7 Well-paying Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

Are you looking for part-time smart jobs in Singapore to enjoy the best monetary returns? Here are the 7 best part-time jobs in Singapore that can pay well.

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7 High Paying Part-Time Jobs in Singapore 

Are you thinking of a part-time job? Is your full-time job not enough to give you good coverage financially? Or are you a student looking for some smart jobs that can pay well?

If yes, then you should consider some well-paying part-time jobs in Singapore. These are the jobs that take less of your time and effort but pay you really well. All you need is to have desired skills and everything is good to go. 

Swimming coach 

On the top of the list is swimming coaching. If you know the skills of swimming from basic to professional level, you are good to take part-time coaching. It is well paying as many people are interested in learning swimming. From kids to adults, everyone is into this business and prefers to make the right deal with a coach. 

Fitness trainer 

All the fitness freaks are out there looking for someone who can provide them some effective services. The trainers are heavily paid for their jobs and get some amazing returns from the clients. You are responsible for someone’s happiness and the accomplishment of a perfect body. It will help you in getting the best monetary returns for sure. 


Teaching some kids or students may not be your passion but it pays you well in Singapore. By helping the students with their concepts and learning, you are able to make really good money. No matter if you are teaching kids or older students, the reward is worthy of your efforts. Just a few hours of teaching and you are good to make some bucks. 

Freelance writer 

Do you love writing or have good concepts? If yes, then as a freelance writer in Singapore, you can make money. It is a part-time job that will help you in getting paid well for whatever you are doing. Eventually, you can enjoy some extra cash for doing something you love. 

Taxi driver 

Use your driving license or some extra money part-time. As a cab driver, it is good to earn instant cash online. Either you can use your own car, or register yourself with an agency to do the job on a shared basis. 


Capture the moments for people and lock their emotions in pictures. Photographers in Singapore can work in shifts and earn good money part-time. You have a camera and some skills; you are good for the job. 

Web developer 

If you know a bit of coding or even have full-hand experience in coding, you are good to earn part-time. There are many businesses looking for part-time web developers to handle their web. By getting small jobs, you are able to have a good sum of money. 

There is no need to stick to the full-time developer job. You can earn really good with some maintenance and supportive coding jobs part-time. 

Get yourself a part-time job now! 

Singapore is an ideal place to be well-paid by working part-time. No matter if you are a student or immigrant. Here you have all the opportunities to earn some money. Find yourself a suitable job and you are good to enjoy the best monetary returns. 

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