Top 7 Famous Italian Dishes you can find in Brisbane

If you're in the Brisbane area and looking for great Italian food, here are seven popular Italian dishes that you can find.

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Top 7 Famous Italian Dishes You Can Find in Brisbane

When you think of the cuisine Brisbane is known for, Italian food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Italian cuisine is popular around the world thanks to the spectacular recipes just bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients, so it’s no wonder that a world-class city like Brisbane would offer up some tasty Italian options. If you’re in the Brisbane area and on the hunt for fabulous Italian food, here are seven famous Italian dishes you can find.

Authentic Italian Pizza – You Can’t Go Wrong

Pizza is one of those dishes you can find just about anywhere, but authentic Italian pizza is a little harder to locate. Brisbane has you covered with restaurants such as Factory51 Restaurant and Pizzeria serving up some of the most authentic Italian recipes outside of Italy. 

Did you know there are some very specific types of pizza that are considered authentic Italian recipes and pairings? They are the ones you will find in any pizza shop in Italy. Authentic Italian pizzas include:

  • Capricciosa
  • Margherita
  • Quattro Formaggi
  • Quattro Stagioni
  • Marinara
  • Diavola
  • Prosciutto e funghi
  • Boscaiola
  • Ortolana/Vegetariana
  • Fruitti di Mare

And for the true Italian experience, the crust should be thin and crunchy, the toppings should be fresh and the sauce homemade.

Porchetta - Enjoy Hot and Cold

Here's an item that is extremely versatile in that it can be enjoyed hot or cold. You'll find porchetta offered in many different Italian restaurants in the city and it can even be found as street food sometimes. It is meat that has been infused with flavours to give it a unique flavour. Porchetta is a boneless pork roast, it has a crispy skin, and it is infused with fennel or rosemary.

Pasta – the Italian Staple Food

You can’t list famous Italian dishes without mentioning pasta. It is the staple food of Italy and it can be enjoyed as a standalone meal or as a side. Any Italian restaurant in Brisbane is sure to offer its own take on pasta, pairing it with iconic flavours, sauces and proteins. 

If you want to go the traditional route, here are some of the most famous pasta dishes to sample:

  • Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
  • Vermicelli Alla Puttanesca
  • Ragu Napoletano
  • Pasta All Norma
  • Suga all'Amatriciana
  • Tagliatelle Bolognese

For a true Italian experience, look for a restaurant that makes its own sauce and pasta.

Lasagne – a Dish That Stands on Its Own

Although lasagne is technically pasta, the fact that this one acts as a standalone meal and is so iconic means it deserves a mention. What you may not realise is that there are different types of lasagnes, giving you a few different and authentic options to sample. Lasagne can use a tomato sauce, bechamel sauce or even come in a "white" version which means there are no tomatoes added. There are also meat, seafood or vegetarian variations.

Risotto – Be Prepared to Discover a New Favourite

If you’ve never treated yourself to a dish of risotto, be prepared to taste one of the most wonderful dishes there are. Risotto, like pasta, can be served as a side or a main, making it very versatile. Besides finding it at restaurants in Brisbane, you can also try making it at home. It is a bit labour intensive and requires a careful eye but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s not that difficult.

Bruschetta - Start with an Italian Classic

While not a meal, bruschetta is one of the most commonly found items on the menu. This is an appetiser that works with any Italian main dish. It's a fabulous way to start your dining experience and you can even share it with your table mates. It is simply Italian crusty bread that has been sliced into small portions and topped with fresh olive oil, garlic and chopped up tomatoes. 

Tiramisu - a Well-Known Italian Dessert

And what better way to finish your Italian meal than with a slice of Tiramisu? This is a layered dessert made from ladyfinger biscuits that have been soaked in coffee, mascarpone cheese, sugar, eggs and topped with a thick dusting of cacao powder.

To sum it up, the Italian dishes you’ll find in Brisbane are varied, traditional and classic, filled with flavour and sure to leave you satisfied.

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