How to Find Virtual Data Room For Mergers and Acquisitions

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online warehouse of key documents used to store privileged data, usually for legal proceedings or M&A transactions. Here is how to find a virtual data room to support the process of mergers and acquisitions.

Virtual Data Room, Mergers and Acquisitions

How to Find a Secure Virtual Data Room for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The business world is filled with deals, transactions and changes of power. Companies collaborate on new projects because they know the limitations of working on their own. Most of the time, to go further, to develop something groundbreaking, two or more companies need to cooperate. This is why mergers and acquisitions are such an important part of the market.

But dealing with M&A isn’t an easy task. It involves a lot of moving parts, and it can get difficult to manage all of them on your own. This is why specialists in the industry employ the best data rooms for M&A that they can find, to make both their lives easier, and the transaction process a lot smoother. 

How do you find a virtual data solution that can support your M&A process?

  1. Start with a plan 

When you know exactly what kind of needs you will have for the data room software, it will be much easier for you to find the solution you are looking for. By knowing the amount of paperwork you have connected to the deal, and who from your workers need to have access to what kinds of documents, you won’t have trouble deciding which subscription plan is for you. Those plans are constructed around the number of users, and the amount of data you would like to store in that space, so if you have that information on hand, you should have no problem with choosing the most cost-effective solution for data room due diligence.

  1. Look through the features

Data room providers M&A are different for each deal because each use case of online data software is different. Some companies might have a very long and strenuous due diligence process, while others might have no issues at all. This is why choosing a virtual data room suited for your needs is crucial. Look at what kinds of tools support M&A deals in a variety of virtual data rooms, so you can get a better understanding of what is available on the market. However, there are a couple that each M&A-oriented virtual data room should have. These include multi-factor authentication, virus scanning, digital watermarking, Information Rights Management, auto-indexing, drag-n-drop uploads, and more.

  1. File management 

Does the virtual data room support some special file management mechanics that your business employs? How can you organize your documents in the space after uploading them? Is there maybe some special AI tool that can help you with that, or are you left on your own? 

All of those things might impact how fast or how slow your M&A deal will go through. A due diligence process is difficult on its own, and if it is slowed down by some overcomplicated sorting system, it might ruin the whole business endeavor. But if it is a tool that is implemented into the software in the right way, it can speed up the transaction, helping both sides of the deal in their cooperation.

  1. Permission settings

The files that are going to be stored in the M&A virtual data room are some of the most important business documents imaginable. Out of all of the files that a company can have, the ones that are needed during an M&A deal lay bare all of the activities, all of the assets, and all of the debt that a company might have. This is why permission settings play a crucial role. Only the people that are supposed to have access to those files, should be able to view them. 

To coordinate all of the work, it is much easier to put people into permission groups, so they only see the files that they are directly responsible for. 

  1. Collaboration tools  

An M&A deal is never one-sided. To complete the transaction both sides of the deal need to be collaborating on documents. Through features like Q&A modules, built-in chat, and review of changes, each user of the electronic data room can give their suggestions to the files placed within. If there is something missing, or there is some misplaced data, letting the other side know can be done from within an online file repository. And security is one of the fundamentals of a well-developed virtual data room solution.

  1. Security features 

Is the tool you are considering for your M&A deal complaint with the latest security regulations? How many certifications does it have, and how do they reflect the safety of the virtual data room solution? Each provider marketing their virtual data room solution as the one designed to host M&A deals should take special care of the files inside of their online data rooms. 

Apart from the built-in security features, the user should also have some tools at their disposal to manage who has access to what kinds of files, and what kinds of changes have they done within that secure environment.

  1. Reports and support

Having a grasp on everything that happens in your virtual data room is necessary for you to avoid any problematic situations. You have data on who has access to what kinds of files, who has spent what amount of time on the documents, and some data room services even feature heatmaps, where you can pinpoint where their focus was during their time in the virtual data room.

However, during your virtual data room M&A usage you might encounter some problems that were not caused by any side of the deal. In those situations, a good support team from the provider's side is the help that you need. While considering using a virtual data room solution for your M&A deals, a 24/7/365 helpline is a feature worth investing in. 


M&A deals are one of the most complicated business transactions there can be. During such a business endeavor, documents are swapped around and modified by both parties. Investing in a virtual data room solution might optimize the business dealings, and ensure the security such a deal requires. Having in mind the above-listed features, take a look at what the market has to offer, and pick a solution fit for your transactional needs.

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