How to Hide The Breast Implant Scars

How to Hide The Breast Implant Scars: Best Scar Treatment after Breast Surgery

Hide Breast Implant Scars

Any surgical intervention involves the presence of scars after it, especially implantation. It is always a conscious and voluntary step. Beautiful breasts give confidence and self-love. However, traces of long incisions and stains from implants can become a new complex.

Someone tries to get rid of traces on the body by any means, and someone — makes it their feature, playing with a deformed skin area. It is a matter of comfort and self-confidence. This article is for those people who are looking for a way to hide a scar from breast implantation.

Scars after breast implant

Breast scars can form anywhere on the body where the implant was placed, including the chest wall, armpits, and around the nipple area. Postoperative traces can vary in appearance, but they are generally circular or linear marks on the skin.

In most cases, the consequences of sutures fade over time and may not be noticeable to others. However, if you are concerned about your scarring, you can hide it temporarily or forever.

Masking of scars

Often breast implant scars are disguised by the natural aging process and can take on an appearance that is not realistic. A masking strategy may be necessary to reduce the visibility of traces.


Tattooing is the most radical way to disguise a scar. The advantage of a tattoo is the ability to hide it completely and forever. An unpleasant defect will turn into your highlight, and also emphasize your elegance and personality. Working with the skin, tattoo artists can make your scar look like a piece of art.

If you choose to have a tattoo, you should consider any possible risks involved with the procedure. You need to take a responsible approach to find a master and a sketch so that the trip to the salon ends favorably. You can see many ideas for drawing on the breast and their authors.

tattoo tattoos

Decorative cosmetics

You can hide small and shallow scars on the chest with the right makeup. Makeup artists recommend first applying primer on breast implant bumps, then using concealer, foundation, and powder on top. Cosmetics should be selected according to skin tone so that defects are not so noticeable. Do not mask scars in this way if you plan to wear closed clothes, and while on the beach or in the pool, take care of the water resistance of makeup.

Clothes and accessories

Masking breast implant scars with clothing and accessories can help reduce their visibility of it and maintain privacy. These items can also help to protect the skin from further damage.

Beautiful underwear, elegant belt, and closed swimsuits will hide the scar and emphasize femininity. But be careful as friction can make the postoperative traces rougher, darker, and more noticeable.

Treatment of scars

Those who do not dare to get a tattoo and are tired of masking bumps can try to treat it. Doctors and cosmetologists do not promise an ideal result, but scars will become smoother and less noticeable.

Surgical laser correction

Surgery is a method for the most difficult situations with breast implant scars. It is performed quickly and comfortably, with the use of anesthesia. After the operation, there are practically no traces of the scar and the person enjoys the look of his normal skin.

The scar should be completely healed and matured before considering surgical treatment. About a year should pass before you see a doctor to give it time to soften and possibly shrink on its own.

Laser correction is much more effective in removing scars than other treatments. This is because the laser energy aims to make the scar disappear. This results in a much faster scar removal process that is less likely to cause new damage or infection. Treating scars with other methods can be expensive and time-consuming. With laser correction, you can save money by having the procedure done only once, rather than several times over time as with cosmetic procedures.

Surgical laser correction for scars

Cosmetic procedures

Small scars can be removed using hardware and injection techniques. They contribute to the elimination of altered tissues and the regeneration of healthy ones. These include mechanical and chemical peels and the introduction of drugs containing a complex of substances that promote skin renewal. To obtain the desired result, the procedure should be carried out periodically.

Contraindications for scar removal

Any method of scar removal, especially surgical, or laser, has some serious contraindications that must be taken into account:

 - insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;

 - skin pathologies: dermatitis, psoriasis;

 - blood clotting disorders;

 - infectious diseases;

 - cardiovascular pathologies;

 - mental disorders;

 - oncological processes;

 - pregnancy, lactation, and some others.

If there is at least one contraindication, it is necessary to warn a specialist about it, otherwise, negative consequences cannot be avoided.


So, whether to hide scars or not is up to you. If the memories on your body cause you visual and psychological discomfort, you can hide the scars temporarily or permanently. Every time masking them with cosmetics or clothes is not always convenient and requires your time and vigilance. A creative and always relevant way is to apply a drawing on the scar, that is, to make an eternal or temporary tattoo. Do not worry, because such actions with the body have not been condemned by society for a long time, but are recognized as a manifestation of the wearer's individuality.

It is almost impossible to completely get rid of a scar after a breast implant, and treatment is a long and expensive procedure. Remember that any actions with scars should be well-thought-out and discussed with your doctor.

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