How to Buy the Right Gear for Your Next Competition

There are many different types of USPSA equipment available to purchase, but some items you'll only need for certain competitions. This guide will help you buy the right gear for your next competition. 

Right Gear for Competition
Right Gear for USPSA Competition

Buy The Right Gear For Your Next Competition

The USPSA rifle competition is a firearm sport that involves both target scoring and marksmanship. It was established in the 1990s and takes place at shooting ranges across the country. There are many different types of USPSA equipment available to purchase, but some items you'll only need for certain competitions. This article will help you decide what gear is best suited for your next USPSA match!

Aiming Scopes

Traditional optical sights are a thing of the past. Aiming scopes provide an easier, more accurate shooting experience due to their modern design. This type of sight is also beneficial for long-distance shots and night games.

Red Dot Scopes

A red dot scope mount is a miniature sight for firearms. They are popular in many shooting competitions because they allow better accuracy at a relatively inexpensive price. Red dot scopes come in two types: reflex and holographic. The holographic sights have the ability to hide when the shooter's head moves away from them, while the reflex sights stay in place.

Red Dot Mounts

Red Dot Mounts are a must-have for any industry. They allow you to mount your camera on a piece of gear that is attached to your body. Some of the most popular pieces of equipment with these mounts are dashboard cams, rifle scopes, and shotgun sights.

CZ Shadow Accessories

CZ SP01 Shadow Accessories comes standard with a black rubberized grip for people who love to compete and shoot. Their primary goal is to make sure that people have all of the added features they need to ensure their firearms work properly and their equipment is in good working order.

Magazine Pouches

Magazine pouches are a great way to make sure that your mags stay dry and protect them from dings and scratches. These pouches are typically made with a water-resistant material that lets you put the magazine in, close it, and then shake it to ensure every piece of gear is dry.


A tourniquet is a piece of equipment that can be applied to the upper arm to stop bleeding. It is commonly used in case of arterial bleeding but has also been used in combat situations, medic-aid scenarios, and numerous other emergency cases. A tourniquet should only be used by someone who has been trained as a Combat Lifesaver or Medic with Advanced Medical Training and CISM-IWMS (Combat Injury-Medical Specialist).

Competition Briefcase

The Competition Briefcase is a bag designed by the YOB Gear team specifically for competitors. It has a number of features that make it an ideal gear bag for almost any athlete with a love for sports, including several compartments for your gear, a towel and water-resistant material, and plenty of pockets. Plus, it has a stylish look so you do not have to worry about being too serious while you're at the competition.

Aside from the gear mentioned above, it would also be great if you add an 80% Lower Receiver to fully customize your rifle.

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