Most Effective Online Research Tools for Academic Researchers

Research article finders and tools make research work easy. Almost all academic researchers use online research tools to deal with many tasks. Here’s a list of the most effective online research tools for academic researchers.

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List Of Most Effective Online Research Tools For Academic Researchers

Research work is not an easy task. It requires lots of effort, time and smartness. Almost all academic researchers use online research tools to deal with many tasks. From data collection to referencing, research tools provide assistance. There are lots of online research tools and every research tool has a particular function to perform. Hence, this article aims to discuss effective online research tools. 

What are the Research Article Finders?

Following are the research article finders that can be used for research on any topic:

  • ResearchGate 
  • Google Scholar 

Let’s discuss each research article finder briefly. 

  • ResearchGate 

ResearchGate is one of the best online research article finders. Researchers from all over the world use this research article finder for different purposes. Some researchers use ResearchGate to find data for evidence. Furthermore, some researchers use ResearchGate for the publication of their work. By using this one research article finder, you can get access to more than hundred million publication pages. The purpose of ResearchGate is to provide you with up-to-date data so that you can come up with effective end results. 

The best thing about ResearchGate is that you can build a network. In this network, you can follow anyone. It is better to connect with senior and expert researchers. While working on a project, you can ask expert researchers for a good piece of advice. Also, senior researchers from a PhD dissertation writing service can help you in your job. The connection with your peer and colleagues can also help you have an eye on innovative ideas. With so many amazing features, this online research article finder does not charge anything. You just have to make a profile for ResearchGate and enjoy different collaborations, connections, and assistance for research work.

All academic researchers want to have credible data and innovative ideas for their projects. At ResearchGate, this goal can be achieved very easily. Also, the publication of research can be made easy at ResearchGate. 

  • Google Scholar 

From the list of online research article finders, Google scholar is one that gives quick access to research data. Other than journals and research papers, you can find bundles of scholarly data. This scholarly data can be in the form of a book, article, thesis or dissertation. You can add publication at Google Scholar. This online research article finder is also free of cost. If you are interested in publishing your work, it is better to create a public author page. By creating this page, you can monitor activities that are linked with your publication. For example, a researcher has used your data and cited it. It is your public author page that helps you monitor such activities. 

For using this online research article finder, you do not have to join any workshop. It is easy to use and do not require any training session. You just have to search for relevant data in the same way as you do at Google. An academic researcher must have a clear idea that Google scholar is different from Google. At Google, you can find any kind of data without any specified niche. On the other hand, Google scholar shows academic data only. It includes abstracts, articles, research papers, and newspapers.

What Tools Can You Use For Research?

Following are the tools that can be used for research on any topic:

  • Endnote
  • Grammarly 
  • Mendeley 

Let’s discuss each tool briefly. 

  • Endnote

Endnote is an online research tool that is in high use by academic researchers. By using Endnote, you can manage your research work smartly. The algorithm of Endnote is just unique. While working in research, it automatically suggests the best suitable article. The research article or research paper suggested by Endnote would be the most relevant to your work. Another best thing about this online research tool is that it reduces your workload for referencing. Without Endnote, an academic researcher has to search for references. Furthermore, he has to copy that reference. The copied reference is added to the bibliography, and he has to add in-text citations manually. Also, the formatting of references is done manually. 

On the other hand, Endnote saves all these efforts and time. It updates all references automatically. 

  • Grammarly 

Grammarly is another online research tool. Academic researchers use this tool very frequently. Academic writing demands for perfection and professionalism. Small grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin all of the efforts of a researcher. In order to remove all of grammar and spelling mistakes, a researcher has to spend a long time on it. Also, it requires great attention and focus. The manual way to remove all such mistakes can be very hectic for the researcher. Grammarly is a solution for all problems related to grammar, punctuation and spelling. It saves your efforts and time up to a great extent. Another good feature of Grammarly is its vocabulary suggestions. You can use it online as well as with Word. This online research tool can be used for free. Also, if you want to have access to a premium version, then you have to pay for it. 

  • Mendeley 

From the list of online research tools, Mendeley is also considered as a good one. It is available in free as well as in paid version. If you go for a free version, you have to compromise on some features. The functions would be limited to a free version of Mendeley. On the other hand paid version of Mendeley has many advanced features. In the paid version, the charges vary based on storage. The senior academic researchers prefer to use the premium version, while the student community usually uses the free version. The basic purpose of this online research tool is reference management. The research network of Mendeley can be used for discussion and discoveries.


Final Thoughts 

Research article finders and tools make research work easy. The purpose of advancement in technology is to make life easy. In this era of technology, smart work matters more than hard work. All of the above-mentioned research article finders and tools will surely help you in smart work.

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