Seven Half Year Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Kids

Completing six months is a special milestone in your baby's life. Why not celebrate this with a half year birthday cake. Here are the top seven half birthday cake ideas for a kid's birthday.

Half Year Birthday Cake Ideas
Half Year Birthday Cake

Top Seven Half Year Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Kids

Your little one is now grown up to six months. We celebrate birthdays for one year. But here the new trend established to celebrate a half birthday or say six month’s birthday. Your darling is now smiling and walking to unsteady steps. You want to admire that then order six months' birthday cake online from here. We got covered that most popular half birthday cakes to add extra smileys on becoming parent’s life.

1] Floral Half Cake

If you have a baby girl then the pink floral half cake is admirable for a half birthday celebration. You can choose the flavor and then decorate the cake with pink floral. The pink color is the symbol of gracefulness and innocence. So this color is admirable to give respect and honor to the girl child. You can show pink roses or take edible flowers to create a beautiful design on them. 

2] Two theme Half Cakes

Now, this is made for two brothers or two sisters. This is called twins cake. The half cake becomes a complete circle cake. Here you can admire both baby boy and baby girl. One side has a sporty and bold look and the next side is adorned with a modest look. Order birthday cake online from here, we give customization options to show particular emotions.

3] Half Unicorn Cake

It’s a beautiful cake for a girl’s half month birthday. This adorable cake has vanilla flavor on the base and is topped with vanilla frosting and edible sprinkles. The unicorn smiley face will bring lots of smiles to the faces of the little ones. This cute and adorable unicorn cake is labeled with the birth date and baby’s name.

4] Cartoon Themed Half Cake

If your kid loves watching their favorite cartoon you can admire that love by making a cartoon-themed cake for him. Here you can go for Disney-themed cakes, BEN 10 cake, Tom and Jerry cake and so much more, it will attract the kid to take and eat it faster. You have put their fantasy on the cake and this is an overwhelming gesture he/she would cherish after he/she grew up. Birthday cake ideas for kids  are delectable and customizable; you need to select the theme and flavor of the cake. 

5] Mickey Mouse Half Cake

You can appreciate their love for Mickey Mouse by customizing a cake with Mickey Mouse face. Mickey Mouse is a funny character. It instantly delivers happiness and increases laughter and joy in the atmosphere. From small size to three-tier cakes there are endless choices of half birthday cakes to make your kid smile during party time. 

6] Pink half cake 

The pink half cake is specially designed for the girl child. Pink color expresses joyfulness, ignorance, and innocence. You can look for various types of themed cakes frosted with pink color. Pink floral cake, pink Disney cake, pink Barbie cake, you will find so many choices in 6 months Birthday Cake to admire a girl child.

7] Chocolate Flavor Cake

If your kid loves eating chocolates a lot you can get the birthday chocolate delivery from here. Birthday chocolate cake is loved by all, especially kids. Kids love eating chocolates a lot. The chocolate sponge cake is adorned with chocolate liquid. If they love candies too you can sprinkle candies on the top of the cake to allure a kid to eat cake. 

Half-year birthday cakes are very much popular in foreign countries. Parents can't wait for one year to celebrate the arrival of a child. And this is the reason the parents started celebrating half-month's birthday. This is really an overwhelming gesture for the parent to share in their happiness. So if you are going to a six-month birthday celebration I must say you can buy a half month birthday cake to give as a gift. If you have any questions about this article you can send your queries in the comment section mentioned below. 

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