Demystifying Government Grants: What You Need to Know

Government grants are no-strings financial awards given by the federal, state or local government in the form of transfers of resources to provide invaluable funding for nonprofits and businesses to support impactful programs and operations. 

There are a wide range of departments that issue government grants, each relating to different areas of the public sector. Successfully applying for government grants can be a real challenge without experienced help.

In this article, we will explore the different government grants that are available to you and how a consulting firm can help you when applying. After reading it, you'll be well-equipped to pursue grant opportunities relevant to your organization. Continue reading to learn more.

Government Grants
Understand the basics of government grants

Demystifying Government Grants: The Essential Guide for Nonprofits and Businesses

As a capitalist government, the United States relies on the private sector as well as institutions like universities and nonprofits in order to develop improvements in national security, medicine, communication technology, and more. It’s allowed the country to modernize at a rapid pace by encouraging competition between these different organizations. The government does this through a government grant or contract. Companies propose their technology or services as the best solution to help the country improve its medicine logistics and a whole swath of areas. 

The Government's Top Departments That Issue Grants

There are a wide variety of departments that issue government grants, each pertaining to different fields in the public sector. 

The Department of Health focuses on developing medicine and vaccines, among other things. 

The Department of Energy focuses on the improvement of energy technology and will provide funding for solar, nuclear, and other forms of energy manufacturing. 

The Department of Defense is focused on national security, so this is where weapons manufacturers and security specialists go to apply. 

And finally, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has the CHIPS Act funding opportunity that provides grants to those looking to improve the country's semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, which is a big problem if you have been paying attention to the shortage we are experiencing.

Each department listed above has different funding opportunities depending on the needs of the country. Understanding the different government grants available to you will help you better organize your company to get approved for these grants, which must be said to be an incredible opportunity. In fact most companies and universities rely on government grants in order to finish their projects, so applying for them in a satisfactory way is key to success. This is why many organizations turn to consulting forms such as EverGlade Consulting, when applying for government grants. 

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is arguably the biggest spender when it comes to handing out grants and funds to the private sector and Universities. They spend Hundreds of Billions of dollars annually on improving areas of national security through research and development. This can range from weapons manufacturing to cyber security for national institutions and even health sciences

There are various sub-agencies within the Department of Defense, and one of them is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which handles grants and funds to companies looking to create and innovate technologies critical to national security. Think weapon manufacturing and drones. This is one of the Department of Defense's biggest spenders and a great opportunity if this is what you are working on.

Another agency within the Department of Defense is the Defense Innovation Unit, which provides funding through government grants and other opportunities to companies looking to apply commercial technology to the U.S. Military. The Defense Innovation Unit uses a very fast contracting process called the Commercial Solutions Openings to speed up the process and quickly release prototypes of this commercial technology, which can lead to quick adoption in the military and then into the public. It has been a great way for the private sector to test out their research and receive mass appeal quickly. The Defense Innovation Unit invests in several technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to cyber security, and almost exclusively looks to partner with private sector companies. 

Department of Energy 

The Department of Energy, as the name implies, focuses on energy production and consumption in the country. This is an ongoing concern as more and more countries are looking to adopt cleaner energy and reduce emissions with the current energy instructions they have. As such, the Department of Energy provides a wide array of funding options to organizations looking to advance the country's energy technologies, whether for creating cleaner emergencies or converting dirty energy into cleaner by-products. These function options come in the form of government grants and contracts. These applications can be complicated, so we highly recommend those looking to enter the field look into the services of a consulting firm when applying for a government grant.

HHS Funding

HHS funding opportunities are provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and are focused. On providing opportunities for private companies, nonprofits, and universities looking to improve the healthcare infrastructure of the American public. This could be through the research of groundbreaking medicine and vaccines, which would be handled by the BARDA Funding program, or the improvement of medicine manufacturing and logistics associated with the healthcare industry. Those grants and government contracts are handled by ASPR IBx Funding.  

Another opportunity provided by the Department of Health and Human Services is from a subdivision of the department called Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health which provides ARPA-H Funding. This focuses on the development of technologies that can lead to breakthroughs and discoveries in medicine, such as diagnostic equipment, and cancer research equipment. 

Chips ACT Funding

The final major government grant category one needs to know about is the CHIPS ACT funding opportunity provided by the Department of Commerce. The act was passed in 2022 after the semiconductor shortage experienced not only in the US but worldwide. 50 billion dollars was allocated to fund projects and companies that sought to strengthen and improve the US ranking in Semiconductor manufacturing, which the pandemic thought was vastly important. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to receive full backing from the United States government to try and tackle a relevant problem many countries are facing.  

Apply For a Government Grant With the Help of a Consulting Firm 

When applying for government grants, you should understand the different types of grants, delve into basic eligibility requirements, examine the wording of winning proposals and walk through the application process step-by-step.

After reading the information above you should have a better understanding of the grants available to you and your organization. However keep in mind this is only scratching the surface and the application process is quite challenging. That’s why many turn to consulting services to not only help them with the application process but to also help them manage any contracts or grants they receive.

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