Best Cloud Servers Dominating the Web Hosting Industry

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Cloud hosting has changed the hosting industry for the better. Cloud web hosting is built on cloud technology that uses the resources of several clustered servers and accommodates all aspects of hosting your website. Let's have a look at the top 3 cloud servers that are dominating the web hosting industry.

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Cloud Web Hosting

The Best Cloud Servers Dominating the Web Hosting Industry

In this era, technology is evolving rapidly. Conventional information facilities are shrinking with the evolution of the latest cloud technologies and services. Multi-Cloud is an upcoming model of cloud computing that combines clouds for the best advantages of each. This multi-cloud industry is dominated by three tech giants - 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
It is difficult to zero down on only one of these platforms since all of them look extremely promising. Here are some key differences between AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud platforms that might make it easier for a user to choose between them. This comparison of AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure might give the user a better idea of what to expect.

Google Cloud vs Azure

Market share

Microsoft Azure owns 22% of the market share while GCP owns only 8%. 


Both Azure and GCP use a pay-as-you-use model and charge the users by the minute. However, GCP is considered to be much cheaper than Azure.

API Management

Microsoft Azure uses the Azure API Gateway which is more advanced than the Cloud Endpoints which is used by GCP. It might be easier for users to use Azure than to use GCP. 

Google Cloud vs AWS

Market share

AWS is an older cloud server than GCP and also has more availability in different geographical regions. Also, AWS owns around 31% of the market share, while GCP owns 8% of it.


Both AWS and GCP use the pay-as-you-use models. However, AWS charges per hour, while GCP charges per minute. For users, it might be more viable to opt for GCP. 

API Management

While AWS uses Amazon API Gateway, GCP uses Cloud Endpoints. While Cloud Endpoints rely on the Cloud, API Gateway does not. This has made API Gateway more user-friendly and fast over the years.

AWS vs Azure

Market share

AWS has captured about 31% of the market, while Azure owns approximately 22% share. The geographical connection for AWS is still much better than that of Azure. Definitely, AWS Certification has played a significant role in AWS's dominance in the cloud computing market. 


Both AWS and Azure use the pay-as-you-use models. However, AWS charges per hour, while Azure charges per minute. For users who use these services a lot, AWS might be a good option since one ends up paying less. 

API Management

While AWS uses Amazon API Gateway, Azure uses Azure API Gateway. Both are very similar in this respect. 

These key differences between Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure are a great way to start learning about the different cloud server hosting, and how they work. It also helps a user to prioritize requirements, needs, and budgets, and then decide which cloud platform to invest in.

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