6 Activities You & Your Bridesmaids Can Enjoy in Las Vegas

If you are having a wedding in Las Vegas, you can set aside a few days to enjoy your last days of singlehood before you tie the knot. In this blog, you will find 6 fun activities that you can enjoy in Las Vegas.

Enjoy in Las Vegas

6 Activities You and Your Bridesmaids Can Enjoy in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a destination many party-goers above the age of 21 desire to visit, even for a day. It is known for its never-ending parties and adventurous lifestyle. Sin city, as most people call it, can also be an incredible destination for you and your bridesmaids. It is a one-stop location for all fun and craziness you can imagine to give you and the girls some memorable fun times. Whether your wedding is in Las Vegas or not, you can set aside a few days for you and your close friends to enjoy your last days of singlehood before you tie the knot. Below, you will find six fun activities that you can enjoy while in this party city.

Pool Parties

Due to the hot weather in Vegas, many people love enjoying themselves around the pool, where they can always enjoy the company of friends without worrying about the heat. 

There are numerous pools in the area, and you cannot lack several ongoing parties at any time. If you and the girls want to have some fun in the water, pack some swimsuits and plan a bachelorette pool party. Due to the high demand for pool parties in Las Vegas, you can book your slot in advance and specify your preferred package. From VIP treatment, talented DJs, and fantastic food and drinks, you will have fun beyond your imagination.

Fine Dining

Give your tastebuds a treat by visiting some of the high-end restaurants and hotels on the strip. These establishments provide food from various cultures and prepare the dishes to meet international standards. This can be a good treat for your girls as a way to get out of the norm and enjoy fine cuisine together. Whether you plan it as a group or set it up as a surprise for your bridesmaids, ensure you all carry some elegant clothing to dress up for the occasion. The excitement of trying new food and being in fancy hotels will be a highlight for many years.


Photography helps to keep memories for generations to come, and with a good photographer, your last singlehood days will not become a distant memory. 

Book a professional photographer and tour the city, capturing the moments on camera. Give your phone some rest and enjoy a quality photoshoot in the best locations around the strip.


All girls love shopping and can take any opportunity to spend some money on themselves. You should therefore add a shopping spree to your program. 

The malls and designer shops are a sure destination whether you want to shop or do some window-shopping. However, ensure that you get some souvenirs and gifts that will always remind you of your trip to sin city. This can also be a golden opportunity to grab some of those original designer clothes, bags, or shoes that you have been admiring.

Evening Bachelorette Party

If you do not want a daytime party, you can schedule one during the night in one of the clubs. This will be a golden opportunity to party all night and enjoy the city's nightlife. 

The music and drinks will keep the party going for hours and ensure everyone has a good time. You can also choose to go to a strip club or attend a pole dancing lesson if you fancy such activities. However, it's crucial to ensure that you select your location carefully and have a designated driver who will ensure you get back to your accommodation safely after the night of partying.

Limo Ride

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without going for a limo ride around the city. Ensure you book a spacious limo accompanied with drinks and snacks, and take a few hours to tour around the strip with it. Not only does it give you space and high-class comfort, but also style and elegance in every stop you make. This is first-class princess treatment for you and your friends to make your days in Vegas more interesting.

Life in Las Vegas is all about fun and party, especially from March, as people stream in to enjoy summer. Grab the opportunity with your bridesmaids and have the time of your life in this famous destination. Ensure you enjoy the last days of your singlehood with your girls, making the best of every opportunity. 

Never forget to capture the moments and, above all, to mind your security. In Las Vegas, any time is party time, and you can never run out of fun times.

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