Monitor Employees Working From Home

Best Software to Track Employees Working from Home

Best Employee Monitoring Software
Monitor Employees Working From Home

How to monitor employees who work from home? Employee surveillance is not a new problem, but it attracted much attention when businesses suddenly began allowing remote work in 2020. Remote employee monitoring software is a computer monitoring software used to manage remote workers. Businesses that want to increase remote employee engagement find productivity bottlenecks and learn how remote employees work on their working hours can benefit from using employee monitoring software. 

What Employee Computer Activity Can You Track?

Software for remote monitoring can monitor all computer usage by employees. To gain the most insights from the acquired data, monitoring software also offers the capability of differentiating employee computer usage data by individuals, devices, and workgroups. CloudDesk tracks your remote workforce's PC/Laptop usage provides statistics to make them more productive and aids in process optimization for greater growth.

Monitoring Remote Employee Productivity

Employers' ability to measure team productivity, monitor employees' computer activity, track remote employees' time on the computer, and otherwise keep track of their team members between formal check-ins is being transformed by remote worker productivity tracking software. Reports on remote employee productivity give managers the necessary activity data to comprehend how in-house and remote employees spend their time at work. Monitoring software also provides auto-generated reports to review productivity metrics and identify opportunities for improvement.

Web & App Tracking

The employee monitoring software provides the feature to keep track of employees' internet activities, which helps managers control unproductive web browsing. This includes the websites they visit, how long they spend on each one, and what categories each one falls under. Ensure the bundled internet usage monitor can distinguish between the time an employee spends actively using a website and when it is merely running in the background when looking for remote employee monitoring software to track team productivity. This will guarantee that the information you gather accurately matches their internet usage and enable you to track time spent more precisely. CloudDesk provides internet activities and real-time insights to determine how your team is allocating its time and where improvements can be made.

Punch In/ Out History

With distributed and remote teams, irregular work schedules are typical. By monitoring employee login activity, managers can learn when their remote workers are most active. This type of surveillance also aids in auditing employee computer usage for questionable behavior, such as office workers accessing business networks outside of regular working hours.

Activity Tracking

Any organization's ultimate objective is to monitor and boost worker productivity. You must guarantee that your employees give their best effort as a manager. Yet how? Time tracking is the most popular approach to measure productivity out of all the options. Money is time, after all. Finding out how much time employees spend on various jobs and activities is made more accessible by using time tracking. You can also use this information to ensure that staff performs at their highest level. Thanks to time-tracking software, managers can easily monitor staff productivity and ensure they meet their objectives.

Try CloudDesk Now 

CloudDesk® is an all-in-one software monitor that optimizes the performance of various teams, including hybrid teams with work-from-home employees. The software helps you see when your work-from-home employees start and finish their working day, daily activities, and overall productivity level. CloudDesk is a simple, accurate activity and time-tracking solution that ensures your employees are productive while working from home.

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