Key Benefits of Online Data Room Software

There is a growing need for online data room software to keep your company or group running quickly, easily, and most importantly, securely. There is a lot of additional software to be installed, but it's easier than it looks at first glance!

Online Data Room
Online Data Room

The Benefits Of Using Virtual Data Room Software

To begin with, speed, convenience, and understanding of today's world are not quite enough for complete confidence in correspondence. For full confidence, you need security. And for that, a secure data room is used. A virtual data room can give you complete control over all members of the room, which means, in simple terms, that only a selected few get access. 

What Is a Virtual Data Room? 

A VDR is a rather interesting but simple scheme for data exchange. The most important thing is that it is not a usual email or cloud resources like Google Drive, DropBox, or iCloud. Once the VDR is closed, the cloud service erases it, leaving no trace. These are the key things that distinguish VDRs from the above-mentioned resources. It is also very important to remember that it is not possible to enter the VDR without permission. In turn, the authorization is sent exclusively by the owner. Not even ISP (Internet Service Provider) with the server where the VDR is located has access. So, you can conduct business securely online from anywhere in the world and easily monitor and track who is accessing the information. In brief, you can create great data rooms for due diligence.

How and Where Virtual Data Rooms Are Used 

There are many reasons why VDRs can be used and areas of their application. But the basic ones include the following:

  1. Communication with the board of directors. The most important thing for such meetings is, of course, security. In large discussions, it is important to understand and control information leakage. Virtual data rooms were created for this control.
  2. Secure file sharing. The need for a file-sharing service is understandable. But it is important to point out that VDRs offer the possibility to have an unlimited amount of data and ways to maintain files like video or presentation. Thanks to data room providers, it is possible to use all these features.
  3. Manufacturing. Manufacturing industries use VDRs to share new developments or product data.

That is, from even three brief points, it is clear that virtual data rooms are quite a flexible resource suitable for many sectors. The latter ones include:

  1. Startups. Probably the obvious thing for VDRs. After all, every team starts somewhere, and at this level, there is not little competition; protection is always needed everywhere. This is also true for a large company that wants to buy a startup. You just check online data rooms, and then, it's up to you! 
  2. Investment banking. This is a fairly broad sector. You have to exchange large files, hold video conferences, and ensure security. All investment banking, including IPO, needs to raise capital and mergers and acquisitions. That's why a virtual data room is a great way to help with that.
  3. Science. Seemingly after banks and startups, this is not exactly an obvious sector. But still, one has to think of intellectual property. Clinical trials, intellectual property licensing, and patient file storage ― all this simply needs to be protected as much as possible because it directly affects each and every one of us. For all this, biomedical firms use virtual data rooms, and as has already been mentioned, this is the advantage of VDRs.

And there are plenty of other industries where virtual software might be needed. It could be accounting and auditing companies, business agents, real estate, the legal industry, and technology.

Features of VDR

There are many providers, and each one has its own characteristics. But we can look at the basic ones using the example of iDeals virtual data rooms.

iDeals help you save time with mass uploads. That is, in short, there is no limit on the size or number of files you can upload. This also applies to formats. You don't have to search for the right one because more than 25 formats are already available. Of course, there are also nice features like tag search, automatic numbering of pointers, and others.

One of the main features is document security. There are dynamic watermarks, a secure spreadsheet viewer, inline editing, and even remote destruction. This encryption of the document controls access to the file when it is opened and downloaded. Access rights to the document can be revoked even after it has been downloaded. So, security is guaranteed.

Another essential aspect is the ease of use. This means no need for Java plugins, scripts, and so on. There is a single point of entry, and almost every dataroom software has multiple languages.

How to Choose a Data Room Provider

You should choose a provider solely on the basis of your needs. But there are some basic points, which indicate whether a provider is good or not.

  1. Do not limit the number of users.
  2. Have a fixed pricing structure.
  3. Have transparent pricing options with no hidden fees.
  4. Provide a minimum of 10GB of storage included in the price.

And just the same in terms of memory and memory fees. Typically, VDR prices are based on the number of users, the size of the memory, features available, and also page pricing (simply put, how many documents can be included). Every aspect has price, pluses, and minuses. For example, the number of documents plays a role since many data room providers charge a lot per document but offer more other benefits. This can play into your hands when you have a small project. ISPs usually charge 40-85 cents per page, and therefore, like everywhere else, it all comes down to what your budget can afford. There are many providers for proper functioning and problem-solving. The most common and reliable ones are iDeals Virtual data rooms, Intralinks data rooms, Merrill Datasite, and similar.

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