10 Best Tableau Certification Courses in India

Tableau certification courses help you master Tableau Desktop and effectively use your skills to prepare and organize data, create interactive dashboards, add different dimensions, and empower more meaningful business decisions.

For those seeking career advancement, skill acquisition, or even a new career path, Tableau certification courses can be a valuable resource. Let's learn Tableau online courses today, gain job-ready skills and advance your career in analytics.

Top 10 Online Tableau Certification Courses: Find the Best One For You

Best Tableau Certification Courses
Tableau Certification Courses

Are you planning to do the Tableau certification course? Do you want to upskill your career path by choosing the best Tableau Certification Courses in India? Check out the blog and find the 10 best Tableau certification courses in India.

Top 10 Best Tableau Certification Courses in India 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes for Tableau Certification Courses in India. The Tableau Desktop Certified Associate certification provides students the finest opportunity to advance their careers. The institute also offers additional perks, making it the highest-ranking institute. The Tableau certification cost in India provided by Henry Harvin has low fees, benefiting thousands of students and providing EMI facilities. Henry Harvin has its ranking under the top news media partners like The Times of India, The Tribune, Hindustan Times and many more.

Henry Harvin Also Provide Other Courses:

  • Financial Modeling Course
  • CPA Course
  • GST Course
  • Power BI Course

2. ExcelR


ExcelR provides Tableau Desktop Associate Certification training for Tableau developers and Tableau Server training for Tableau Certification Courses in India. Training includes 30 hours of hands-on experience to ensure that you leave feeling like an expert with the Tableau tool and get the best job opportunities.

3. Besant Technologies

Besant technologies

The institute offers the best Tableau Certification Courses in India. The Tableau course framework consists of essential advanced-level training. It also provides placement assistance to students through its top hiring partners. The Tableau course consists of seven courses. 

4. Edureka


Edureka constructs the stepping stone using its Tableau Certification courses in India. Professionals can advance their professions through their business intelligence journey. Candidates can participate in interactive live classes at the institute.

5. Intellipaat


Intellipaat is the top institute to provide Tableau Certification Courses in India.

Students looking for a tableau certification course enroll in this institute according to the benefits given.

6. Coursera


Coursera has over 108 Tableau courses. The institute partners with the world's top universities and provides the best Tableau Certification Courses in India. The University of California teaches Tableau fundamentals, equips students with various abilities and comes under the best Tableau certification list.

7. Upgrad


upGrad is the largest ed-tech firm in South Asia, offering the best Tableau Certification courses in India. It provides both free and paid Tableau classes. There are various videos accessible that are taught by industry specialists, which helps to recognise which tableau certification is good. UpGrad also publishes other blogs relating to the classes, which provide a course summary.

8. 360Digi TMG

360 digi TMG

360 Digi TMG is one of the best destinations for Tableau Certification Courses in India.

Experts provide tableau certification lists, leading to top companies' jobs. Every student receives LMS access, allowing them to review subjects and refresh their knowledge. In addition to the services listed above, 360DigiTMG provides 100% job assistance, supporting students and working professionals in profitable opportunities in top-tier organizations.

9. Analytics Training Hub

Analytics Training Hub

Analytics Training Hub is one of the unique Tableau Certification Courses in India.

Institute provides the best learning experience and creates a  ranking under the Tableau certification list. The Tableau classroom duration consists of 100+ hours of learning.

10. My Great Learning

My great learning

It is part of the Byju's organization, which offers a variety of courses to students. Different programmes are accessible through agreements with premier schools, which provide top-tier instruction. Data Visualisations with Tableau is a two-hour self-paced video course which offers the best Tableau Certification Courses in India.


Tableau Certification Courses in India provide various job opportunities to students. Students can choose the Tableau certification list and the institute. They can watch the course module and choose the course accordingly. Tableau course brings a lot of options to the students through its internship and EMI facilities.


Q.1 What is the cost of the tableau certification course in India?

Ans. The training fee for the Tableau certification course in India starts from INR 15,000/.-Different institutes have different fees for the live Tableau training course.LMS portals are provided to the students to get theoretical knowledge and learn about the Tableau course.

Q.2 Which tableau certification is good?

Ans. There are many topics related to the Tableau certification course. Students need to choose the level they fall in and choose the issues accordingly.

Q.3 Does the institute have a tableau certification list with different titles?

Ans. Yes, the Tableau certification list contains different certifications. After completing the course, students get their Tableau training title accreditation.They help to update the Cv with the certification.

Q.4 Is there any demand for Tableau Certification Courses in India?

Ans. According to the research data, there are more than 1100+ job openings related to Tableau certification courses in India. Institutes provide job placement assistance which fulfills the requirements of the candidates.

Q.5 Do I need any prior knowledge for the Tableau Certification Courses in India?

Ans. No, you don’t need prior knowledge/qualifications related to the topics.

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