How You Can Grow Marijuana in Your Backyard

Growing marijuana & cannabis cultivation can be a beneficial and exciting process for you and those around you. Here's what you need to know about growing marijuana in your own backyard.

How to Grow Marijuana
How to Grow Marijuana

The Benefits of Growing Marijuana at Home: How to Grow Marijuana in Your Backyard

Growing marijuana can be lucrative. While being a retailer or wholesaler will see you rake in much money, producing the herb would yield more profit. You could also grow marijuana for the sole purpose of consuming it yourself. To produce marijuana, you have to plant the seeds in a secure space – your backyard.

Besides, growing marijuana in your backyard has many benefits. It helps you save costs of buying from dealers. Like any other plant, marijuana faces threats from pests and animals. They lose some of their nutrients or die when any of these intruders lynch them. Growing your marijuana at home can help provide safety for the plant. While cultivating cannabis has its advantages, it can also be challenging. To have a successful harvest, here is what you need to know for growing marijuana in your backyard.  

Getting information on marijuana

Growing marijuana can be a wholesome and exciting process for you and those around you. Before starting, you need all the necessary information about cultivating it. From planting to harvesting, it is better to know the process before embarking on it. While the internet is probably the first place many would look for information, meet professional weed planters for advice. With their guidance, you can avoid common mistakes that beginners make.

The cultivation of marijuana is still a controversial topic. Indeed, marijuana is a banned substance in some regions. However, the supply and use of marijuana are illegal in the United States at the federal level. However, about 36 states have legalized its use. Therefore, you should get adequate information about the current legal state of marijuana before planting them. Once you are sure that marijuana is legal in your location, you may grow the plant openly.

Information on Marijuana
 What to Know About Marijuana Use

Selecting the ideal marijuana strains and seeds to grow

There are two main marijuana species – Indica and Sativa strains. Although there are countless marijuana hybrid strains, they all come from these two cannabis species. One of the common indica hybrid strains is Black diamond OG. This marijuana species hails from the north of California. Black diamond OG can cause a calming sensation or a feeling of excitement when consumed. Also, it may cause an increase in appetite, where consumers claim to feel hungry after having some of the herbs.

Various factors determine which strain would be the most suitable for what you can provide. Besides the soil type, other vital aspects to consider are temperature and environmental conditions. Remember, extreme temperatures could kill the plant. Cannabis strains rarely survive cold temperatures, and only a few would thrive in harsh environments. These plants would hardly cope with temperatures below 150 degrees. Thus, the best period to grow marijuana is between March and October.

Choosing the right soil type

Soil plays a considerable role in how well the plant will turn out. There are various types of soil in which plants generally grow and thrive. However, cannabis needs loamy soil to grow to its full potential. Loamy soil is a blend of silt, clay, and sand. It has the texture and drainage potential that the plant needs to receive the necessary nutrients from the soil. Also, loam contains microbes and minerals to foster healthy and prosperous cannabis produce.

If you don’t have loam in the backyard, consider purchasing some. Also, you may need to use containers, especially in the early stages of cultivation, before transplanting them into the earth. For diminutive weed strains, a 5-gallon container would be enough to accommodate them. Taller strains would require between a 10-gallon and 15-gallon container.

Best Soil for Marijuana
The Best Soil for Growing Marijuana


Like any other plant, there are certain elements this plant needs to survive and grow properly. The first is water. Marijuana plants need a lot of water. Make sure to irrigate frequently, especially when the soil either looks dry or feels hot.

Secondly, the plant needs sunlight. Marijuana plants should have between 5 and 7 hours of direct sunlight daily to get all the necessary nutrients. However, sunlight can cause heat, especially when the plants are growing in a pot. Make sure air circulates appropriately and create enough space of about three meters between plants. Finally, feed your plant. You could use either fertilizer or manure to make the soil richer.

Lastly, ensure to prune the plants. By trimming the outermost parts of the plant, managing the growth becomes easy. Also, occasional pruning gives room for more side shoots and buds to form.  


It takes between three and eight months for marijuana to mature. After this period, harvesting them becomes the following procedure. Even after the plant is mature, you still have more to do before consuming it.

When buds start to form, it is a sign that harvest is near. As soon as the plant is mature for harvesting, cut the stems off the plant. After recovering the stems, take them out to dry for at least two weeks. Next, remove the buds from the stem. Store the harvested buds in a sealed container or jar.

Final Thoughts

Growing marijuana is a bit more challenging than planting common herbs in your backyard. With some marijuana plants, you only need to produce a few trees if you don’t intend to sell them. When fully grown, one tree could provide enough herbs for your consumption. Besides, after harvesting, you may start the next cycle of growing your plant.

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