been proven in practice, if scientists are successful, this can heat small amounts of water up to 600 ° C in only half a picosecond. This would make this technique the fastest way to heat water on Earth.
The Fastest Water Heater
Latest Technique for Ultrafast Heating of Water

Latest Technique for Ultrafast Heating of Water

World's Fastest Water Heater

The new experimental setup, in which unique water features have been observed, has resulted in finding the world's fastest water heater, which can heat the water from room temperature (generally considered suitable for human occupation. 
The range is between 15 ° C and 25 ° C) to 100000 ° C under 10th Picosecond.

In another research, scientists of the Hamburg Center for Free-Electron Laser Science have prepared a novel to boil the water in less than a quarter trillion. The theoretical concept, which has not yet been shown in practice, can only warm up to 600 degrees Celsius in a small amount of water in half a picosecond. It is less than the inclination of the eyes: a picosecond is for one second, which is approximately 32 millenniums. 

This technology will make the fastest water-heating method on earth. Actually, scientists have used a powerful X-ray laser to heat the water from room temperature, which is less than 100,000 degrees Celsius in less than 10th of a picosecond. 

This experimental setup can be seen as the world's fastest water heater, which produces a foreign state of water, so researchers hope to know more about the unique characteristics of water. 
Observations also have experimental uses for biological testing and many other specimens with an X-ray laser.

Explanations for the characteristics of water:

X-ray free-electron laser linac consistent light source was used by LCLS researchers. To shoot X-ray's extremely fast and ultra-short shine on a water jet in the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, Operated by the Stanford University for the Department of Science of the US Department of Energy.

Mr.Carl Celeman explained this concept, "This is not the usual way to boil water, generally, when we heat the water, the molecules will be strengthened and strengthened. 

At the molecular level, heat speeds are hot-hot, molecules speed up. This can be obtained for example, through a heat transfer from the stove, or more directly with the microwave, the water molecules move fast in step with the electromagnetic field.

The Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, CFEL, the University of Hamburg and Scientist of the German Max Planck Society, Dr. Oreal Vanderil, explained their novel concept about water behavior, which opens up interesting new methods for the use of hot samples of chemicals or biological Relevance.

 "Water is the only most important medium in which chemical and biological processes occur, and this plays not only an inactive solvent but also plays an important role in the mobility of biological and chemical processes by stabilizing some chemical compounds and enabling specific reactions. "

Mr. Vendrell, who had worked as a superhero with co-authors Pankaj Kr. Misra and CFL professor Robin Satta said that "the idea is to heat the solvent 'so that many molecules can start the desired chemical process at the same time and then develop the reaction. 

However, the hot mini-cloud is less than a millimeter Fly-in, it lasts enough time to solve everything in the thermal reactions, such as the combination of small organic molecules to make new substances. 

Supreme current examines how intense pulse of radiation Terahertz has dissolved molecules of different types of water, the organic systems of inorganic. our heating is basically different, the electron prevents electrons from energetic X-ray electrons, which destroys the balance of electricity tariffs. 

Therefore, suddenly the atom is a strong adverse power Feel and starts moving forward violently. "In less than 75 femtoseconds, this is 75 millionth part of the billionth second of a second, water from liquid to plasma That goes through a phase transition. Plasma is a substance where electrons have been removed from atoms, which is a type of gas-charged electrically.

Co-author of Uppsala University  Olof Jönsson  said that "When the water turns into a liquid, it still remains on the density of water because atoms did not have the time to transfer importantly so far."

This foreign state of matter is nothing but naturally found on earth. There are few features of Sun's plasma and gas giant Jupiter, but low density. Meanwhile, it is warm from the origin of the Earth. "

Simulation of the movement of water molecules and atoms in the first 70 femtoseconds of the intense X-ray pulse. Experimental data was used to prove the theoretical modeling of mobility.

Scientists used their measurements to prove the simulation of the process. To learn more about the general properties of water, measurement and simulation allow studying this foreign state of water.

Mr. Jonsson stressed that "water is actually a strange fluid, and if it was not for its specific characteristics, then many things on Earth would not be as much as they are especially life:". 
Water displays many discrepancies, including its density, heat capacity and thermal conductivity. In the future, these discrepancies will be planned in the DESE within the Central Science Center (CWS), and the results obtained are very important for the activities there.

The reaction progression can be tested with ultrasound X-ray flash like they will be produced by the 3.4-kilometer long X-ray free-electron laser European XFEL, which is currently being made between the neighboring Hamburg and the DISE campus of the city. Used to be. is. 
On the completion of Shenzhen, European XFEL will be able to produce 27,000 acute X-ray lasers per second, for example, can be used to record various stages of chemical reactions.

Mr. Vanderil said that "Terahertz pulse can have active properties in a transient and warm environment received, such as a matrix for studying active chemical processes." One advantage of the heating method is that Terahertz pulse can be very well synchronized with X-ray flash to start the experiment and then can check the response after a well defined time. 

We have calculated that It should be possible to heat the liquid approximately 600 degrees Celsius within a half picosecond, still, on a slow, hot and structural atmosphere maintain all water molecules.

Co-author of CFEL Kenneth Beyerlein said that "it is important for any experiment involving fluid in the X-ray laser, in fact, the way we have seen any of the specimens inserted in the X-ray beam is destroyed If you do not have crystals that analyze anything, you have to consider it. " 

Apart from its fundamental importance, the study also has immediate practical importance. X-ray lasers are often used to check the atomic structure of small samples. After killing X-ray pulse, the measurement shows almost no structural changes in water up to 25 ft. But at 75 femtoseconds, changes are already clear.

Nicusor Timneanu, a co-author from Uppsala University said that "the study gives us a better understanding of what does with different samples, which is to consider the image of X-ray laser for the development of technology for single molecules or other small particles. is very important.

It takes all this for superfast water heating; Terahertz is a concentrated flash of radiation. Terahertz radiation has electromagnetic waves with the frequency between radio waves and infrared. 
Terahertz flare can be produced with devices called free-electron laser, which sends quick electrons to a well-defined slalom course. 
The particles emit electromagnetic waves in each turn, which add to a pulse-like a sharp laser. 
Terahertz pulse changes the power of interaction between water molecules in a very short time, which immediately starts to move violently. Scientists calculate the conversation of Terahertz Flash with bulk water.

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