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Choosing the best gift box supplier for your product packaging is very important. Want to take your gift brand to the next level?  This blog can help you achieve that. 

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Why Is It Important to Choose the Best Gift Box Supplier for Your Product Packaging?

There are thousands of companies offering packaging and printing services. However, few offer reliable and high-quality packaging. So, if your goal is to take your brand packaging to the next level by adopting a new and catchy gift packaging design, it might get a bit confusing for you. That is why we have put together a few points that are going to make it easier for you to choose the best box supplier with ease. 

As per our experience, the best gits box suppliers are reliable, reputed, and economical packaging partners. When you think about it, packaging becomes even more crucial when selling gift items because customers consider gift wraps and packaging an essential part of the gift itself. So, in short, investing time and energy into choosing the best packaging supplier is beneficial for your brand. Still not sure if this company can help you take your gift item business to the next level? Keep reading to know how this company beats the other companies in every term possible.

This Gift Box Supplier Has The Most Straightforward Order Placement Process

You can’t just choose the standard wholesale boxes in most cases simply because each gift item possesses its specific shape and style. So it wouldn’t make sense to get a container that is too big or too small. At the same time, almost all packaging companies may offer customization; the way they do it and how easy it is to stay involved in the process matter a lot. Simply put, each company has its specific workflow to get the packaging design finalized and printed. With that said, this company, as per our experience, has the smoothest order placement process.

The company owes this specialty to its trained staff and customer support team. 

When you first contact this company regarding your order or any questions you might have about the actual process of designing your gift box, the company makes you feel like you are the only customer they are working with. The company’s representative quickly gets essential information about your brand and packaging needs. Then you are directed to the design team, which collaborates with you and helps bring your ideas into a design that you can get printed. You can get a sample batch made and delivered to you to test the packaging, get any changes made, finalize the packaging and get the main batch delivered to your doorstep.

They Specialize In Magnetized Lids

You can find friction-based closing lids at any gift box supplier. While the traditional box lid designs might seem like they work, they are not always suitable for gift boxes. A gift box inspires feelings and emotions, so giving someone a beautiful watch in a friction closing lid box wouldn’t make sense. It would be best to have premium magnetic lid designs for your specialized gift items that require a better presentation.

In case you are wondering, a magnetic lid is simply a lid that closes using magnetic attraction. A thin yet powerful magnet is installed in the top that closes when it comes in contact with its opposite side. These boxes are not difficult to open, but they don’t just swing open unless correctly opened, which is something you need for a gift box. Besides, a user might want to keep the gift item in the same box they got the gift in, so by adding this simple opening/closing option to the box, you can offer the customer a unique feel. So even if you haven’t tried magnetic lid boxes for your gift items before, giving them a try might be the best thing you ever did for your business. Especially if you have some high-end gift items in your product list, make sure that you have packaging that goes with it.

Free Shipping Is Something Every Gift Manufacturer Deserves

Designing, producing, and selling gift items isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of resources and money to do so. The last thing you would want is to end up paying for the packaging and the additional delivery cost for getting the boxes delivered to your location. That is where this packaging supplier arrives as a savior to save you from hefty delivery charges in the form of free shipping. 

This company already has low prices for their boxes, but they top it all off with free shipping all over the US. Now keep in mind that you are already spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars when buying packaging from a company. The least they can do is offer free shipping. This company seems to understand the pain point of gift manufacturers; it becomes difficult for them to manage their expenses, but extra costs during production such as delivery charges can drive the cost of their products up. So by offering free delivery for product display boxes, gift box of any other packaging, this company allows you to achieve your revenue goals without raising prices.

They Are A Firm Believer In Recyclable Materials

Eco-friendly business practices are the future, and the sooner companies realize this, the better. In fact, companies already understand the importance of sustainable business practices, and packaging is one of the most significant wastes your business can produce. Environmentally-conscious customers will appreciate it if you sell your gift items in biodegradable packaging. 

Customers and their concerns about the environment are well respected; however, this company is selling eco-friendly packaging to keep you compliant with environmental laws. Some industries have already standardized eco-friendly packaging due to the environmental regulations that prevent brands from using harmful packaging. Since the company mentioned above has been manufacturing and designing eco-friendly packaging, they are no strangers to the needs of various companies. Each industry may need different styles, types, and eco-friendly packaging materials, and gift manufacturing companies are no exception.

So if you want to capture the attention and sentiments of environmentally conscious customers with your eco-friendly gift packaging, product display box, food delivery box, or any other type of packaging, then this company is it.

A Quick Turnaround Time That Is Unmatched

This company also stands out due to its speedy turnaround time. Whether you need a product display box, gift box, or something more complex such as a sliding box, you can get your packaging designed and delivered within seven business days after design finalization if needed. Of course, this is the express delivery option, and you can always choose the regular delivery that takes around 10 to 12 business days after design finalization. 

While ten business days are still pretty quick, sometimes you may need to meet increased seasonal demand and require additional packaging units. 

That is where this company’s fast turnaround time comes in handy for you, as you can get the packaging delivered in as little as seven business days and start wrapping gifts.

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