On What Basis Should You Compare the Solar Inverter Price

Planning to Buy a Solar Inverter? On What Basis Should You Compare the Solar Inverter Price

With an increased dependency on electricity specially generated from renewable energy sources, the demand for solar panel installation has increased rapidly. And when it comes to evaluating your rooftop solar system installation, the solar panel is not the only thing to be considered. Instead, solar inverters also play a vital role in the solar power system. 

A solar inverter converts the electricity generated by your solar panel into a form that your home appliances can use. It is an electronic box through which all the solar power produced by your panels passes through before being transported to your home. In short, the solar inverter allows you to use your home appliances easily without any hassle by converting solar energy into electrical energy. 

Consequently, solar inverters are generally priced along with the solar panel system. But standalone inverters are also available for purchase. And the solar inverter price can be compared based on type, size, usage and many more factors.

How to Compare Solar Inverter Price

Factors that Determine the Prices of Solar Inverter

There are numerous factors that you should take into account to compare the solar inverter price. Keep scrolling through to know the details: 

  • Type of Inverter

Considering the type of inverter to compare solar inverter price is the most significant point. Choosing the type of inverter for your solar power system can sometimes confuse your mind. There are broadly three different types of inverters that you can go for, namely, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters. You can choose the best one according to your budget and requirements.

  • Battery

The battery is undoubtedly the most important component of the solar inverter and influences the solar inverter price as well. Battery determines the cost of the inverter to a large extent. The durability of your inverter depends upon the battery you are using along with it. To choose the best battery for your inverter, you should calculate the wattage requirements and backup hours.

  • Technology

Yes, technology is the key player in determining the solar inverter price. Technology here means the mechanism on which your inverter works. Depending upon the consumption pattern, the prices of the inverter are set. 

  • Load Requirement 

The higher the load requirements, the more powerful the solar inverter would be required. To maintain higher load requirements, more batteries would be needed along with the solar inverter, and more solar panels would also be installed. 

  • Efficiency

It is often difficult to calculate the efficiency of the solar inverter while browsing through the pricing. The efficiency of a solar inverter is determined by how much energy generated is transformed into a usable form. When efficiency is good, the loss is reduced. Therefore, the higher the efficiency, the higher your profit would be, and spending a little higher solar inverter price would be worth it. 

  • Warranty

An excellent device must have a warranty period in which the customer can contact the provider to solve any problem. Most of the on-grid solar inverters come with a warranty of 5 years. At the same time, the off-grid inverters come with a warranty of only 1-2 years. Therefore, the solar inverter price can vary based on the terms of the warranty it has. 

These are some basic factors that can be considered while comparing the solar inverter price. To buy the best solar inverters with extended warranty benefits, you should visit the Luminous India website. They are the most trusted and well-reputed inverter providers that are known to offer clean and green electricity even during uncertain power cuts. With the wide portfolio of solar inverters available with them, you can get the best one that meets your budget and needs. Explore the most energy-efficient solution now and check the solar inverter price from Luminous India’s website.

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